While tossing out my socionics notes, I had come across some questions that are generally used in a job interview type setting, but could be useful as an addendum to that lengthy questionnare newcomers currently use. Can these questions be added on at the bottom of the questionnaire?

Think about a problem you faced resently. Work, personal, interpersonal, etc.
Now answer the following questions for that problem.
What was the problem you faced?
According to you, what were the basic issues?
What did you do to resolve the problem?
What actions did you take?
What observable results were there?
Changes in Behavior? Numbers? Other?

Which parts were easy for you?
Which parts were difficult for you?
Which parts were you confident in?
Which parts were you unsure about or less confident in?

Note: If you want to, answer for an additional 1-2 problems you've dealt with.