The EU started the Clean IT project in last February to fight cyber terrorism. Just recently it's documents leaked to internet.

The Clean IT project suggests the following:

-The Clean it project should work as a framework that enables and forces the internet private sectors to aid policing their clientele.
-No anonymity in the internet. You must appear with your own name and social medias should feature a real picture of you.
-Virtual police officers to watch over us. Against terrorism or what have you.
-Law enforcement should be allowed to flag 'terrorist' content removable without needing to go through all the paperwork it usually demands.
-Links to terrorist sites should be illegal.
-The authority for the law enforcement to order the encryption to be turned off.
-Mandatory bots for the use of law enforcement, non-governmental organisations and Internet companies.
-To prevent the use of language that they don't understand.

To demonstrate this in practice, here is how it will go down:
The European Ashton ***** with his full name links a Wikileaks article to t16t. Soon the European Hikikomori **** gets contacted by law enforcement agencies. He must take the link down or he will be sanctioned. Also, they will give Hkkmr some government made tech to run automated bots that search illegalities and then deputize him. Unfortunately, the mastermind criminal Agarina ******** has already seen that horrible article and shares it with Aquagraph ********* using Finnish to convey the instructions how to find the link without typing it to avoid detection. Luckily, the bot understands that such attempts to use obscure language could be made and pre-emptively censors that witch as a warning to all those who use Finnish, Irish, Basque or any other obscure language. After the law enforcement has realized the terrorist potential in t16t, they will give police a new button called "Remove as inappropriate". It will be located neatly next to Likes and Contructive buttons. After the cybercops conduct some research they realize that Ashton's surname in t16t wasn't real and they tracked him down. Due to Ashton's principles, he didn't go down quietly and died at his doorstep with an unregistered shotgun next to his body.