He's very tall, like 6'8 (he says he's 6'10 but shoes don't count)
Definitely a T
Speaks in a monotone voice, his voice is low but can be loud and soft depending on him
When he walks he rarely looks straight ahead but does that peak under the brow thing
His shoulders also kind of sway when he walks
He's the jock type so I was surprised when he seemed to have a very unique sense of humor and when confronted with something like "what if you can't do what you love anymore" he says, "I'd go out and a get a job. Not a job selling shoes at Nike but a real job."
Because of his size, he does sort of pick on short people.
He does show remorse after he makes some semi crude comments
He seems to think very highly of his family, rarely puts them down
Incredibly logical, to the point where I just fuck with him to frustrate him and bring out some emotion
Yet his logic is from 3rd person perspective
Doesn't like to preach his opinions
Doesn't talk a lot
Certainly has his little kid moments. He was singing happy birthday to a friend and had his hand ready to grab a cupcake at any
Very athletic and coordinated
He can be playful but only with people he knows really well

I want to say he's LSI