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Thread: Enneagram Type Examples with Videos

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    Default Enneagram Type Examples with Videos

    I've ran across this enneagram proficiency quiz which further led me to this rather extensive list of typings that seems to have originated with the stackemup enneagram typings database. Reposting it here for anyone who wants to see some visual examples of each e-type and stacking and improve their ability to recognize types. I don't agree with all these typings but for the most part they don't look too far off.

    If you want to add any of your own typings with video samples just post them in this thread.



    1w9 so/sp Peter Mandelson:
    1w9 so/sp Sandra Day O'connor:
    1w9 so/sp Al Gore:
    1w9 so/sp Ron Wyden:
    1w9 so/sp Charles Gibson:
    1w9 so/sp Colin Powell:
    1w9 so/sp Peter Jennings:
    1w9 so/sp Ted Koppel:
    1w9 so/sp Jeremy Paxman:
    1w9 so/sp John Kerry:
    1w9 so/sp Michael Dukakis:
    1w9 so/sp Terry Waite:
    1w9 so/sp Margarat Thatcher:
    1w9 so/sp Ayatollah Khomeini:
    1w9 so/sp George Will:
    1w9 so/sp Maude Barlow:
    1w9 so/sp Helen Caldicott:
    1w9 so/sp Angela Merkel:

    1w9 so/sx Ming Flanagan:
    1w9 so/sx John Grisham:
    1w9 so/sx Julie Andrews:
    1w9 so/sx Ahmed Deedat:
    1w9 so/sx Carla Del Ponte:
    1w9 so/sx Segolene Royal:
    1w9 so/sx Christopher Monckton:
    1w9 so/sx Alan Keyes:
    1w9 so/sx Owen Coyle:
    1w9 so/sx Mike Tidwell:
    1w9 so/sx Ken Robinson:
    1w9 so/sx F. Lee Bailey:
    1w9 so/sx Buckminster Fuller:
    1w9 so/sx Leonard Nimoy:
    1w9 so/sx Phillip Shepard:
    1w9 so/sx Marshall Rosenberg:
    1w9 so/sx Damien Duff:
    1w9 so/sx John Bradshaw:

    1w9 sp/so Karl Rove:
    1w9 sp/so Joe Clements:
    1w9 sp/so Charles Feldman:
    1w9 sp/so Tony Hamilton:
    1w9 sp/so David Souter:
    1w9 sp/so Thaddeus McCotter:
    1w9 sp/so Art Briles:
    1w9 sp/so Hugh Freeze:
    1w9 sp/so Mike Thomas:
    1w9 sp/so Todd McShay:
    1w9 sp/so Harry Truman:
    1w9 sp/so Martha Coakley:
    1w9 sp/so George Coyne:
    1w9 sp/so Ralph Nader:
    1w9 sp/so George McGovern:
    1w9 sp/so Tom Osbourne:
    1w9 sp/so Noam Chomsky:
    1w9 sp/so Tom Brokaw:
    1w9 sp/so Michael Medved:
    1w9 sp/so David Brower:
    1w9 sp/so Sally Quinn:
    1w9 sp/so Henri Nouwen:
    1w9 sp/so Gary North:
    1w9 sp/so James Randy:

    1w9 sp/sx Jan Helfeld:
    1w9 sp/sx David Duke:
    1w9 sp/sx Bashar Assad:
    1w9 sp/sx Chris Dunn:
    1w9 sp/sx Ron Wilson:
    1w9 sp/sx Larry Bird:
    1w9 sp/sx David Duval:
    1w9 sp/sx Tom Glavine:
    1w9 sp/sx T. Marcus Funk:
    1w9 sp/sx Candy Dulfur:
    1w9 sp/sx Christine Lagarde:
    1w9 sp/sx Praveen Kopalle:
    1w9 sp/sx Kusum Ailawadi:
    1w9 sp/sx George Harrison:
    1w9 sp/sx Irina Tweedie:
    1w9 sp/sx Ayn Rand:

    1w9 sx/so Leo Tolstoy:
    1w9 sx/so Vittorio Sgarbi:
    1w9 sx/so Shirley Phelps:
    1w9 sx/so Charles Coughlin:
    1w9 sx/so Khalid Muhammed:
    1w9 sx/so Pim Fortuyn:

    1w9 sx/sp Yul Brynner:
    1w9 sx/sp Charlotte Rampling:
    1w9 sx/sp Helen Mirren:
    1w9 sx/sp Gregory Peck:
    1w9 sx/sp Janet Cherry:
    1w9 sx/sp Vanessa Redgrave:
    1w9 sx/sp Aimee Mann:
    1w9 sx/sp Alan Rickman:
    1w9 sx/sp Viktor Frankl:
    1w9 sx/sp George Szell:
    1w9 sx/sp Lee Strasberg:


    1w2 so/sp Diane Dimond:
    1w2 so/sp Judge Judy:
    1w2 so/sp Hillary Clinton:
    1w2 so/sp Jane Pauley:
    1w2 so/sp Carly Fiorina:
    1w2 so/sp Mona Charen:
    1w2 so/sp Sharon Angle:
    1w2 so/sp William Bennett:
    1w2 so/sp Hanan Ashrawi:
    1w2 so/sp Bernie Goldberg: (starts at 1:00)
    1w2 so/sp Michelle Obama:
    1w2 so/sp Antonin Scalia:
    1w2 so/sp Andrew Napolitano:
    1w2 so/sp Greg Mathis:
    1w2 so/sp Greta Van Susteren:
    1w2 so/sp Sidney Poitier:
    1w2 so/sp Belvin Perry:
    1w2 so/sp John Lofton:
    1w2 so/sp Lim Guan Eng:
    1w2 so/sp Nelson Mandela:

    1w2 so/sx Dan Primack:
    1w2 so/sx Howard Dean:
    1w2 so/sx Ron Reagan Jr.:
    1w2 so/sx Earl Hutchinson:
    1w2 so/sx Rick Santorum:
    1w2 so/sx Kirk Cameron:
    1w2 so/sx Jack Thompson:
    1w2 so/sx Cesar Chavez:
    1w2 so/sx Glen Casada:

    1w2 sp/so Rocky Long:
    1w2 sp/so Martha Stewart:
    1w2 sp/so Tom Osbourne:
    1w2 sp/so Barry Goldwater:
    1w2 sp/so Gary Pinkel:
    1w2 sp/so Rudy Guiliani:
    1w2 sp/so Phillip Zimbardo:
    1w2 sp/so Vincent Bugliosi:
    1w2 sp/so Richard Thornburgh:
    1w2 sp/so Chip Kelly:
    1w2 sp/so John Bolton:
    1w2 sp/so Mahmoud Ahmadenijad:
    1w2 sp/so Nouriel Roubini:
    1w2 sp/so John Kasich:
    1w2 sp/so Mike Sexton:
    1w2 sp/so Peter Haber:
    1w2 sp/so Pat Buchanan:
    1w2 sp/so Mills Lane:
    1w2 sp/so Ross Perot:
    1w2 sp/so Jack Lalane:
    1w2 sp/so Jack Kevorkian:

    1w2 sp/sx Jack McKeon: (starts at 0:48)
    1w2 sp/sx John Wooden:
    1w2 sp/sx David Lean:
    1w2 sp/sx Benjamin Spock:
    1w2 sp/sx James Whitmore:
    1w2 sp/sx Pam Shriver:
    1w2 sp/sx John Walsh:
    1w2 sp/sx Haile Sellassie:
    1w2 sp/sx David Boies:

    1w2 sx/so Katherine Hepburn:
    1w2 sx/so Sandra Smith: (starts at 0:50)
    1w2 sx/so Monica Crowley:
    1w2 sx/so Andrew Campanella:
    1w2 sx/so Alexyss K. Tylor:

    1w2 sx/sp Kathleen Speeth:
    1w2 sx/sp Meryl Streep:
    1w2 sx/sp Beth Harwell:
    1w2 sx/sp Jim Fallon:
    1w2 sx/sp Mitchell Baker:
    1w2 sx/sp Jodie Foster:
    1w2 sx/sp Gwyneth Paltrow:
    1w2 sx/sp Mary T. Browne:
    1w2 sx/sp Twyla tharp:


    2w1 so/sp Shirley Jones:
    2w1 so/sp Tracie Thoms:
    2w1 so/sp Neil Degrasse:
    2w1 so/sp Allyson Schwartz:
    2w1 so/sp Angela Lansbury:
    2w1 so/sp Holly Robinson Peete:
    2w1 so/sp Patti Labelle:
    2w1 so/sp Aretha Franklin:
    2w1 so/sp Jeremiah Wright:
    2w1 so/sp John Hagee:
    2w1 so/sp Thurgood Marshall:

    2w1 so/sx Beverly Sills:
    2w1 so/sx Anne Perry:
    2w1 so/sx Joan Lunden:
    2w1 so/sx Desmond Tutu:
    2w1 so/sx Michelle Weiss:
    2w1 so/sx Katherine Harris:
    2w1 so/sx Kathryn Kuhlman:
    2w1 so/sx Meg Whitman:
    2w1 so/sx Jane Wyman:
    2w1 so/sx Danielle Steele:
    2w1 so/sx Dottie Rambo:
    2w1 so/sx Nancy Reagan:

    2w1 sp/so Charlotte Chandler:
    2w1 sp/so Miss Manners:
    2w1 sp/so Dr. Drew Pinsky:
    2w1 sp/so Arsenio Hall:
    2w1 sp/so Maury Povich:
    2w1 sp/so Brittany Murphy:
    2w1 sp/so Donny Deutsch:
    2w1 sp/so Art Bowler:
    2w1 sp/so Malcolm Gladwell:
    2w1 sp/so Brad Gilbert:
    2w1 sp/so Jeff Probst:
    2w1 sp/so Michael Keaton:
    2w1 sp/so David Hyde Pierce:
    2w1 sp/so Alan Alda:
    2w1 sp/so Cathie Jung:
    2w1 sp/so Tim Gunn:
    2w1 sp/so Lester Holt:
    2w1 sp/so Kelsey Grammar:

    2w1 sp/sx Eleanor Roosevelt:
    2w1 sp/sx Mother Teresa:
    2w1 sp/sx Bill Cosby:
    2w1 sp/sx Mia Farrow:
    2w1 sp/sx Marilyn Macgraw:
    2w1 sp/sx Melanie Joy:
    2w1 sp/sx Carre Otis:
    2w1 sp/sx Nina Pillard:
    2w1 sp/sx Renee Fleming:
    2w1 sp/sx Lynne Cheney:
    2w1 sp/sx Virginia Satir:
    2w1 sp/sx Diane Ladd:
    2w1 sp/sx Emma Goldman:
    2w1 sp/sx Marguerrite Perin:

    2w1 sx/so Faye Dunaway:
    2w1 sx/so Cathy Guisewite:
    2w1 sx/so Renee Graziano:
    2w1 sx/so Edie Falco:
    2w1 sx/so Jamie Lee Curtis:
    2w1 sx/so Sally Kellerman:
    2w1 sx/so Victoria Gotti:

    2w1 sx/sp Ann Calvello:
    2w1 sx/sp Dionne Warwick:
    2w1 sx/sp Sante Kimes:
    2w1 sx/sp Andrew Cohen:
    2w1 sx/sp Lena Horne:
    2w1 sx/sp Morgan Fairchild:
    2w1 sx/sp Zsa zsa gabor:


    2w3 so/sp Michael Manning:
    2w3 so/sp Joe Lieberman:
    2w3 so/sp William Schaffner:
    2w3 so/sp Frank Corsaro:
    2w3 so/sp T. Berry Brazelton:
    2w3 so/sp Pat Robertson:
    2w3 so/sp Barbara Bush:
    2w3 so/sp Pat Boone:
    2w3 so/sp Creflo Dollar:
    2w3 so/sp Karan Mahajan:
    2w3 so/sp Bill Walton:

    2w3 so/sx Fabiola Rodas:
    2w3 so/sx Janine Jensen:
    2w3 so/sx Ruth Gordon:
    2w3 so/sx Joannie Rochette:
    2w3 so/sx Haley Reinhardt:
    2w3 so/sx Stockard Channing:
    2w3 so/sx Paula Abdul:
    2w3 so/sx Dr. Brene Brown:
    2w3 so/sx Randy Barry:
    2w3 so/sx Seton Motley:
    2w3 so/sx Jordan Rubin:
    2w3 so/sx Alec Torelli:
    2w3 so/sx Craig Kielburger:
    2w3 so/sx Christopher Reeves:
    2w3 so/sx Miley Cyrus:
    2w3 so/sx Joel Skinner:
    2w3 so/sx Clay Aiken:
    2w3 so/sx Amanda Righetti:
    2w3 so/sx Aundrea Fimbres:
    2w3 so/sx Chelsea Staub:
    2w3 so/sx Jacob Lusk:
    2w3 so/sx Jenna fischer:
    2w3 so/sx Dolly Parton:
    2w3 so/sx John Denver:
    2w3 so/sx Amy Adams (starts at 0:52)
    2w3 so/sx Magic Johnson:
    2w3 so/sx Ernest Pugh:
    2w3 so/sx Julie White:
    2w3 so/sx Scott Hamilton:
    2w3 so/sx Xuxa: (starts at 0:57)
    2w3 so/sx Richard Simmons:
    2w3 so/sx Matt Pinfield:
    2w3 so/sx Mark Gungor:

    2w3 sp/so Jim Rogers:
    2w3 sp/so Jerry Lewis:
    2w3 sp/so Rue McClanahan:
    2w3 sp/so Drew Barrymore:
    2w3 sp/so Paperlillies:
    2w3 sp/so Lindsay Davenport:
    2w3 sp/so Gina:
    2w3 sp/so Nathan Lane:
    2w3 sp/so John Major:
    2w3 sp/so Jerry Mathers:
    2w3 sp/so Andrew Zimmern:
    2w3 sp/so Arturo O'farrill: (starts at 1:06)
    2w3 sp/so Emeril Lagasse:
    2w3 sp/so James Van Praagh:
    2w3 sp/so Lanny Poffo:
    2w3 sp/so Jane Doherty: (starts at 0:27)
    2w3 sp/so Dom Deluise:
    2w3 sp/so Billy Mays:
    2w3 sp/so Leo Buscaglia:
    2w3 sp/so Vincent Schiavelli: (starts at 3:00)
    2w3 sp/so Tae Yun Kim:
    2w3 sp/so Barbara DeAngelis:
    2w3 sp/so Ashley Underwood:
    2w3 sp/so Kathy Lee Gifford:

    2w3 sp/sx Luciano Pavarotti:
    2w3 sp/sx Wolfman Jack:
    2w3 sp/sx Barefoot Contessa:
    2w3 sp/sx Judith Ivey:
    2w3 sp/sx Paula Deen:
    2w3 sp/sx Doug Kalajian:
    2w3 sp/sx Della Reese:
    2w3 sp/sx Jo Koy:
    2w3 sp/sx Melissa Gilbert:
    2w3 sp/sx Doris Roberts:

    2w3 sx/so Liberace:
    2w3 sx/so Randy Thomas:
    2w3 sx/so Neil Sedaka:
    2w3 sx/so Ryan Seacrest:
    2w3 sx/so Jonathan Morris:
    2w3 sx/so Lisa Whelchel:
    2w3 sx/so Betty Robison:
    2w3 sx/so Tammy Faye Baker:
    2w3 sx/so Sammy Davis, jr.:
    2w3 sx/so Candace Cameron:
    2w3 sx/so Sarah Palin:
    2w3 sx/so Carrie Prejean:

    2w3 sx/sp Barbara Eden:
    2w3 sx/sp Diana Ross:
    2w3 sx/sp Loretta Lynn:
    2w3 sx/sp Kenny G:
    2w3 sx/sp Doug Kysar:
    2w3 sx/sp Peggy Noonan:


    3w2 so/sp Arnold Schwarzenegger:
    3w2 so/sp Oprah Winfrey:
    3w2 so/sp Dalai Lama:
    3w2 so/sp George Shuvalo:
    3w2 so/sp Phill Gramm:
    3w2 so/sp John Madden:
    3w2 so/sp Willard Scott:
    3w2 so/sp Troy Aikman:
    3w2 so/sp Ed Hallowell:
    3w2 so/sp William Shatner:
    3w2 so/sp Stuart Varney:
    3w2 so/sp Gorilla Monsoon:

    3w2 so/sx Chris Jones:
    3w2 so/sx Lewis Moody:
    3w2 so/sx Michael Landon: (starts at 1:50)
    3w2 so/sx Paul Gross:
    3w2 so/sx Bill Clinton
    3w2 so/sx Patrick Duffy:
    3w2 so/sx Bill Russell:
    3w2 so/sx Rutger Hauer:
    3w2 so/sx Michael Douglas:
    3w2 so/sx Bruce Boxleitner:
    3w2 so/sx Matthew Perry:
    3w2 so/sx Tom Brady: (starts at 0:40)
    3w2 so/sx Naseem Hamed:
    3w2 so/sx Michele Hunziker:
    3w2 so/sx Jean Claude Van Damme:
    3w2 so/sx Johnny De Beer:
    3w2 so/sx Marina Orlova:
    3w2 so/sx Mehmet Oz:
    3w2 so/sx Kristen Chenoweth:
    3w2 so/sx Kelly Rippa:
    3w2 so/sx Don Tolman:
    3w2 so/sx Mickey Robertson:
    3w2 so/sx Tom Araya:
    3w2 so/sx Emily Maynard:
    3w2 so/sx Gary Busey:
    3w2 so/sx Roma Downey:
    3w2 so/sx Steven Bauer:
    3w2 so/sx Wayne Brady:
    3w2 so/sx Mike Mizanin:
    3w2 so/sx Bob Backlund:
    3w2 so/sx Havilland Stillwell:
    3w2 so/sx Jessice Simpson:
    3w2 so/sx Oscar De La Hoya:
    3w2 so/sx John Edward:
    3w2 so/sx Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda:
    3w2 so/sx Derek Jeter:
    3w2 so/sx Mike Sorrentino:
    3w2 so/sx LL Cool J.:
    3w2 so/sx Will Smith:
    3w2 so/sx Lea Michelle:
    3w2 so/sx Michael Buffer:
    3w2 so/sx Bridget Marquardt:
    3w2 so/sx Miss Alabama:
    3w2 so/sx Michelle Phillips:
    3w2 so/sx George Foreman:

    3w2 sp/so Bernie Madoff:
    3w2 sp/so Benjamin Netanyahu:
    3w2 sp/so Carl Icahn:
    3w2 sp/so Mitt Romney:
    3w2 sp/so Anthony Gallie:
    3w2 sp/so Ron Popeil:
    3w2 sp/so Jordan Belfort:
    3w2 sp/so Fareed Zakaria:
    3w2 sp/so David Miscavige:
    3w2 sp/so David Cunningham:
    3w2 sp/so Rich Nonguard:
    3w2 sp/so Urban Meyer:
    3w2 sp/so Joe Montana: (starts at 0:27)
    3w2 sp/so Steve Ballmer:
    3w2 sp/so Carlton Sheets:
    3w2 sp/so Vince Lombardi:
    3w2 sp/so Jack Nicklaus:
    3w2 sp/so Jack Welch:

    3w2 sp/sx Sam Bradford:
    3w2 sp/sx Austin Rivers:
    3w2 sp/sx Mahsa Azcuy: (starts at 0:20)
    3w2 sp/sx Kim Hidalgo: (ends at 1:12)
    3w2 sp/sx Carl Lewis:
    3w2 sp/sx Javiar Bardem:
    3w2 sp/sx Joe Namath:
    3w2 sp/sx OJ Simpson:
    3w2 sp/sx Ray Charles:
    3w2 sp/sx Pete Maravich:
    3w2 sp/sx Ted Bundy:
    3w2 sp/sx Tony Robbins:
    3w2 sp/sx Jordan Wirsz:
    3w2 sp/sx Vladimir Klitschko:
    3w2 sp/sx Casey Anthony:
    3w2 sp/sx Joran Van Der Sloot:
    3w2 sp/sx Chris Hanson:
    3w2 sp/sx Scott Peterson:
    3w2 sp/sx Mark Richt:
    3w2 sp/sx Jim Courier:

    3w2 sx/so Britney Spears:
    3w2 sx/so Natalie Wood:
    3w2 sx/so Mario Lemieux:
    3w2 sx/so Elvis Presley:
    3w2 sx/so Muhammad Ali:
    3w2 sx/so Bruce Lee:
    3w2 sx/so Kute Blackson:
    3w2 sx/so Scotty Nguyen:
    3w2 sx/so Mr. T:
    3w2 sx/so Jackie Warner:

    3w2 sx/sp Raven Riley:
    3w2 sx/sp Kicesie:
    3w2 sx/sp Joy Davidson:
    3w2 sx/sp Rebecca Cardon:
    3w2 sx/sp Paul McCartney:
    3w2 sx/sp Frederico Castellucio:
    3w2 sx/sp Angie Harmon:
    3w2 sx/sp Whitney Houston:


    3w4 so/sp Jimmy Carter:
    3w4 so/sp Stephen Stohn:
    3w4 so/sp Bud Greenspan:
    3w4 so/sp Andre Agassi:
    3w4 so/sp Lenny Wilkens:
    3w4 so/sp Carl Sagan:
    3w4 so/sp Condoleeza Rice:
    3w4 so/sp John Roberts:
    3w4 so/sp Andrew Moss:
    3w4 so/sp Doug Willen:
    3w4 so/sp Sugar Ray Leonard:
    3w4 so/sp Bob Costas:
    3w4 so/sp Francis Crick:
    3w4 so/sp Tony Blair:
    3w4 so/sp Rod Laver:
    3w4 so/sp George Takei:
    3w4 so/sp Vera Farmiga:
    3w4 so/sp Anderson Cooper:
    3w4 so/sp Dianne Sawyer:
    3w4 so/sp Bryant Gumbel:
    3w4 so/sp Katie Couric: (starts at 0:28)

    3w4 so/sx Montel Williams:
    3w4 so/sx Jake Pavelka:
    3w4 so/sx Leonor Varela:
    3w4 so/sx Wes Bentley:
    3w4 so/sx Simon Baker:
    3w4 so/sx John Travolta:
    3w4 so/sx Tom Cruise:
    3w4 so/sx Robert Rey:
    3w4 so/sx Joe Pantoliano:
    3w4 so/sx Richard Fairbrass:
    3w4 so/sx Ken Wilber:
    3w4 so/sx James Roday:
    3w4 so/sx Rob Morrow:
    3w4 so/sx Mike Chiesl:
    3w4 so/sx Shia Lebouf:
    3w4 so/sx Daniel Tosh:
    3w4 so/sx Chris Diamantopoulos:
    3w4 so/sx Justin Long:
    3w4 so/sx Crispin Glover:
    3w4 so/sx Scott Austin:
    3w4 so/sx Sam Rockwell:
    3w4 so/sx Judy Reyes:
    3w4 so/sx Chris Kacher:
    3w4 so/sx Mario Lopez:
    3w4 so/sx Neil Flynn:
    3w4 so/sx Patrick Dempsey:
    3w4 so/sx Syd Barret:
    3w4 so/sx Adam Ant: (starts at 1:22)
    3w4 so/sx Halle Berry:
    3w4 so/sx Rose McGowan:
    3w4 so/sx Tanith Belbin:
    3w4 so/sx Michael Johnson:
    3w4 so/sx Tyler Hoechlin:
    3w4 so/sx Darren Sharper:
    3w4 so/sx Kate Hudson:
    3w4 so/sx Jennifer Coolidge:
    3w4 so/sx Billy Gibbons:

    3w4 sp/so Cynthia Thielen:
    3w4 sp/so Charles "Tex" Watson:
    3w4 sp/so Dabo Swinney:
    3w4 sp/so Derek Dooley:
    3w4 sp/so Drew Brees:
    3w4 sp/so Michelle Bachmann:
    3w4 sp/so Sen. John Edwards:
    3w4 sp/so Burt Reynolds:
    3w4 sp/so Doug Flutie:
    3w4 sp/so Eric Johnson:
    3w4 sp/so Steve Young:
    3w4 sp/so Greg Schiano:
    3w4 sp/so Mitch Kupchak:
    3w4 sp/so Natalie Tenerelli:
    3w4 sp/so Ivanka trump:
    3w4 sp/so Paddy Miller:
    3w4 sp/so Frank Beamer:
    3w4 sp/so Pat Riley:
    3w4 sp/so Farrah Gray:
    3w4 sp/so Houston Nutt:
    3w4 sp/so Johnnie Cochran:

    3w4 sp/sx Rachel Zoe:
    3w4 sp/sx Vanessa Williams:
    3w4 sp/sx Kerry Washington:
    3w4 sp/sx Lance Armstrong:
    3w4 sp/sx Bronco Mendenhall:
    3w4 sp/sx Ray Kerins:
    3w4 sp/sx Michael Jordan:
    3w4 sp/sx Alex Rodriguez:
    3w4 sp/sx Phil Ivey:
    3w4 sp/sx Samuel Makhachkala:
    3w4 sp/sx Tiger Woods:
    3w4 sp/sx Roy Helu:
    3w4 sp/sx Magnus Carlsen:
    3w4 sp/sx Kei Nishikori:
    3w4 sp/sx Camillio Villegas:
    3w4 sp/sx Levon Aronian:
    3w4 sp/sx Patrik Antonius:
    3w4 sp/sx Marco Scutaro:
    3w4 sp/sx Kobe Bryant:
    3w4 sp/sx Novak Djokovic:
    3w4 sp/sx Evan Lysacek:
    3w4 sp/sx Christiano Ronaldo:
    3w4 sp/sx Roger Federer:
    3w4 sp/sx Jerry Rice:
    3w4 sp/sx Chrissie Evert:
    3w4 sp/sx Ali Macgraw:
    3w4 sp/sx Mary Joe Fernandez:
    3w4 sp/sx Demi Moore:
    3w4 sp/sx Michelle Forbes:
    3w4 sp/sx Timothy Dalton: (starts at 1:36)
    3w4 sp/sx Sting:
    3w4 sp/sx Christian Bale:
    3w4 sp/sx Zac Efron:
    3w4 sp/sx Erik McCormack:
    3w4 sp/sx Rob Lowe:
    3w4 sp/sx Ethan Hawke:
    3w4 sp/sx Duncan Jones:
    3w4 sp/sx Werner Ernhard:
    3w4 sp/sx Michael Prysner:
    3w4 sp/sx Deborah Beroset:
    3w4 sp/sx Michael Bay:
    3w4 sp/sx Adrien Brody:
    3w4 sp/sx Richard Gere:
    3w4 sp/sx Shamsi Ali:
    3w4 sp/sx J-dog:
    3w4 sp/sx Sean Combs:
    3w4 sp/sx Olivia Wilde:
    3w4 sp/sx Jane Seymour:
    3w4 sp/sx Margaret Russell: (starts at 2:23)
    3w4 sp/sx Cindy Crawford:
    3w4 sp/sx Bradley Cooper:

    3w4 sx/so Julia Dreyfus:
    3w4 sx/so Madonna:
    3w4 sx/so Gwen Stefani:
    3w4 sx/so Tyra Banks:
    3w4 sx/so Sharon Stone:
    3w4 sx/so Brooke Shields:
    3w4 sx/so Jeri Hall:
    3w4 sx/so Marty Jannetty:
    3w4 sx/so Kim Cattrall:
    3w4 sx/so Traci Lords:
    3w4 sx/so Cybill Shepherd:
    3w4 sx/so Delta Burke:
    3w4 sx/so Sylvester Stallone:
    3w4 sx/so James Matador:
    3w4 sx/so Amanda Palmer:
    3w4 sx/so Wesley Snipes:
    3w4 sx/so Chuck Zito:
    3w4 sx/so Hulk Hogan:

    3w4 sx/sp Ksenia Sukhinova:
    3w4 sx/sp Christina Aguilera:
    3w4 sx/sp Kurt Angle:
    3w4 sx/sp Dixie Carter:
    3w4 sx/sp Marie Osmond:
    3w4 sx/sp Penelope Cruz:
    3w4 sx/sp Shakira:
    3w4 sx/sp John Malkovich:
    3w4 sx/sp Gregory Hines:
    3w4 sx/sp David Blaine:
    3w4 sx/sp Ben Kingsley:
    3w4 sx/sp Jackie Onassis:
    3w4 sx/sp Denzel Washington:
    3w4 sx/sp Ivan Lendl:
    3w4 sx/sp Zoe Bell:
    3w4 sx/sp Maria Canellis:
    3w4 sx/sp David Carradine:
    3w4 sx/sp Anthony Hopkins:
    3w4 sx/sp Christopher Walken:


    4w3 so/sp David Hare:
    4w3 so/sp Stephen Fry:
    4w3 so/sp Orson Welles:
    4w3 so/sp Ken Russell:
    4w3 so/sp John Gielgud:
    4w3 so/sp Morrissey:
    4w3 so/sp Salvador Dali:
    4w3 so/sp Ralph Richardson:
    4w3 so/sp Laurence Olivier:

    4w3 so/sx Hahn Bin:
    4w3 so/sx Owen Pallett:
    4w3 so/sx Sara McLachLan:
    4w3 so/sx Tori Amos:
    4w3 so/sx Michael Jackson:
    4w3 so/sx Keith "Shebada" Ramsey:
    4w3 so/sx John Holland:
    4w3 so/sx Marc Jacobs:
    4w3 so/sx Alan Cumming:
    4w3 so/sx Harmony Korinne:
    4w3 so/sx Regina Spektor:
    4w3 so/sx Conor Oberst:
    4w3 so/sx Craig Thompson:
    4w3 so/sx Aubrey Plaza:
    4w3 so/sx Mark Almond:
    4w3 so/sx Mark Pincus:
    4w3 so/sx Ian McCulloh:
    4w3 so/sx Brian Boitano:
    4w3 so/sx Ross Matthews:
    4w3 so/sx Jonas Bjerre:
    4w3 so/sx Calpernia Adams:
    4w3 so/sx Nelly Furtado:
    4w3 so/sx Pete Townshend:
    4w3 so/sx Cate Blanchett:
    4w3 so/sx Johana Cox:
    4w3 so/sx George Michael:

    4w3 sp/so Simon Doonan:
    4w3 sp/so Elif Shafak:
    4w3 sp/so Roy Orbison:
    4w3 sp/so Paul Simon:
    4w3 sp/so Michael Stipe:
    4w3 sp/so Simon Callow:
    4w3 sp/so Nicole Kidman:
    4w3 sp/so Billy Corgan:
    4w3 sp/so John Galliano:
    4w3 sp/so Anna Wintour:
    4w3 sp/so Michael Stipe:
    4w3 sp/so Stuart Weitzman:
    4w3 sp/so Patrick Stewart:
    4w3 sp/so Janelle Monae:
    4w3 sp/so Suzanne Vega:
    4w3 sp/so Tommy Hilfiger:

    4w3 sp/sx Sade:
    4w3 sp/sx Don Henrie:
    4w3 sp/sx Robert Smith:
    4w3 sp/sx Andrew Eldritch:
    4w3 sp/sx Davey Havoc:
    4w3 sp/sx Rudolph Nurayev:
    4w3 sp/sx Natalie Merchant:
    4w3 sp/sx Annie Lennox:
    4w3 sp/sx David Bowie:
    4w3 sp/sx Gary Oldman:
    4w3 sp/sx Suga Pop:
    4w3 sp/sx Nico:
    4w3 sp/sx Jim Morrison:
    4w3 sp/sx Diane Downs:

    4w3 sx/so Rufus Wainwright:
    4w3 sx/so Nick Espinosa:
    4w3 sx/so Johnny Weir:
    4w3 sx/so Brian Molko:
    4w3 sx/so Siouxsie sioux:
    4w3 sx/so Jann Arden:
    4w3 sx/so Janis Joplin:
    4w3 sx/so Lynette Fromme:
    4w3 sx/so Eazy-E:
    4w3 sx/so Shannon Hoon:

    4w3 sx/sp Judy Garland:
    4w3 sx/sp Maria Callas:
    4w3 sx/sp Prince:
    4w3 sx/sp Vivian Leigh:
    4w3 sx/sp Margaruerite Dumas:
    4w3 sx/sp Peter Andre:
    4w3 sx/sp Jeff Buckley:
    4w3 sx/sp James Franco:
    4w3 sx/sp Delores O'riordan:
    4w3 sx/sp Chrisie Hynde:
    4w3 sx/sp Anne Rice:
    4w3 sx/sp Jackson Browne:
    4w3 sx/sp Winona Ryder:
    4w3 sx/sp Stevie Nicks:
    4w3 sx/sp Al Pacino:


    4w5 so/sp Ingmar Bergman:
    4w5 so/sp Alanis Morissette:
    4w5 so/sp Helena Bonham Carter:
    4w5 so/sp David Sylvian:
    4w5 so/sp Peter Murphy:
    4w5 so/sp Marilyn Manson:

    4w5 so/sx Alan Ginsberg:
    4w5 so/sx Charlie Kaufman:
    4w5 so/sx James Baldwin:
    4w5 so/sx Fred Alan Wolf:
    4w5 so/sx John Berryman:
    4w5 so/sx Robert Lowell: (voice)
    4w5 so/sx Montgomery Clift:

    4w5 sp/so Phillip Larkin: (voice)
    4w5 sp/so Frank McCourt:
    4w5 sp/so Vladimir Nabakov:
    4w5 sp/so Alan Flusser:
    4w5 sp/so Marco Ferreri:
    4w5 sp/so Claudio Abbado:
    4w5 sp/so U.A. Fanthorpe: (voice)
    4w5 sp/so Van Morrison:
    4w5 sp/so Bernardo Bertolucci:

    4w5 sp/sx Leonard Cohen:
    4w5 sp/sx Krzysztof Kieslowski:
    4w5 sp/sx Joni Mitchell:
    4w5 sp/sx John Lilly:
    4w5 sp/sx J.D. Salinger:
    4w5 sp/sx Andrei Tarkovsky:
    4w5 sp/sx Robert De Niro:
    4w5 sp/sx Allan Watts:

    4w5 sx/so Anne Sexton:
    4w5 sx/so Bob Dylan:
    4w5 sx/so PJ Harvey:
    4w5 sx/so Yukio Mishima:
    4w5 sx/so Jose Saramego:

    4w5 sx/sp James Dean: (starts at 1:30)
    4w5 sx/sp Johnny Depp:
    4w5 sx/sp Dino Sachs:
    4w5 sx/sp Ville Vallo:
    4w5 sx/sp Brett Anderson:
    4w5 sx/sp Elliot Smith:
    4w5 sx/sp Fiona Apple:
    4w5 sx/sp Isabelle Adjani:
    4w5 sx/sp James Chance:
    4w5 sx/sp Sylvia Plath:


    5w4 so/sp TS Elliot:
    5w4 so/sp Albert Einstein:
    5w4 so/sp Stanley Kubrick:
    5w4 so/sp Robert Ornstein:
    5w4 so/sp Jane Campion:
    5w4 so/sp Jean-Paul Sartre:
    5w4 so/sp Billy Wilder:
    5w4 so/sp Colin Wilson:

    5w4 so/sx Ian McEwan:
    5w4 so/sx John Cage:
    5w4 so/sx William S. Burroughs:
    5w4 so/sx Joan Didion:
    5w4 so/sx Stephen King:
    5w4 so/sx John Cale:
    5w4 so/sx Bill Nye:
    5w4 so/sx Robert Crumb:
    5w4 so/sx Tony Banks:
    5w4 so/sx Elvis Costello:
    5w4 so/sx Gary Ross:
    5w4 so/sx Lou Barlow:
    5w4 so/sx Pier Pasolini:
    5w4 so/sx Jeff Goldblum:
    5w4 so/sx Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan:
    5w4 so/sx Daniel Day Lewis:
    5w4 so/sx Graham Greene:

    5w4 sp/so Tim Burton:
    5w4 sp/so Steven Wright:
    5w4 sp/so Robert Frager:
    5w4 sp/so Nick Herbert:
    5w4 sp/so Glen Gould:
    5w4 sp/so Pierre Boulez:
    5w4 sp/so John Nash:
    5w4 sp/so Arthur M. Young:
    5w4 sp/so Bertrand Russell:
    5w4 sp/so Arnold Schoenberg:
    5w4 sp/so K.D. Lang:
    5w4 sp/so Matt Bellamy:
    5w4 sp/so Doris Lessing:
    5w4 sp/so Georgia O'Keefe: (starts at 7:48)
    5w4 sp/so Samuel Beckett:

    5w4 sp/sx Jimmy Page:
    5w4 sp/sx David Lynch:
    5w4 sp/sx John Frusciante:
    5w4 sp/sx Ian Curtis:
    5w4 sp/sx Danny Elfmann:
    5w4 sp/sx David Byrne:
    5w4 sp/sx Kurt Cobain:
    5w4 sp/sx Thom Yorke:
    5w4 sp/sx Wes Anderson:

    5w4 sx/so John Lennon:
    5w4 sx/so Umberto Eco:
    5w4 sx/so Simone de Beauvoir:
    5w4 sx/so Kathernine Neville:
    5w4 sx/so Patti Smith:
    5w4 sx/so Herbert "Tiny Tim" Khaury:

    5w4 sx/sp Vincent Van Gogh:
    5w4 sx/sp Susan Sontag:
    5w4 sx/sp Hannah Arendt:
    5w4 sx/sp Italo Calvino:
    5w4 sx/sp Nick Cave:
    5w4 sx/sp Ursula K. Leguin:
    5w4 sx/sp Cynthia Ozick:
    5w4 sx/sp Laurie Anderson:
    5w4 sx/sp Tilda Swinton:
    5w4 sx/sp Oriana Fallaci:
    5w4 sx/sp Trent Reznor:


    5w6 so/sp Sigmund Freud:
    5w6 so/sp Frank Ochberg:
    5w6 so/sp David Horowitz:
    5w6 so/sp Stephen Hawking:
    5w6 so/sp Curtis Harris:
    5w6 so/sp Lew Rockwell:
    5w6 so/sp Daniel Dennet:
    5w6 so/sp Andrew Weil:
    5w6 so/sp Charles Huddlestone:
    5w6 so/sp Chris Field:
    5w6 so/sp Jacob Bronowski:
    5w6 so/sp Jim Dickson:
    5w6 so/sp Nassim Taleb:

    5w6 so/sx Michael Crichton:
    5w6 so/sx Sara Maitland:
    5w6 so/sx Jeff Zeig:
    5w6 so/sx Robert Fripp:
    5w6 so/sx Frank O'hara:
    5w6 so/sx Mark Mothersbaugh:
    5w6 so/sx Ben Pridmore:
    5w6 so/sx Fran Leibowitz:
    5w6 so/sx Lily Tomlin: (starts at 4:30)
    5w6 so/sx Alfie Kohn:
    5w6 so/sx William Gibson:
    5w6 so/sx John Badham: (starts at 1:16)
    5w6 so/sx Jon Ronson:
    5w6 so/sx Oliver Sacks:
    5w6 so/sx Brian Eno:
    5w6 so/sx Jim Woodring:

    5w6 sp/so Alan Greenspan:
    5w6 sp/so Robert Caro:
    5w6 sp/so Ron Chernow:
    5w6 sp/so Milton Friedman: (begins at 2:20)
    5w6 sp/so Marvin Minsky:
    5w6 sp/so Amazing Kreskin:
    5w6 sp/so Isaac Asimov:
    5w6 sp/so Malcolm Forbes:
    5w6 sp/so Esther Dyson:
    5w6 sp/so Alfred Hitchcock:
    5w6 sp/so Roger Ailes:
    5w6 sp/so Werner Herzog:
    5w6 sp/so Michael Strizki:
    5w6 sp/so Bruce Campbell:
    5w6 sp/so Guy Maddin:
    5w6 sp/so Bill Gates:

    5w6 sp/sx Ted Kaczynski: (news footage)
    5w6 sp/sx Richard Geldard:
    5w6 sp/sx Michael Harner:
    5w6 sp/sx Robert Hare: (ends at 7:47)
    5w6 sp/sx Jeffrey Dahmer:
    5w6 sp/sx Steve Albini:
    5w6 sp/sx Eugene Levy:
    5w6 sp/sx Lisa Randall:

    5w6 sx/so Cornel West:
    5w6 sx/so Bobby Fischer:
    5w6 sx/so Howard Hughes:

    5w6 sx/sp A.H. Almaas:
    5w6 sx/sp Claudio Naranjo:
    5w6 sx/sp Jean Houston:
    5w6 sx/sp Wim Wenders:
    5w6 sx/sp Wendy Beckett:

    (cont. due to character limit)
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    6w5 so/sp Leon Trotsky:
    6w5 so/sp David Horowitz:
    6w5 so/sp David Icke:
    6w5 so/sp Jason Mattera:
    6w5 so/sp Aaron Russo:
    6w5 so/sp Che Guevara:
    6w5 so/sp Felipe Coronel:
    6w5 so/sp Louis Farrakhan:
    6w5 so/sp George Lincoln Rockwell:
    6w5 so/sp Thomas Dewey:
    6w5 so/sp Raphael B. Johnson:

    6w5 so/sx Tom Platz:
    6w5 so/sx Dolph Lundgren:
    6w5 so/sx Ken Shamrock:
    6w5 so/sx Jeremy Roenick:
    6w5 so/sx Michelle Pfeiffer:
    6w5 so/sx Jodi-Lynn O'keefe:
    6w5 so/sx Kim Basinger:
    6w5 so/sx Renee Russo:
    6w5 so/sx David Haye:
    6w5 so/sx Duane Chapman:
    6w5 so/sx Harvey Walden:
    6w5 so/sx Gary Faulkner:
    6w5 so/sx Tupac Shakur:
    6w5 so/sx Mick Foley:
    6w5 so/sx Colin Farrell:
    6w5 so/sx Vince Russo:
    6w5 so/sx Diego Maradona:
    6w5 so/sx Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva:
    6w5 so/sx Slavoj Zizek:
    6w5 so/sx Gordon Brown:
    6w5 so/sx Andy McNab:
    6w5 so/sx Malcolm X:
    6w5 so/sx Edwin Black:
    6w5 so/sx Chuck Klosterman:
    6w5 so/sx Shmuley Boteach:
    6w5 so/sx Dana White:
    6w5 so/sx James Gandolfini:

    6w5 sp/so John "sniper" Mohammed:
    6w5 sp/so Lee Harvey Oswald:
    6w5 sp/so Joseph McCarthy:
    6w5 sp/so Gordon Liddy:
    6w5 sp/so J Edgar Hoover:
    6w5 sp/so Robert Kennedy:
    6w5 sp/so Ron Paul:
    6w5 sp/so Kevin Trudeau:
    6w5 sp/so Terry Jones:
    6w5 sp/so Jim Summerville:
    6w5 sp/so David Wood:
    6w5 sp/so James Gleick:
    6w5 sp/so Mike Mullen:
    6w5 sp/so Yves Montand:
    6w5 sp/so Darren Appleton:
    6w5 sp/so Chad Henne:
    6w5 sp/so Stan Grof:
    6w5 sp/so Sam Neill:
    6w5 sp/so Jerry Jones:
    6w5 sp/so Robert David Hall:
    6w5 sp/so Michael Sandel:
    6w5 sp/so Marlin Fitzwater:
    6w5 sp/so Andre Vatke:
    6w5 sp/so Dick Cheney:
    6w5 sp/so Chris Coons:
    6w5 sp/so Gene Chizik:
    6w5 sp/so Jon Meacham:
    6w5 sp/so Ben Wood:
    6w5 sp/so Chris Berman:
    6w5 sp/so Gary Patterson:
    6w5 sp/so Nenad Medic:
    6w5 sp/so Nick Stahl: (starts at 0:52)
    6w5 sp/so Matt Damon:
    6w5 sp/so Toure:
    6w5 sp/so Sidney Crosby:
    6w5 sp/so Joe Mauer:
    6w5 sp/so Brett Gardner:
    6w5 sp/so Dan Enos:
    6w5 sp/so Clint Eastwood:
    6w5 sp/so Kurt Warner:
    6w5 sp/so Rich Franklin:
    6w5 sp/so Maja Ivarrson:
    6w5 sp/so Chuck Norris:
    6w5 sp/so Kevin Von Erich:
    6w5 sp/so William Dafoe:
    6w5 sp/so Jon Kabat-Zinn:
    6w5 sp/so Rory Stewart:
    6w5 sp/so Stanley McCrystal:
    6w5 sp/so Bob Dole:
    6w5 sp/so Anthony Galluccio:
    6w5 sp/so Howie Carr:
    6w5 sp/so Lamar Alexander:
    6w5 sp/so Dick Harpootlian:
    6w5 sp/so John Boehner:
    6w5 sp/so James Dobson:
    6w5 sp/so Jay Rockefellar:
    6w5 sp/so George Bush Sr.:
    6w5 sp/so Mary Tyler Moore:
    6w5 sp/so Scott Pioli:
    6w5 sp/so Bill Bellichick:
    6w5 sp/so Richard Hatch:
    6w5 sp/so Manny Acta:
    6w5 sp/so Enneagram Type Eight:
    6w5 sp/so Milton Bradley:
    6w5 sp/so Brett Bielema: (starts at 0:50)
    6w5 sp/so Wayne Rooney:
    6w5 sp/so Joe Maddon:
    6w5 sp/so Chris Peterson:
    6w5 sp/so Billy Graham:
    6w5 sp/so Harald Schmidt:
    6w5 sp/so Richard Nixon:
    6w5 sp/so Oliver North:
    6w5 sp/so Russell Glasser:
    6w5 sp/so Joseph Chilton Pearce:
    6w5 sp/so John Baldessari:
    6w5 sp/so Phil Donahue:
    6w5 sp/so Dan Harrington:
    6w5 sp/so Andrew Breitbert:
    6w5 sp/so Sean Salisbury:
    6w5 sp/so Vladimir Zhirinovsky:
    6w5 sp/so Anthony Weiner:
    6w5 sp/so Mike Gundy:
    6w5 sp/so Michael Madigan:

    6w5 sp/sx Abel ferrara:
    6w5 sp/sx Tom Waits:
    6w5 sp/sx Paul Newman:
    6w5 sp/sx Brice Marden:
    6w5 sp/sx Tom Condon:
    6w5 sp/sx Michael Fassbender:
    6w5 sp/sx Lou Reed:
    6w5 sp/sx Carly Simon:
    6w5 sp/sx Apolo Ohno:
    6w5 sp/sx Avery Brooks:
    6w5 sp/sx Tarah Gieger:
    6w5 sp/sx Vanessa Selbst:
    6w5 sp/sx Alison Bechdel:
    6w5 sp/sx Daniel Craig:
    6w5 sp/sx Sandra Nasic:
    6w5 sp/sx Antonya Nelson:
    6w5 sp/sx Mindy Finn:
    6w5 sp/sx Matt Giannetti:
    6w5 sp/sx Brandi Hawbaker:
    6w5 sp/sx Ed Harris:
    6w5 sp/sx Kate Moss:
    6w5 sp/sx Kele Okereke:
    6w5 sp/sx Julian Assange:
    6w5 sp/sx David Chalmers:
    6w5 sp/sx Johannes Froneman:
    6w5 sp/sx "Ebief76":
    6w5 sp/sx Neil Young:
    6w5 sp/sx Harrison Ford:
    6w5 sp/sx Andy Zaltzman:
    6w5 sp/sx Gene Hackman:
    6w5 sp/sx Tommy Lee Jones:
    6w5 sp/sx Sean Scully:
    6w5 sp/sx Eoin Colfer:
    6w5 sp/sx J. Krishnamurti:
    6w5 sp/sx Brad Warner:
    6w5 sp/sx Edward Wilson:
    6w5 sp/sx Chris Blackwell:
    6w5 sp/sx Christopher Hitchens:
    6w5 sp/sx Albert Goldman:
    6w5 sp/sx Greg Sheridan:
    6w5 sp/sx Larry Merchant:
    6w5 sp/sx Talia Shire:
    6w5 sp/sx Gloria Steinem:
    6w5 sp/sx Diane Keaton:

    6w5 sx/so Marshall Applewhite:
    6w5 sx/so L. Ron Hubbard:
    6w5 sx/so Sun Myung Moon:
    6w5 sx/so Shoko Asahara:
    6w5 sx/so Vissarion:
    6w5 sx/so Claude Rael:
    6w5 sx/so Charles Manson:
    6w5 sx/so Jaco Pastorius:

    6w5 sx/sp Steve McQueen:
    6w5 sx/sp Gorgoroth:
    6w5 sx/sp J-Woww:
    6w5 sx/sp Syd Blakovich:
    6w5 sx/sp Marshall Mathers:
    6w5 sx/sp Rob Van Winkle:
    6w5 sx/sp "Skweezy Jibbs":
    6w5 sx/sp Megan Lochte:
    6w5 sx/sp Becky Johnston:
    6w5 sx/sp "OGFurious":
    6w5 sx/sp Sandra Bernhard:
    6w5 sx/sp Linda Perry:
    6w5 sx/sp Jorn Stubberud:
    6w5 sx/sp Steve Wilkos:


    6w7 so/sp Ted Kennedy:
    6w7 so/sp Mark Russell:
    6w7 so/sp Ashraf Kalil:
    6w7 so/sp Jesse Ventura:
    6w7 so/sp Penn Gillette:
    6w7 so/sp E.L. Dawson:
    6w7 so/sp Rosie O'donnell:
    6w7 so/sp James Franklin:
    6w7 so/sp Alan Grayson:
    6w7 so/sp Rick Neuheisel:
    6w7 so/sp John D Villareal:
    6w7 so/sp Larry Porter:
    6w7 so/sp McGraw Milhaven:
    6w7 so/sp Tim Pawlenty:
    6w7 so/sp Seth Stern:
    6w7 so/sp Wayne Lapierre:
    6w7 so/sp Howtheworldworks:
    6w7 so/sp Stephen Colbert:
    6w7 so/sp Matthew Yglesias:
    6w7 so/sp Bo Dietl:
    6w7 so/sp Steven Cammarota:
    6w7 so/sp John Heilemann:
    6w7 so/sp Les Miles:
    6w7 so/sp Bill Cowher:
    6w7 so/sp Terry Bradshaw:
    6w7 so/sp Tim Russert: (ends at 2:10)
    6w7 so/sp Jeffery Immelt:
    6w7 so/sp Mark Bass:
    6w7 so/sp Sean Hannity:
    6w7 so/sp Rachel Maddow:
    6w7 so/sp Tucker Carlson:
    6w7 so/sp Glenn Beck:
    6w7 so/sp Tony Alessandra:
    6w7 so/sp Rush Limbaugh:
    6w7 so/sp Ron Kuby:

    6w7 so/sx Dana Carvey:
    6w7 so/sx Adam Sandler:
    6w7 so/sx John Dugan:
    6w7 so/sx Tom Hanks:
    6w7 so/sx Julia Roberts: (starts at 0:0)
    6w7 so/sx Claire Danes:
    6w7 so/sx Cenk Uygur:
    6w7 so/sx Madeline Stowe:
    6w7 so/sx Beth Broderick:
    6w7 so/sx Sarah Ramirez:
    6w7 so/sx Ellen Barkin:
    6w7 so/sx Ellen Pompeo:
    6w7 so/sx Elizabeth Hasselbeck:
    6w7 so/sx Demi Lovato:
    6w7 so/sx Hayley Hasselhoff:
    6w7 so/sx Mary Lynn Rajskub:
    6w7 so/sx Dido:
    6w7 so/sx Vinny Guardino:
    6w7 so/sx James Worthy:
    6w7 so/sx Janine Turner:
    6w7 so/sx Suzanne Somers:
    6w7 so/sx Diane Kruger:
    6w7 so/sx Patrick Wolf:
    6w7 so/sx Agness Deyn:
    6w7 so/sx Alvaro Orlando:
    6w7 so/sx Jack White:
    6w7 so/sx Cheech Marin:
    6w7 so/sx Mark Halperin:
    6w7 so/sx Bode Miller:
    6w7 so/sx Susan Atkins:
    6w7 so/sx Louis Ferrante:
    6w7 so/sx James Earl Ray:
    6w7 so/sx Kristen Wiig:
    6w7 so/sx Lisa Rinna:
    6w7 so/sx Ellen Degeneres:
    6w7 so/sx Ricky Morton:
    6w7 so/sx Lane Kiffin:
    6w7 so/sx David Gates:
    6w7 so/sx Ryan Bradley:
    6w7 so/sx Warren Beatty:
    6w7 so/sx Jackie Martling:
    6w7 so/sx Paul Reiser:
    6w7 so/sx Jay Leno:
    6w7 so/sx Perez Hilton:
    6w7 so/sx Will Ferrell:
    6w7 so/sx Chris Rock:
    6w7 so/sx Jim Varney:
    6w7 so/sx Lyle Lovett:
    6w7 so/sx Bruce Willis:
    6w7 so/sx Patrick Swayze:
    6w7 so/sx Fred Barnes:
    6w7 so/sx George Bush Jr.:
    6w7 so/sx Troy McClain:
    6w7 so/sx Mel Judah:
    6w7 so/sx Corey Feldman:
    6w7 so/sx Reggie Bannister:
    6w7 so/sx Robert Davi:
    6w7 so/sx Raymond Carver:
    6w7 so/sx Casey Nakama:
    6w7 so/sx Ted Dibiase:
    6w7 so/sx Gavin Smith:
    6w7 so/sx Jimbo Fisher:
    6w7 so/sx Johnny Lee Clary:
    6w7 so/sx Jose Canseco:
    6w7 so/sx Shane Hmiel:
    6w7 so/sx Fred Smoot:
    6w7 so/sx Meg Ryan:
    6w7 so/sx Steve Rickman:
    6w7 so/sx Mahmoud Rideh:
    6w7 so/sx John Heilemann: (ends at 1:24)
    6w7 so/sx Phil Margera:
    6w7 so/sx Eric "Butterbean" Esch:
    6w7 so/sx Bill Goldberg:
    6w7 so/sx John Goodman:
    6w7 so/sx George Wendt: (starts at 0:35)
    6w7 so/sx Meatloaf:
    6w7 so/sx Edwin San Juan:
    6w7 so/sx Bolivar Pallacios:
    6w7 so/sx Ashley Williams:
    6w7 so/sx Brian Greene:
    6w7 so/sx Mario Munoz:
    6w7 so/sx Karen Gravano:
    6w7 so/sx Greg Valentino:
    6w7 so/sx Julio Rodriguez:
    6w7 so/sx George Anastasia:
    6w7 so/sx Pamela Meyer:
    6w7 so/sx Chaz Palminteiri:
    6w7 so/sx Brian Welch:
    6w7 so/sx Peter Millman:
    6w7 so/sx Mark McGrath:
    6w7 so/sx Don Fry:
    6w7 so/sx Tom Selleck:
    6w7 so/sx George Carlin:
    6w7 so/sx Mel Gibson:
    6w7 so/sx Ric Flair:
    6w7 so/sx Ronnie Coleman:
    6w7 so/sx Charles Oakley:
    6w7 so/sx Lou Ferrigno:
    6w7 so/sx Stuttering John:

    6w7 sp/so Spike Lee:
    6w7 sp/so Woody Allen:
    6w7 sp/so Johnny Carson:
    6w7 sp/so Jack Lemmon:
    6w7 sp/so Charles McCord:
    6w7 sp/so Ed Helms:
    6w7 sp/so Howard Clark:
    6w7 sp/so Ben Folds:
    6w7 sp/so Ken Burns:
    6w7 sp/so Catherine Stellin:
    6w7 sp/so Annie Duke:
    6w7 sp/so Marian Salzman:
    6w7 sp/so Katie Harbath:
    6w7 sp/so Jessica Levinson:
    6w7 sp/so Deanna Zandt:
    6w7 sp/so David Foster Wallace:
    6w7 sp/so Robert Redford:
    6w7 sp/so Hugh Grant:
    6w7 sp/so Rodney Dangerfield:
    6w7 sp/so John Juanda:
    6w7 sp/so Kelly Perdew:
    6w7 sp/so Josh Dobbs: (starts at 0:31)
    6w7 sp/so Larry David:
    6w7 sp/so John Piper:
    6w7 sp/so Jason Alexander:
    6w7 sp/so Phil Galfond:
    6w7 sp/so Jon Lovitz:
    6w7 sp/so Jake Fogelnest:
    6w7 sp/so Richard Ayoade:
    6w7 sp/so Richard Bandler:
    6w7 sp/so Wallace Shawn:
    6w7 sp/so Greg Raymer:
    6w7 sp/so Jonathan Adler:
    6w7 sp/so Steve Buscemi:
    6w7 sp/so Ralph Macchio:
    6w7 sp/so Ryan Dawson:
    6w7 sp/so Paul Fitzgerald:
    6w7 sp/so Michael Crook:
    6w7 sp/so Chris Elliot:
    6w7 sp/so Dustin Diamond:
    6w7 sp/so John Lester:
    6w7 sp/so Ross Jeffries:
    6w7 sp/so Jonathan Wachtell:

    6w7 sp/sx Jake Roberts:
    6w7 sp/sx Alex Jones:
    6w7 sp/sx John Addison:
    6w7 sp/sx John Ritter:
    6w7 sp/sx Bill Hicks: (starts at 0:40)
    6w7 sp/sx Roy Farris:
    6w7 sp/sx Corey Haim:
    6w7 sp/sx Brad Renfro:
    6w7 sp/sx Nick Nolte:
    6w7 sp/sx Steven Seagal:
    6w7 sp/sx Roddy Piper:
    6w7 sp/sx Charles Bukowski:
    6w7 sp/sx Sylvia Browne:
    6w7 sp/sx "Bigfoot":
    6w7 sp/sx "Spike":
    6w7 sp/sx Keith Richards:
    6w7 sp/sx Gary Numan:
    6w7 sp/sx Richard Pryor:
    6w7 sp/sx Richard Coughlan:
    6w7 sp/sx Lester Green:
    6w7 sp/sx Joe Ligotti:
    6w7 sp/sx Angry Grandpa:

    6w7 sx/so Rita Rudner:
    6w7 sx/so Heidi Pratt:
    6w7 sx/so Sean Young:
    6w7 sx/so Brigitte Nielsen:
    6w7 sx/so Mark Wahlberg:
    6w7 sx/so Ronnie Ortiz:
    6w7 sx/so Zakk Wylde:
    6w7 sx/so Henry Rollins:
    6w7 sx/so Noelle Nikpour:
    6w7 sx/so Shirley Manson:
    6w7 sx/so "Dominique":
    6w7 sx/so Dick Masterson:
    6w7 sx/so Mercedes Lander:
    6w7 sx/so Jaymes Butler:
    6w7 sx/so n/a:
    6w7 sx/so Pink:
    6w7 sx/so Brody Dalle:

    6w7 sx/sp Marilyn Monroe:
    6w7 sx/sp Princess Diana:
    6w7 sx/sp Carrie Snodgress:
    6w7 sx/sp Angelina Jolie:
    6w7 sx/sp Robin Givens:
    6w7 sx/sp Yancy Butler:
    6w7 sx/sp Kat Von D:
    6w7 sx/sp Sam Worthington:
    6w7 sx/sp Phil Anselmo:
    6w7 sx/sp Drea De Matteo:
    6w7 sx/sp Axl Rose:
    6w7 sx/sp Judy Davis:
    6w7 sx/sp Ozzy Osbourne:
    6w7 sx/sp Dennis Rodman:
    6w7 sx/sp Maria Cristerna:
    6w7 sx/sp Kim Mathers:
    6w7 sx/sp Drita Davenzo:
    6w7 sx/sp Chris Leben:
    6w7 sx/sp Mike Tyson:
    6w7 sx/sp Tank Abbot:


    7w6 so/sp Joe Biden:
    7w6 so/sp John Cornyn:
    7w6 so/sp Peter Hain:
    7w6 so/sp James Carville:
    7w6 so/sp Allen West:
    7w6 so/sp Jay Severin:
    7w6 so/sp Dick Morris:
    7w6 so/sp Chris Matthews:
    7w6 so/sp Camille Paglia:
    7w6 so/sp Sam Vaknin:
    7w6 so/sp Kay Redfield Jamison:
    7w6 so/sp Charles Tart:
    7w6 so/sp Bert Sugar:
    7w6 so/sp Leonard Maltin:
    7w6 so/sp Michael J. Fox:
    7w6 so/sp Mickey Dolenz:
    7w6 so/sp Abbie Hoffman:
    7w6 so/sp Jeff Daniels:
    7w6 so/sp Steve Allen:
    7w6 so/sp Gene Shalit:
    7w6 so/sp Red Buttons:
    7w6 so/sp Roberto Benigni:
    7w6 so/sp Albert Brooks:
    7w6 so/sp Matthieu Ricard:
    7w6 so/sp Siskel:
    7w6 so/sp Lawrence Krauss:
    7w6 so/sp Steve Gedeon:
    7w6 so/sp Placidio Domingo:
    7w6 so/sp Mark Goldstein:
    7w6 so/sp Steven Lamm:
    7w6 so/sp Ed Rollins:
    7w6 so/sp Cristina Rad:
    7w6 so/sp Dave Barry:
    7w6 so/sp Anne Coulter:

    7w6 so/sx Goldie Hawn:
    7w6 so/sx Sally Struthers:
    7w6 so/sx Jeri Ryan:
    7w6 so/sx Sarah Ferguson:
    7w6 so/sx Brooke Hogan:
    7w6 so/sx Justin Bieber:
    7w6 so/sx Kirstin Dunst:
    7w6 so/sx Jackie Chan:
    7w6 so/sx Jackie Guerrido:
    7w6 so/sx Dianna Agron:
    7w6 so/sx Erica Durance:
    7w6 so/sx Pauly Shore:
    7w6 so/sx "Pumpkin":
    7w6 so/sx Tonya Harding:
    7w6 so/sx Billy Joel:
    7w6 so/sx Lady Gaga:
    7w6 so/sx Tara Reid:
    7w6 so/sx Megan Fox:
    7w6 so/sx Aubrey O'day:
    7w6 so/sx Michelle Money:
    7w6 so/sx Kimberly Lansing:
    7w6 so/sx Sarah Shahi:
    7w6 so/sx Nick Simmons:
    7w6 so/sx Ashton Kutchner:
    7w6 so/sx Joe Nathan:
    7w6 so/sx Ben Affleck:
    7w6 so/sx Dave Martinez:
    7w6 so/sx Robert Pattinson:
    7w6 so/sx Sam Fuld:
    7w6 so/sx Scott Baio:
    7w6 so/sx Bon Scott:
    7w6 so/sx Vanessa Ruosso:
    7w6 so/sx Li Cunxin:
    7w6 so/sx Sara Bareilles:
    7w6 so/sx Svetlana Shusterman:
    7w6 so/sx Jordan Rodgers:
    7w6 so/sx Tucker Max:
    7w6 so/sx Enrique Inglesias:
    7w6 so/sx Kirk Norcross:
    7w6 so/sx Jude Law: (starts at 0:36)
    7w6 so/sx Lebron James:
    7w6 so/sx Steve Jones:
    7w6 so/sx Chris Hemsworth:
    7w6 so/sx Freddie Mercury:
    7w6 so/sx Brad Pitt:
    7w6 so/sx Matt Hussey:
    7w6 so/sx Ethan Gruska:
    7w6 so/sx Michael Buble:
    7w6 so/sx Matt Elrod:
    7w6 so/sx Jet Li:
    7w6 so/sx Ewan McGregor:
    7w6 so/sx Randy Wayne:
    7w6 so/sx Beau Mirchoff:
    7w6 so/sx Heath Shuler:
    7w6 so/sx Brian Peeler:
    7w6 so/sx Anne Heche:
    7w6 so/sx Kate Winslet:
    7w6 so/sx Megan Mullaly:
    7w6 so/sx Jennifer Tilly:
    7w6 so/sx Ricki Lake:
    7w6 so/sx Sue Cleaver:
    7w6 so/sx George Lopez:
    7w6 so/sx Adele Adkins:
    7w6 so/sx Marina Diamandis:
    7w6 so/sx Tara Bernerd:
    7w6 so/sx Elizabeth Hurley:
    7w6 so/sx Kelly Hu:
    7w6 so/sx Katie Melua:
    7w6 so/sx Rosamund Pike:
    7w6 so/sx Sarah Michelle Gellar:
    7w6 so/sx John McGinley:
    7w6 so/sx Craig Ferguson:
    7w6 so/sx Weird Al Yankovic:
    7w6 so/sx Tom Green:
    7w6 so/sx Russell Brand:
    7w6 so/sx Bronson Pinchot:
    7w6 so/sx Robin Williams:
    7w6 so/sx David Spade:
    7w6 so/sx Dave Coulier:
    7w6 so/sx Hugh Laurie:
    7w6 so/sx Gerard Way:
    7w6 so/sx Eddie Murphy:
    7w6 so/sx Michael Myers:
    7w6 so/sx Michael Kamen:
    7w6 so/sx Michio Kaku:
    7w6 so/sx Jonathan Ross:
    7w6 so/sx Robert Morley:
    7w6 so/sx Jim Carrey:
    7w6 so/sx David Copperfield:
    7w6 so/sx Bob Arno:
    7w6 so/sx Alex Trebek:
    7w6 so/sx Regis Philbin:
    7w6 so/sx George Hamilton:
    7w6 so/sx Pauly Delvechhio:
    7w6 so/sx Paul Wesley:
    7w6 so/sx Martin Short:
    7w6 so/sx Robbie Williams:
    7w6 so/sx Pete Doherty:
    7w6 so/sx Paul Sackey:
    7w6 so/sx Soupy Sales:
    7w6 so/sx Carol Kane:

    7w6 sp/so Lykke Li:
    7w6 sp/so Steven Spielberg:
    7w6 sp/so Ron Howard:
    7w6 sp/so Martin Scorsese:
    7w6 sp/so Dennis Hopper:
    7w6 sp/so Clive Cussler:
    7w6 sp/so Maurice Sendak:
    7w6 sp/so Malcolm McDowell:
    7w6 sp/so Michael Ironside:
    7w6 sp/so Eli Wallach:
    7w6 sp/so Henry Hill:
    7w6 sp/so Bobby Slayton:
    7w6 sp/so Mel Brooks:
    7w6 sp/so Jack Kerouac:
    7w6 sp/so Larry Zbyskzko:
    7w6 sp/so James Belushi:
    7w6 sp/so Wallace Collins:
    7w6 sp/so Joel Diamond:
    7w6 sp/so David Brenner:
    7w6 sp/so Jerry Springer:
    7w6 sp/so Milton Berle:
    7w6 sp/so George Burns:
    7w6 sp/so Joy Behar:
    7w6 sp/so David Cronenberg:
    7w6 sp/so Gary Shandling:
    7w6 sp/so David Frost:
    7w6 sp/so Tim Allen:
    7w6 sp/so Arthur Rubinstein:
    7w6 sp/so Giuseppe Manisco:
    7w6 sp/so Chevy Chase:
    7w6 sp/so Anthony Bourdain:
    7w6 sp/so Steve Martin:
    7w6 sp/so Robert Knepper:
    7w6 sp/so Larry Ellison:
    7w6 sp/so Stephen Covey:
    7w6 sp/so Derren Brown:
    7w6 sp/so Owen Cook:

    7w6 sp/sx Randy Lennox:
    7w6 sp/sx Jonah Goldberg:
    7w6 sp/sx Robert Wuhl:
    7w6 sp/sx Greg Gutfeld:
    7w6 sp/sx Paul E. Dangerously:
    7w6 sp/sx Denise Austin:
    7w6 sp/sx Leah Remini:
    7w6 sp/sx Dom Joly:
    7w6 sp/sx Thomas F. Wilson:
    7w6 sp/sx Matthew Berry:
    7w6 sp/sx Louis CK:
    7w6 sp/sx Jon Favreau:
    7w6 sp/sx Steve Erwin:
    7w6 sp/sx Ralphie May:
    7w6 sp/sx Frank Luntz:
    7w6 sp/sx Peter Kay:
    7w6 sp/sx Chaz Bono:
    7w6 sp/sx Jonathon Winters:
    7w6 sp/sx Carroll O'connor:
    7w6 sp/sx Bernard Lee:
    7w6 sp/sx Christopher Wallace:
    7w6 sp/sx Patti Stanger:
    7w6 sp/sx Nicole "Snooki" Pilozzi:
    7w6 sp/sx Andy Milonakis:
    7w6 sp/sx Claire Boucher:
    7w6 sp/sx Jimmy Fricke:
    7w6 sp/sx Jack Black:
    7w6 sp/sx James Dickson:
    7w6 sp/sx Seth Herzog:
    7w6 sp/sx Chris Farley:
    7w6 sp/sx Andy Kaufman:
    7w6 sp/sx Bill Murray:
    7w6 sp/sx Jeff Bridges:
    7w6 sp/sx Charlie Sheen:
    7w6 sp/sx Ty Pennington:
    7w6 sp/sx Steven Tyler:

    7w6 sx/so Marc Bolan:
    7w6 sx/so Iggy Pop:
    7w6 sx/so Robert Plant:
    7w6 sx/so Cyndi Lauper:
    7w6 sx/so Andrew W.K.:
    7w6 sx/so Heath Ledger:
    7w6 sx/so Paul Hewson:
    7w6 sx/so Rihanna:
    7w6 sx/so Elton John:
    7w6 sx/so Dusty Rhodes:
    7w6 sx/so Brett Michaels:
    7w6 sx/so M.C. Hammer:
    7w6 sx/so Peter North:
    7w6 sx/so Cameron Diaz:
    7w6 sx/so Stephanie Pratt:
    7w6 sx/so Russell Hantz:

    7w6 sx/sp Caroline Leaf:
    7w6 sx/sp Natascha McElhone:
    7w6 sx/sp Rhonda Byrne:
    7w6 sx/sp Josephine Wall:
    7w6 sx/sp Damien Hirst:
    7w6 sx/sp DJ Ashba:
    7w6 sx/sp Carrot Top:
    7w6 sx/sp Cher:
    7w6 sx/sp Anthony Keidis:
    7w6 sx/sp Cris Angel:
    7w6 sx/sp Tony Danza:
    7w6 sx/sp Cassandra Peterson:
    7w6 sx/sp Kate Perry:
    7w6 sx/sp John Gibbons:
    7w6 sx/sp Andy Dick:
    7w6 sx/sp Roddy Woomble:
    7w6 sx/sp Bob Geldoff:
    7w6 sx/sp Jerry Lee Lewis:
    7w6 sx/sp Joe Perry:
    7w6 sx/sp Elizabeth Taylor:
    7w6 sx/sp Liza Minelli:
    7w6 sx/sp Joan Collins:
    7w6 sx/sp Kurt Vonnegut:
    7w6 sx/sp Tom Stoppard:
    7w6 sx/sp Adrian Belew: (ends at 4:17)
    7w6 sx/sp Robert Downey Jr.
    7w6 sx/sp Phil Laak:
    7w6 sx/sp Jeffrey Mishlove:
    7w6 sx/sp Hunter S. Thompson:
    7w6 sx/sp Jon Bon Jovi:
    7w6 sx/sp Dave Navarro:
    7w6 sx/sp Kym Marsh:
    7w6 sx/sp Carla Bruni:
    7w6 sx/sp Katherine Zeta Jones:
    7w6 sx/sp Emily Blunt:
    7w6 sx/sp Nigella Lawson:
    7w6 sx/sp Rula Jebreal:
    7w6 sx/sp Indira Varma:


    7w8 so/sp Larry King:
    7w8 so/sp John F. Kennedy:
    7w8 so/sp Cary Grant: (starts at 1:42)
    7w8 so/sp Frank Deford: (ends at 4:34)
    7w8 so/sp Treat Williams:
    7w8 so/sp Gardner Mckay: (starts at 0:23)
    7w8 so/sp Geraldo Rivera:
    7w8 so/sp Wayne Dyer:
    7w8 so/sp George Plimpton:
    7w8 so/sp Newt Gingrich:
    7w8 so/sp George Galloway:
    7w8 so/sp Piers Morgan:
    7w8 so/sp Steve Jobs:
    7w8 so/sp Rand Paul:
    7w8 so/sp Rahm Emanuel:
    7w8 so/sp Charlie Rangel:
    7w8 so/sp Candy Crowley:
    7w8 so/sp Peter Ustinov:
    7w8 so/sp Federico Fellini:
    7w8 so/sp Joe Esposito:
    7w8 so/sp Francis Ford Coppolla:
    7w8 so/sp Jack Levin:
    7w8 so/sp William Saroyan:

    7w8 so/sx Chuck Berry:
    7w8 so/sx Dennis Miller:
    7w8 so/sx Emily McCombs:
    7w8 so/sx Rob Mariano:
    7w8 so/sx Danny Devito:
    7w8 so/sx Dizzy Gillespie:
    7w8 so/sx Viktor Borge:
    7w8 so/sx Elaine Boosler:
    7w8 so/sx Red Foxx:
    7w8 so/sx Duke Ellington:
    7w8 so/sx James Woods:
    7w8 so/sx Frank Zappa:
    7w8 so/sx Robert Englund:
    7w8 so/sx Matthew Manning:
    7w8 so/sx Vivienne Westwood:
    7w8 so/sx Jeff Beck:
    7w8 so/sx Pierce Brosnan:
    7w8 so/sx Richard Branson:
    7w8 so/sx Bob Fosse:
    7w8 so/sx Alan King:
    7w8 so/sx Lennox Lewis:
    7w8 so/sx Mikael Stanne:
    7w8 so/sx Mike Patton:
    7w8 so/sx Edward Van Halen:
    7w8 so/sx Timothy Soloman:
    7w8 so/sx George Clooney:
    7w8 so/sx Leslie Moonves:
    7w8 so/sx Jeremy Piven:
    7w8 so/sx Darren Aronofsky:
    7w8 so/sx Bobby Brown:
    7w8 so/sx Erik "Mystery" Markovik:
    7w8 so/sx Magus Gilmore:
    7w8 so/sx Adrian Manz:
    7w8 so/sx Timothy Treadwell: (starts at 0:35)
    7w8 so/sx Juan Rivera:
    7w8 so/sx Noel Clarke:
    7w8 so/sx Keith Moon:
    7w8 so/sx Carol Burnett:
    7w8 so/sx Kathy Griffin:
    7w8 so/sx Errol Flynn:
    7w8 so/sx Wilt Chamberlain:
    7w8 so/sx Erik Aybar:
    7w8 so/sx Joe Calzaghe:
    7w8 so/sx Xavi Hernandez:
    7w8 so/sx Ricardo Mayorga:

    7w8 sp/so Steve Forbes:
    7w8 sp/so Jerry Moss:
    7w8 sp/so Peter Bogdanovich:
    7w8 sp/so Hugh Heffner:
    7w8 sp/so Carlo Gambino: (documentary clip)
    7w8 sp/so Annie Leibowitz:
    7w8 sp/so Roger Waters:
    7w8 sp/so Tom Perkins:
    7w8 sp/so Ivan Seidenberg:
    7w8 sp/so Steve Wynn:
    7w8 sp/so Mark Victor Hansen:
    7w8 sp/so Frank VanDer Sloot:
    7w8 sp/so Irv Gotti:
    7w8 sp/so Bob Arum:
    7w8 sp/so Don King:
    7w8 sp/so Oscar Peterson:
    7w8 sp/so Jackie Gleason:
    7w8 sp/so Louis Rukeyser:
    7w8 sp/so Brian De Palma:
    7w8 sp/so Tommy Lasorda:
    7w8 sp/so Seamus Heaney:
    7w8 sp/so Ray Bradbury:
    7w8 sp/so Gerry Spence:
    7w8 sp/so J.K. Simmons:
    7w8 sp/so Tabitha Coffey:
    7w8 sp/so Simon Cowell:
    7w8 sp/so John Mcenroe:
    7w8 sp/so Harry Redknapp:
    7w8 sp/so Earl Strickland:
    7w8 sp/so Gordon Ramsay:
    7w8 sp/so Nick Vujicic:
    7w8 sp/so Kenny Dalglish:

    7w8 sp/sx Howard Stern:
    7w8 sp/sx Mark Dead:
    7w8 sp/sx Gaahl:
    7w8 sp/sx John Lydon:
    7w8 sp/sx Marianne Faithful:
    7w8 sp/sx Billy Idol:
    7w8 sp/sx Alex Jolig:
    7w8 sp/sx Jack Nicholson:
    7w8 sp/sx David Ulliot:
    7w8 sp/sx Frank Fraser:
    7w8 sp/sx Otis Toole:

    7w8 sx/so Joan Rivers:
    7w8 sx/so Sharon Osbourne:
    7w8 sx/so Quentin Tarrantino:
    7w8 sx/so DMX:
    7w8 sx/so Otep Shamaya:
    7w8 sx/so TJ Kincaid:
    7w8 sx/so Larry Flynt:

    7w8 sx/sp Jessica Savitch:
    7w8 sx/sp Honor Blackman:
    7w8 sx/sp Lauren Bacall:
    7w8 sx/sp Marlene Dietrich:
    7w8 sx/sp Walter Kowalski:
    7w8 sx/sp Dick Dale:
    7w8 sx/sp Mira Nair:
    7w8 sx/sp Amy Winehouse:
    7w8 sx/sp Liam Gallagher:
    7w8 sx/sp Roger Daltry:
    7w8 sx/sp Sean Waltman:


    8w7 so/sp Saddam Hussein:
    8w7 so/sp Franklin Roosevelt:
    8w7 so/sp Red Auerbach:
    8w7 so/sp Fritz Perls:
    8w7 so/sp Colonel Sanders:
    8w7 so/sp John DeLorean:
    8w7 so/sp Lee Iacocca:
    8w7 so/sp Brian Lamb:
    8w7 so/sp T. Boone Pickens:
    8w7 so/sp Ted Nugent:
    8w7 so/sp Adolph ******:

    8w7 so/sx Bennie Hinn:
    8w7 so/sx Hosni Mubarak:
    8w7 so/sx Indira Ghandi:
    8w7 so/sx Nicolas Sarkozy:
    8w7 so/sx Jim Jones:
    8w7 so/sx John Cassavettes:
    8w7 so/sx John Gotti:
    8w7 so/sx Telly Savales:
    8w7 so/sx Julie Nguyen:

    8w7 sp/so Joseph Stalin:
    8w7 sp/so Charlie Luciano: (clip at 5:46)
    8w7 sp/so Gene Simmons:
    8w7 sp/so Sheldon Adelson:
    8w7 sp/so Donald Trump:
    8w7 sp/so Al Dunlap:
    8w7 sp/so Wally George:
    8w7 sp/so Don Imus:
    8w7 sp/so Minnesota Fats:
    8w7 sp/so Fritz Von Erich:
    8w7 sp/so Gerald Hege:
    8w7 sp/so Art Williams:
    8w7 sp/so Lyndon B. Johnson:
    8w7 sp/so Ion Tiriac:

    8w7 sp/sx Leona Helmsley: (ends at 2:14)
    8w7 sp/sx Sam Peckinpah:
    8w7 sp/sx Evel Kneivel:
    8w7 sp/sx Lawrence Bittaker:
    8w7 sp/sx Larry Tatum:
    8w7 sp/sx Brent Bozell:
    8w7 sp/sx Shorty Rossi:
    8w7 sp/sx Anthony Spilotro:
    8w7 sp/sx Mark Fuhrman:
    8w7 sp/sx Joe Clark:
    8w7 sp/sx Frank Lucas:
    8w7 sp/sx Muammar Gaddafi:
    8w7 sp/sx Prabhupada:

    8w7 sx/so Frank Sinatra:
    8w7 sx/so Barbara Walters:
    8w7 sx/so Kirk Douglas:
    8w7 sx/so Nancy Grace:
    8w7 sx/so Beth Thomas: (starts at 0:40)
    8w7 sx/so Larissa Hodge:
    8w7 sx/so Gloria Allred:
    8w7 sx/so Vince McMahon:
    8w7 sx/so Alan Ford: (starts at 0:40)
    8w7 sx/so Marcel Luske:
    8w7 sx/so Aileen Wuornos:

    8w7 sx/sp Marilyn Milian:
    8w7 sx/sp Amilya Antonetti:
    8w7 sx/sp James Hellwig:
    8w7 sx/sp Robina Courtin:


    8w9 so/sp Pol Pot:
    8w9 so/sp Meyer Lansky:
    8w9 so/sp Ariel Sharon:
    8w9 so/sp George Soros:
    8w9 so/sp Henry Kissinger:
    8w9 so/sp James Baker:
    8w9 so/sp Kurt Waldheim:
    8w9 so/sp Charles De Gaulle:
    8w9 so/sp Lawrence Eagleburger:
    8w9 so/sp Seymour Hersh:
    8w9 so/sp Martin Luther King:

    8w9 so/sx Michael Clarke Duncan:
    8w9 so/sx Andre Roussimoff:
    8w9 so/sx Joshua Nkomo:
    8w9 so/sx Frank Banairama:
    8w9 so/sx Joe Bonanno:
    8w9 so/sx Edward Hanna:
    8w9 so/sx Al Sharpton:
    8w9 so/sx Kali Baba:
    8w9 so/sx David Berg:
    8w9 so/sx Ahmed Yassin:
    8w9 so/sx Fidel Castro:

    8w9 sp/so Colonel Parker:
    8w9 sp/so John Ford:
    8w9 sp/so John Wayne:
    8w9 sp/so Elaine Stritch:
    8w9 sp/so Clarence Dupnik:
    8w9 sp/so Chuck Close:
    8w9 sp/so Paul Teutel Sr.:
    8w9 sp/so Liam Neeson:
    8w9 sp/so Mark Calaway: (starts at 0:40)
    8w9 sp/so Fred Thompson:
    8w9 sp/so Toto Riina:
    8w9 sp/so Vladimir Putin:
    8w9 sp/so Pierre Trudeau:
    8w9 sp/so James Garner:
    8w9 sp/so Lee Marvin:
    8w9 sp/so Robert Mitchum:
    8w9 sp/so John Huston:
    8w9 sp/so Ernest Hemingway:
    8w9 sp/so Norman Mailer:
    8w9 sp/so Jimmy Hoffa:
    8w9 sp/so Jack Dempsey:
    8w9 sp/so Sam Farha:
    8w9 sp/so Anthony Quinn:
    8w9 sp/so Morgan Freeman:
    8w9 sp/so Ben Gazzara:
    8w9 sp/so Jacob Needleman:
    8w9 sp/so Tim Traverse-Healey:
    8w9 sp/so Jim Lovell:
    8w9 sp/so Sonny Barger:
    8w9 sp/so Charles Bronson:
    8w9 sp/so Don Arden:
    8w9 sp/so Mike Ditka:
    8w9 sp/so Eldon "el duce" Hoke:

    8w9 sp/sx Peter Grant:
    8w9 sp/sx Tony Iommi:
    8w9 sp/sx Meshell Ndegeocello:
    8w9 sp/sx Linda Fiorentino:
    8w9 sp/sx Chris Pareja:
    8w9 sp/sx Susan Sarandon:
    8w9 sp/sx Fedor Emelianenko:
    8w9 sp/sx James Earl Jones:
    8w9 sp/sx Rocky Marciano:
    8w9 sp/sx Edvard Akopyan:
    8w9 sp/sx Lou Albano:
    8w9 sp/sx Joan Weston:
    8w9 sp/sx Grace Slick:
    8w9 sp/sx Hank Skinner:
    8w9 sp/sx Henry Lee Lucas: (ends at 4:06)
    8w9 sp/sx James Toney:
    8w9 sp/sx Charlie Rich:
    8w9 sp/sx Ed Parker:
    8w9 sp/sx Marlon Brando:

    8w9 sx/so Suzanne Pleshette:
    8w9 sx/so Betty Friedan:
    8w9 sx/so Lydia Lunch:
    8w9 sx/so Courtney Love:
    8w9 sx/so Roberto Duran:

    8w9 sx/sp Johnnie Cash:
    8w9 sx/sp January Jones:
    8w9 sx/sp Russell Crowe:
    8w9 sx/sp Mickey Rourke:
    8w9 sx/sp Vinny Pazienza:
    8w9 sx/sp Joan Jett:
    8w9 sx/sp Sean Penn:
    8w9 sx/sp Ed Ruscha:
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    9w8 so/sp Gerald Ford:
    9w8 so/sp Rick Perry:
    9w8 so/sp Dan Quayle:
    9w8 so/sp Wesley Clark:
    9w8 so/sp Maxine Waters:
    9w8 so/sp Dwight Eisenhower:
    9w8 so/sp Foster Friess:
    9w8 so/sp Randy Edsall:
    9w8 so/sp Karl Malden:
    9w8 so/sp Joe Dimaggio:
    9w8 so/sp Park Dietz:
    9w8 so/sp Whoopie Goldberg:

    9w8 so/sx Brett Cullen:
    9w8 so/sx Kris Kristofferson:
    9w8 so/sx Lloyd Bridges:
    9w8 so/sx Barbara Ewing:
    9w8 so/sx Carl Rogers:
    9w8 so/sx Conrad Bain:
    9w8 so/sx Ronald Reagan:
    9w8 so/sx Jack Palance:
    9w8 so/sx Martin Sheen:
    9w8 so/sx Smoky Robinson:
    9w8 so/sx Rip Torn:
    9w8 so/sx David Hasselhoff:
    9w8 so/sx Colleen Saidman Yee:
    9w8 so/sx Kimberly Caldwell:
    9w8 so/sx A.J. Hawk:
    9w8 so/sx Alfonso Gomez:
    9w8 so/sx Evander Holyfield:
    9w8 so/sx Junior Dos Santos:
    9w8 so/sx Josh Brolin:
    9w8 so/sx Joe Frazier:
    9w8 so/sx Anthony Adams:
    9w8 so/sx Marcel Dareaus:
    9w8 so/sx Emmit Smith:
    9w8 so/sx Daniel Thomas:
    9w8 so/sx Bill Richardson:
    9w8 so/sx Jerry Krause:
    9w8 so/sx John Candy:
    9w8 so/sx Woody Harrelson:
    9w8 so/sx Kevin Costner:
    9w8 so/sx Jennifer Connelly:
    9w8 so/sx Joan Allen:
    9w8 so/sx Rajon Rondo:
    9w8 so/sx Rebecca Jarvis:
    9w8 so/sx Jane Fleming:
    9w8 so/sx Sandra Bullock:
    9w8 so/sx Dayana Mendoza:
    9w8 so/sx Ana Ivanovic:
    9w8 so/sx Nancy Kerrigan:
    9w8 so/sx Terry Farrell:
    9w8 so/sx Darius Miles:
    9w8 so/sx Trace Adkins:
    9w8 so/sx Eddie Degarmo:
    9w8 so/sx Bill Pullman:
    9w8 so/sx Dean Martin:
    9w8 so/sx Cassandra Wilson:
    9w8 so/sx Matthew McConaughey:

    9w8 sp/so Fabio Capello:
    9w8 sp/so Buddy Ryan:
    9w8 sp/so Bob Bremer:
    9w8 sp/so Pete Rose:
    9w8 sp/so Frank Gifford:
    9w8 sp/so Jim Brown:
    9w8 sp/so Richard Mack:
    9w8 sp/so Jim Brunzell:
    9w8 sp/so Ernest Borgnine:
    9w8 sp/so Nolan Ryan:
    9w8 sp/so Herman Nitsch:
    9w8 sp/so John Wayne Gacy:
    9w8 sp/so Arn Anderson:
    9w8 sp/so Dennis Franz:
    9w8 sp/so PZ Myers:
    9w8 sp/so Warren Buffett:
    9w8 sp/so Michael Flaherty:
    9w8 sp/so Rod Thorn:
    9w8 sp/so Dennis Rader:
    9w8 sp/so Sripad Aindra Dasa Babaji:
    9w8 sp/so Chuck Lidell:
    9w8 sp/so T.J. Leyden: (ends at 3:00)

    9w8 sp/sx Ringo Starr:
    9w8 sp/sx Little John:
    9w8 sp/sx Slash:
    9w8 sp/sx Snoop Dogg:
    9w8 sp/sx Karen Noyes:
    9w8 sp/sx Tom Dwan:
    9w8 sp/sx Derrick Rose:
    9w8 sp/sx B-real:
    9w8 sp/sx Garrett Wolfe:
    9w8 sp/sx Kevin Durant:
    9w8 sp/sx Mary Hill:
    9w8 sp/sx Kevin Sumlin:
    9w8 sp/sx Gilbert Arenas:
    9w8 sp/sx Matt Forte:
    9w8 sp/sx Johnny Cueto:
    9w8 sp/sx Jeff Niemann:
    9w8 sp/sx Kyle Whittingham:

    9w8 sx/so Lauryn Hill:
    9w8 sx/so Dave Matthews:
    9w8 sx/so Billy Blanks:
    9w8 sx/so Jesse James:
    9w8 sx/so Noel Gallagher:
    9w8 sx/so Michael Vick:
    9w8 sx/so Sophia Laren:
    9w8 sx/so Daniella Mercury:
    9w8 sx/so Nastazia Mitropoulou:
    9w8 sx/so Jayceon Taylor:
    9w8 sx/so Rebecca Romijn-Stamos:
    9w8 sx/so Serena Williams:

    9w8 sx/sp Pele:
    9w8 sx/sp Leo Gaje:
    9w8 sx/sp Billy Bob Thornton:
    9w8 sx/sp Cesar Milan:
    9w8 sx/sp Peter Falk:
    9w8 sx/sp Harvey Keitel:
    9w8 sx/sp Kate Mulgrew:
    9w8 sx/sp Ann-Margaret:
    9w8 sx/sp Ray Winstone:
    9w8 sx/sp Anna Nicole Smith:
    9w8 sx/sp Jerry Garcia:
    9w8 sx/sp Grandma Mieska:
    9w8 sx/sp Sally Kirkland:
    9w8 sx/sp Gena Rowlands:


    9w1 so/sp Barack Obama:
    9w1 so/sp Alan Colmes:
    9w1 so/sp David Price:
    9w1 so/sp Bruce Babbitt:
    9w1 so/sp Richard Crenna:
    9w1 so/sp Paul Allen:
    9w1 so/sp Walter Ehlers:
    9w1 so/sp Bert Peterson:
    9w1 so/sp Freeman Dyson:
    9w1 so/sp John Thune:
    9w1 so/sp Colin Hansen:
    9w1 so/sp Roger Corman:
    9w1 so/sp Loni Anderson:
    9w1 so/sp Isabel Allende:
    9w1 so/sp Tyler Hendricks:
    9w1 so/sp Kevin Spacey:
    9w1 so/sp Mark Zuckerberg:

    9w1 so/sx Jerry Seinfeld:
    9w1 so/sx Eric Seidel:
    9w1 so/sx Chris Martin:
    9w1 so/sx Zach Braff:
    9w1 so/sx Bob Saget:
    9w1 so/sx Brian Rast:
    9w1 so/sx Annette Benning:
    9w1 so/sx Jennifer Leigh:
    9w1 so/sx Ron Jacobson:
    9w1 so/sx Thierry Henry:
    9w1 so/sx Andrew Romano:
    9w1 so/sx Vanessa Hudgens:
    9w1 so/sx Jandi Linn:
    9w1 so/sx Hayden Panettiere:
    9w1 so/sx Tim Robbins:
    9w1 so/sx Sufjan Stevens:
    9w1 so/sx Tony Leung:
    9w1 so/sx Ashley Judd:
    9w1 so/sx Edward Norton:
    9w1 so/sx Madeleine Martin:
    9w1 so/sx Jessica Alba:
    9w1 so/sx Sarah Wayne Callies:
    9w1 so/sx Amber Tamblyn:
    9w1 so/sx Ken Jeong:
    9w1 so/sx Susan Cain:

    9w1 sp/so Sir Terence Conran:
    9w1 sp/so Leo Kottke:
    9w1 sp/so Kevin Keller:
    9w1 sp/so JK Rowling:
    9w1 sp/so Roger Hodgson:
    9w1 sp/so Susan Boyle:
    9w1 sp/so Julia Child:
    9w1 sp/so Chris Burke:
    9w1 sp/so Ladanian Tomlinson:
    9w1 sp/so James Rosen:
    9w1 sp/so Ray Romano:
    9w1 sp/so Roy Rogers:
    9w1 sp/so Tim Dry:
    9w1 sp/so Abraham Lincoln:
    9w1 sp/so Barry Greenstein:
    9w1 sp/so Paul Krugman:
    9w1 sp/so Dennis Kucinich:
    9w1 sp/so Herbie Di Fonzo:
    9w1 sp/so Michael Moore:
    9w1 sp/so Connie Chung:
    9w1 sp/so Dianne Wiest:
    9w1 sp/so Laura Bush:
    9w1 sp/so Geraldine Hughes:

    9w1 sp/sx Willie Nelson:
    9w1 sp/sx Eric Clapton:
    9w1 sp/sx David Gilmour:
    9w1 sp/sx Jamie Hince:
    9w1 sp/sx Joe Perry:
    9w1 sp/sx William Fitzsimmons:
    9w1 sp/sx Joseph Rael:
    9w1 sp/sx Harry Morgan:
    9w1 sp/sx George Lucas:
    9w1 sp/sx Carter King:
    9w1 sp/sx Joe Pawelek:
    9w1 sp/sx Carol Ann duffy:
    9w1 sp/sx Nadav Agozi:
    9w1 sp/sx Kiki Smith:
    9w1 sp/sx Evanna Lynch:
    9w1 sp/sx Joanna Newsom:

    9w1 sx/so Laura Marling:
    9w1 sx/so Andie macdowell:
    9w1 sx/so Farah Fawcett:
    9w1 sx/so Miriam Grossman:
    9w1 sx/so Peter Frampton:
    9w1 sx/so Jane Fritz:
    9w1 sx/so Daryl Hanna:
    9w1 sx/so Sonia Choquette:
    9w1 sx/so Shelley Fabares:
    9w1 sx/so Kate Capshaw:

    9w1 sx/sp Bjork:
    9w1 sx/sp Kaisa Jouhki:
    9w1 sx/sp Meg White:
    9w1 sx/sp Laura Marling:
    9w1 sx/sp Renee Zelwegger:
    9w1 sx/sp Janet Jackson:
    9w1 sx/sp Imaad Wasif:
    9w1 sx/sp Kate Bush:
    9w1 sx/sp Michelle Monaghan:
    9w1 sx/sp Sia Furler:
    9w1 sx/sp Martha Argerich:
    9w1 sx/sp Annette Funnicello:
    9w1 sx/sp Grace Kelly:
    9w1 sx/sp Audrey Hepburn:
    9w1 sx/sp CG Jung:
    9w1 sx/sp Ram Dass:
    9w1 sx/sp Joseph Campbell:
    9w1 sx/sp Jimmy Stewart:
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    I've seen this list before several times, most of the typings are complete crap.
    "And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -Roald Dahl
    It's pretty cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galen View Post
    I've seen this list before several times, most of the typings are complete crap.
    Some of them look alright, like Powell, Ayn Rand, and Chomsky as 1s, Mandela and Mother Teresa on 2/1 axis, Morrissey and Bowie as 4s, and others, and there are some that look off, but then that is true of most of these typing databases.

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    Simone de Beauvoir is 5w6, not w4. I can buy sx/so given her fairly open relationships and swinger adventures (with students included), but there's nothing 4-ish and image/identity - focused in her writings.

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    The video for Roy Rogers (under 9w1 sp/so) may be for the wrong Roy Rogers. ( @silke )
    The Dennis Kucinich video is also 'unavailable'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silke View Post

    Hell yeah. IEI 6w5 So/Sx. I am ze Tupac.
    I would say that ethically you are still supposed to act as if you have unilateral responsibility; but simultaneously you have to be able to see the other as a fully autonomous, free, aware person.

    Medicalizing social problems has the additional benefit of rendering society not responsible for those social ills. If it’s a disease, it’s nobody’s fault. Yay empiricism.

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