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    I just started rereading one of my favorite shortish novels again, thought i'd post a copy here to see if anyone else would want to read it. it's a smallish paperback, maybe 1/3-1/2 inch thick if anyone wants to know the commitment needed.

    Vacuum Flowers - Michael Swanwick

    download pdf:
    (I have it as Epub on my computer if anyone works better with that, i figured pdf would be the most universal.)

    In the sprawling civilizations of the distant future out in space, after an artificial intelligence net has taken over Earth and integrated earthbound humanity into a malign group mind. In the midst of this fertile swarm of interplanetary lifestyles, a woman is given an artificial personality that revolutionizes her life, and makes her an object of value to the powerful corporations that control society.

    Awakening in a medical center, she escapes, and sets out on a thrilling, an dangerous quest for survival and self-knowledge, and odyssey that takes her from planet to planet and calls into question the nature of the human future.

    basically, the book is about a future where plug in personalities have become the main commodity in a post Earth borg-pocalyse solar system. Normal humanity lives in fetid canister cities and program themselves up daily with personalities to fit the purpose.

    The main character awakes paralized in a hospital where she's labeled "Property of... (insert cyberpunk supercorporation name)" and eventually flees across the solar system, where you get to experience this future.

    I love the world that's presented in this book. It's a really interesting place. dark and fucked up but teaming with life jammed into orbiting canisters with people crawling all through it like maggots.

    anyways, i probably wouldn't end up reading a book in a thread like this, but i'll go ahead and post it anyways, and tag some people who might enjoy it. let me know if you actually do start it. I'm interested in hearing other people's impressions.

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