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Thread: Enneagram Tritype Resonance Values

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    Default Enneagram Tritype Resonance Values

    Ok, Galen posted an interesting spreadsheet that I have been studying over.

    Anyway, let us hereby collect together the meanings of the "resonance values." I am supposing them to be the characteristics listed on the top of the spreadsheet. Provide a definition for each of the following:

    1) Rejection

    2) Attachement

    3) Frustration

    4) Competency

    5) Positive Outlook

    6) Reactive

    7) Compliant

    8) Assertive

    9) Withdrawn

    I like this chart a lot. We need a reference thread for it.
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    I plucked all the terms from this site:
    It's basically just a mathematical correlation between tritypes and focus on specific triads. I'm sure there's a better term than "resonance value" too but it's all I got.
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    It's pretty cool

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