I admittedly don't really get the enneagram that well, so please dont be too mean at my stupid questions here.

How many E4s identify with this video?

How many E6s identify with this video?

Is it theoretically possible to be one type, then switch to another type?
For example, the mentality and doubts and cryings etc that the guy demonstrated in E4 totally fit my teen to early 20s years. I mean...yeah, I remember those exact same thoughts and emotional breakdowns. The one difference is that I never had anything creative or such that set myself apart...or rather, that allowed me to feel connected.

However, at 24, when I found out I was pregnant, the E4 stuff was no longer important enough, though I also never felt good enough as a mother, no matter how hard I tried. And the E6 stuff took over more and more of my life...EXCEPT that I've never really found something to believe in like keeps getting mentioned for E6s. In fact, this is the part that always has me doubting E6 for me. The constant questioning of self, others, and authority, the method the presenter said the train/subway guy solved the poblem, the hamlet way of thinking, the sometimes withdraw and sometimes stand my ground or push myself past a fear, those things fit, no problem. But the rest that deals with black-&-white thinking, firm belief/attitude, testing my support systems, group solidarity...nope.

And now that my daughter is almost 18, and that part of my life is over, I've a feeling that things will change yet again as I'm currently working towards grounding myself and focusing my mind and efforts...towards what I don't know yet, but the list is gradually narrowing. But I wouldn't be too surprised if I took what I've learned about myself, of my strengths and weaknesses etc, and used them as a resource somehow.

Anyways, for the ennea-experts, what are your thoughts on ennea-type-changing?
What do you see wrong about the contents of the videos?
What do you see right about them?
Any other thoughts you'd like to share?