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Thread: Ani DiFranco

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    Thumbs up Ani DiFranco

    I'm inclined to agree with the Fe-ENFj typing of her. My ex-boyfriend thought she VI'd ESE.

    Ani DiFranco: Fe-ENFj (Dominant subtype) [ENFj-ESFj]

    Bb minor (Pisces)

    "She went over to his apartment/Clutching her decision/And he said, 'Did you come here to tell me goodbye?'/So she built a skyscraper of procrastination/And then she leaned out the twenty-fifth floor window of her reply/And she felt like an actress/Just reading her lines/When she finally said 'Yes, it's really goodbye this time'/And far below was the blacktop and the tiny toy cars/And it all fell so fast/And it all fell so far/And she said, 'You are a miracle, but that is not all/You are also a stiff drink and I am on call/You are a party and I am a school night/And I'm lookin' for my door key/But you are my porch light/And you know you'll never know, dear/Just how much I loved you/You'll probably think this was just my big excuse/But I stand committed to a love that came before you/And the fact that I adore you is but one of my truths' . . . And what of the mother/Whose house is in flames/And both of her children are in their beds crying/And she loves them both with the whole of her heart/And she knows she can only carry one at a time/She's choking on the smoke of unthinkable choices/And she is haunted by the voices of so many desires . . . . But then what kind of scale compares the weight of two beauties?/The gravity of duties?/Or the ground speed of joy . . . . What kind of equation could I possibly employ?/And you'll never know, dear/Just how much I loved you/You probably think this was just my big excuse/But I stand committed to a love that came before you/And the fact that I adore you is just one of my truths/And so I'm goin' home to please the one I so love pleasing/And I don't expect he'll have much sympathy for my grieving/But I guess that this is the price/That we pay for the privilege of living for even a day/In a world with so many things worth believing in"

    Eb minor (Cancer)

    "The air comes off the ocean/And the city smells fishy/The air is full of fish and mystery/Whispering who, what, when/And I'm warning you I'm weightless/And the wind is always shifting . . . . Yeah, I'm telling you I'm different than you think I am . . . . And life is a sleazy stranger/Who looks vaguely familiar/Flirting with a bimbo named disaster at the end of the bar/And I am telling you I'm different than you are/And at night when you're asleep/Self-hatred's going to creep in/And you can blame it on the devil/Yeah, the one who's bed you sleep in . . . . Isn't that your voice?/If you don't live what you sing about your mirror is going to find out . . . Yeah, I'd like to go to all the pretty parties/Where all the pretty people go/And I ain't really all that pretty/But nobody will know/Cuz everybody loves you/When you're a star/And nobody questions what it takes to go that far/Your life is a sleazy stranger/And this is his favorite bar/And no I don't prefer obscurity, but I'm an idealistic girl/And I wouldn't work for you no matter what you paid/And I may not be able to change the whole f*****g world/But I can be the million that you never made/Yeah, I can be the million that you never made . . . ."
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    “Must get that Capel street library book renewed or they’ll write to
    Kearney, my garantor. Reincarnation: that’s the word.

    — Some people believe, he said, that we go on living in another body
    after death, that we lived before. They call it reincarnation. That we all lived
    before on the earth thousands of years ago or some other planet. They say we
    have forgotten it. Some say they remember their past lives.

    The sluggish cream wound curdling spirals through her tea. Better remind
    her of the word: metempsychosis. An example would be better.”

    —from Ulysses by James Joyce

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