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Thread: How the eff do people choose careers

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    Default How the eff do people choose careers

    I literally don't get it.

    I get so enthralled by things i could become or do, but then i change my mind.
    I don't even know what I'd like to do, apart from be in a role of guiding or advising people in some way that's not uber personal, in a professional setting.

    Organizational Development seems interesting. So does OT. and PT. And real estate. And I/O psych, and dietetics, and other medical stuff. And brand development. And. And. And. Etc.

    How do people just pick a path and stay on it?
    I feel like I keep wasting time because I keep running this way and that way.
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    Careers are lame. Live life on the edge instead.
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    Choose what you enjoy...
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