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Thread: Tarja Turunen NightWish Woman

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    Default Tarja Turunen NightWish Woman

    I think this is the Nightwish woman t16t likened me to physically. And interestingly after watching an interview of her I can identify with her, she has a psychological bent to her which i understand as something i often employ myself. And truth be told i do think there is a visual similarity too.

    Her pic with similar look

    Attachment 2949

    Attachment 2947

    Now this is a story all about how, my type got changed, turned upside down. Just wait for a minute and watch chatbox right there, & I'll tell how Gem became the moderator with blue hair.

    In typology central friended and praised, on the picture thread was where she spent most her days. Chilling out, selfies, relaxing all cool, And all typing some people and getting them schooled.

    When a couple of girls who were up to no good, Started annoying her & her friends in the forumhood, She got in one little flame war & got pissed off & said 'I'm moving in with that exboyfriend in the forum with the socionics toffs.

    So Gem pulls up to the forum for a year without being a hater, And yells to typocentral 'Yo creeps! Smell Ya later', Became a mod in her kingdom she was finally there, To sit on her throne as the mod with blue hair.


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    All Finns are secretly SLIs so I'm saying SLI for her too
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