Another questionnaire. Please try to type me.

1. You are on the clock to fix something, a friend of yours sits beside you and gives a lot of interesting ideas, none of them actually help or are related to your situation, but they are still something you find interesting. What is your reaction? What do you say? What do you do? What's your train of thought?

If that item was borrowed and i broke it/ i promised that i will fix smth until 'x' i'd be in a rush (i wouldnt want to dissapoint. If i promised it is my responsability). My thoughts would be scattered, drifting away. I'd explain my friend that i need to fix it asap so he will surely know that i would listen to him more if wouldnt be so bussy.

If it is mine i would feel much calmier.
Anyways, me fixing sounds wierd.

2a. What are some of your most important values?

Meaning, tolerance, justice, comfort, reliability, seeking widsom, having a family and kids, trust (trustworthiness for me is a very important value, but i find it extremelly hard to trust people myself).

2b. Can they change? What would be the reason if they change?
Yes. Due changed worldview and lifestyle. It had happened a lot in the past, but keep in mind i am only 17.

3. You are in a car with some other people, the people in the car are talking. Someone makes a claim that you see as immoral/rude/cruel. What is your inward reaction? What do you think? What do you say?

My mood would drop instantically. I may start feeling insecure myself. Since it is none of my bussiness i wont do anything, just stare at that person to make him uncomfortable or just ignore it. >.< Later i'd try to approach the person who was claimed to remove my guilt or smth.

My thoughts would be: what? -_-' i may start fantasizing what i will/ would have said if it 'touched' me but 7 of 10 times i will keep silent. If they would be people i know or my friends i would react differently.

4. a) What activities energizes you the most? Why?

Being in nature- sunbathing, walking... it clears my mind, i feel harmonious, feel that i am a part of it. The same with people who accept love and appreciate me the way i am. I love feeling oneness. So do teaching and explaining, debates.

4. b) What activities drains you the most? Why?

If my room isnt tidy enough my energy levels drop instantically. Persuading people is extremelly draining. Also being with people i have nothing in common. Critisizm.

5. Do you believe you are introverted or extraverted? Why do you believe that? (Please be as detailed as possible)

Well i do have problems here. I am very private, cant trust people. If i tell someone even the smallest secret i become paranoid. I dont like deep relationships because of obligations they put (i am not the most caring person and feel very guilty that i cant give what people expect...). For these reasons i have a fair amount of acquaintances, but no deep relationships. I feel the need to socialize, i really do, but also tend to avoid people whenever i can. It is complicated.

6. Please describe yourself, what do you see as your greatest strengths and what do you see as your greatest weaknesses?

Greatest strengths: (In no particular order)
- Can look at situation from a lot of angles, am quite objective.
- Dont judge people- i try to understand, but no way judge.
- Can plan my time well. Even through i do most of my works in a last possible minute, i still do it on time.
- Am good at 'hidden meanings'- whenever it is people, art or literature.
- Quick at tidying, supressing info, finding answers...

Weaknesses: (In no particular order)
- Am bad at expressing myself in words. People misunderstand me all the time.
- I eat too much.
- Not caring enough. I just dont. care. i am empatethic, but feel no intention to help, most of the time. I care about things like humanity, justice, doggies in China more than about real people in my life.
- Way too sensitive. Everything can make me cry: beauty, injustice, seeing a human that cant walk, critizism, seeing a homeless cat when the winter is coming... my moods fluctate a lot. I find outer world very intense, it just ruins my harmonious and stable life- thats why i love my simple hermit girl life. Ahhh i need to grow up one day.

7. Please describe yourself when you are feeling stressed. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.

If it is short time stress (like going on a stage)- i start getting anxious 2 days from it. I ignore it, but it feels like 'hidden stress'. When the time comes i dissociate and do what is needed to do. My mind and emotions shut down. If i still need to use my brain it turns on only after 10 minutes or so.

If it is long time stress- i dont really know. I try to distract myself by reading about stuff i am intrested in. Try to hide my stress from others. Idk.

8. What is your "soft spot" (the area that makes you upset if people mess with)?

I hate when people try to 'solve' me. It is the fastest way to make me angry.
My lack of socialness, my issues that i try to hide, self esteem.

9. What are most of the ideas/thoughts you get generally centered around (try to expand your answers as much as possible)?
I usually find myself checking situations from other's people shoes, searching for meanings. Other scenario is 'what i have said'. If i am coming somewhere, i roughly plan what i will do.

If i dont express my toughts outwardly (talking it out, writing it down, by drawing) they can spin and spin and spin forever, in a scattery way. I need to express it outwardly.

10. What's your opinion of getting frequent feedback on what you do? (Someone pointing out what is good, what is bad, what and how to improve) Is there a limit to how often you want feedback? If so, what is the limit?

In general, i dont like people like that. I know one hardcore ESTJ who always do this. It is irritating, not helping.

If it is about my personality- i always hate it, feel uncomfortable and stressed. I know i am not perfect, why to point it out? Ughh.
If it is about my works- thats annoying but okay, helps me grow.
If it is about my views, theories- it is welcome. I like getting feedback here.

11. Anything beyond what has been discussed that you would like to add?
Thanks )