So when I did my questionnaire, (Mister Ni I think) typed me as ILI. While yes I'm for sure as EN type or I could be IN but more so EN is likley. The only reason why I'm behaving like an introvert( As I perceive - focused in inner world, calm energy level, passive etc vs. outer world, higher energy level, active) I think I'm just going through a shitty time in my life and that's why Im not really myself.

One reason why I think I'm an extrovert is that Im very restless. I just can't sit stand damn still I hate sitting for long periods of times. I tend to pace alot. And I talk to myself in my room ( I don't think many introverts would do this, probably just think in their heads, but only when Im physically content will (like when Im taking a bath) will I tend to think peacefully for a long period of time.

When I was in middle school I was a happy go lucky guy, and I liked to talk and cuddle. My bother has the same personality ever since conscious memory- quiet, shy, hardworking and polite guy, whereas I changed from a happy go lucky, outgoing, talker to a shy, neurotic, loner person in high school. I think my brother could be a ISXJ of some sorts, but definitely introverted and not intuitive.

All I know for sure is that I'm an intuitive- I tend to day dream alot and Im not really good with the sensory world. I have like, the worst SE or Si you could imagine. I looked at the VI stuff and I looked most like an EIE. or LSI other options were Delta NF ILE/LII----- also Gamma rational could be a possibility ( for VI I mean)

I also think another reason I'm not ILI is I don't really relate to Te. I think I value Ti more- facts just bore me. Also I don't really think I had good experiences with some TE types I know.

So what up guys? What type do you think I am?