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Thread: What funny things does the beta Ni do?

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    Default What funny things does the beta Ni do?

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    I'll throw in my 2cents.

    My understanding is Beta NF's generally use their Ni for people-related things, whereas Gamma NT's use their Ni for process-related things.

    In your post, you mentioned understanding your boyfriend, and fashion, clothing that people wear. Which fits my understanding.

    Compared to Gamma NT's, who seem to be able to pay more attention to processes, organization, or structure. When they are forced to deal with people, Gamma NT's generally seem to use Ni apathetically or nihilistically; or if they do care, focus on how society is built, again the structure.

    Beta NF's are truly the masters of relationships in the socion. Their advice is insightful, helpful, and phenomenal, in any matter of dealing with people.

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    I'm not an Ni dominant, but I'll try:

    "The perception of where your mind is going and whence it came."

    Ni dominants get irritated when the importance of paradigm is ignored. An image or concept pops into your mind, why? Why was that image associated with that stimulus? What influence does the association have on your actions? They are inclined to believe that others are acting on conceptual associations, which have no actual relation to the stimulus. Therefore, Ni doms prefer to "free" themselves from the reality tunnel and explore the associations in detail. Without this active exploration and contextual inspection, they would be as blind as everyone else. They often try to "rise above" arguments/discussions, trying to piece together the motivations and paradigms of others, as if upon knowing their own paradigm the opponent will concede, accepting the futility of chasing axiomatic truths. The nature of all irrational functions is infinite regress or contextual expansion.

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