The dynamic duo.

I've always found it an easy friendship apart from the fact that we tend to mock each other when we slip up, but that's all in good fun. It might be that ILIs are quite argumentative, but I've found that this relation doesn't seem to fall into that mirror trap where you agree on everything.

I've had at least one ILI friend at any one time and it feels very 'partner in crime'. Lots of double-team snarking of people, messing around and so on. They both seem to take on characteristics of each other and they're quite receptive to each other's humour.

Romantically, it doesn't seem to work out too badly, though both sides need to be somewhat thick-skinned because there's a lot of honesty flying around. I dated one and it went alright for about the first 3 months, before her neuroticism escalated and she started looking for more reasons to get out. We broke up just after her final exams and I felt like I wanted her back but then couldn't stand her in person because the negativity just wasn't cute anymore.

What are people's experiences with this relation? I'm also happy to answer questions people have about my experiences.