The second top comment reads as such:
your a fucking clown everything changes get with the times or be left in the dust fool. this is a genius song on a musical and cultural level. NO COVER COULD EVER RAPE THE INTEGRITY OF THE ORIGINAL the original already happened therefore it is solidified in time forever get a stick out your ass and deal with the fact that that the world is changing. The Scissor Sisters didn't do anything negative to Pink Floyd they simply payed homage. If you dont like it dont listen.
I think the bolded is a really interesting thought. My own thoughts would be that a cover such as this one is like an acid attack on my nostalgia. If someone did a crunk cover of Crowded House, I'd be horrified. It hadn't ocurred to me that the song is inherently immutable in culture, and no matter how many covers exists, it, and your memories and feeling about it, will never change. Treating your sentiments as sacrosanct out of fear, then, makes no emotional sense, because they're not under any threat.

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