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Thread: What type do you think she is ESFX?

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    Default What type do you think she is ESFX?

    What type do you think she is?
    Please give arguments more so than gut felt diagnosis?
    Better would be if any of you can use an official video diagnosis technique from an actual Russian Socionics school, unlike the half-assed stereotypes permuating the english socionics community?

    I don't want to influence your decisions so...

    I reckon she is somekind of an ethical type for sure, she seems to be very alert to ethical information

    I suspect she is a democrat since she's quite down to earth in her perception unlike the abstract orientated NFs

    And she seems extroverted due to lacking the subjective influence

    ESFX is my diagnosis

    And finally I'm not sure if she is a judger or perciever.
    She seems Sx enneagram wise, so that makes me doubt alpha quadra preference since stereotipically they are Sos but that is not in all cases and I know.
    Yet at the same time she fosters a warm atmosphere is pretty much Fe in action.

    Since also SeFe are the strongest functions of both ESFjs and ESFps, and when examining real people they don't fit the clear stereotypes that permute english socionics the most. Like the terrible wikisocion. an alternate analysis here would be interesting. Since she doesn't look enneagram 2 or 8 that means that the quadra stereotypes don't necessarily fit well and its pretty obvious if you've been studying real people and seeing the flaws in quadra values.

    Dual bias is what I see distorting this typing in most people since I've noticed especially from most members here that you type people you like as duals or somewhat belonging to your quadra and conversely biasedly negatively when you don't like a person.

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    What is an "official video diagnosis technique"?
    Warm Regards,

    Clowns & Entropy

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