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Thread: Self Catagoristation Theory and relevance to Socionic Typology

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    Default Self Catagoristation Theory and relevance to Socionic Typology

    I have recently come across this theory, I have not read about it in depth but from what I have read, I think it may be of some interest with relation to socionics typology.

    Self Catagorisation Theory was developed by John Turner and grew from Tafjels Social Identity Theory.
    I've just found the wikipedia page for this theorty and it contains a far greater amount of detail than I have to hand, so for the in's and out's I'd suggest having a read through.

    However I can say that this may provide some insight in both type and small group identification, as well as possibly suggesting how identifying with a particular type may alter our cognitive processes and how we relate to those that we perceive to be in our "in-group" or "out group".

    I'm intending to write a bit about my thoughts on the matter at some point, but a bit short on time right now.

    I've also got some thoughts that I'd like to write up about Social Identity Theory (which I've got a bit more info on) when I get the chance.

    But for now I thought I'd just post the links and hope that they can be of use or interest to any forum members who'd like to look into this.


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    very interesting stuff. thanks!

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