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Thread: video compilation of the 16types proposal/request

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    Default video compilation of the 16types proposal/request


    i'm kinda new to socionics and this forum, and so i stumbled upon this section, what's my type?

    so i started wondering, which person or group of people here on this site has attained the position of authority to type with the most confidence and acceptance.

    if all, does this single authority exist on this site? or is this role fulfilled by some sort of intersubjective agreement by a multitude of users? so much for thinking out loud.

    as a new socionist, i was hoping to find a number of threads with a broadly agreed archetypical compilation of some sort.

    i mean, there are the descriptions, however these are words, they are just words. I was hoping to find something more in the flesh, now i do really like the pictures, but also these are static, and without much interaction.

    now i had this vision of how helpful, and cool, would it be, if there was created, say as a community project, a compilation of this forum's most accurate collection of descriptions of the types to date. preferable this overview of archetypical descriptions would be done in video format, either created or gathered from a certain source which may already exist?

    following the same train of thought, in a later stage archetypical depictions of quadra groups can be recorded, and maybe in an even further phase the interaction between intertypical relations, individual or again between different quadras could also be added as new features of this maybe-to-be list.

    a starting point for this project could be by collecting pictures and adding descriptions to them, concepts that in another phase can be transformed to video.

    if someone with the ability to discern the 16types could be willing to support this cause, i'd be very happy and looking forward to mold this idea in something that could actually work, and in advance give you my thanks, as this could be my own way of finding out my type

    oh and a little disclaimer, that if for some reason my search attempts to find a likewise proposal should have lead me to another thread, i meant only here to help creating more overview. overview +1!!

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    There's no authority. Some might tell you to avoid certain individuals, though. I won't elaborate on that. You'll figure it out soon enough.

    I fancy myself a pretty good typist, if you want to call it that. I have a lot of practice, and I am not saying that to brag...I mean, come on. But I won't lie that I've done it a lot. My own type I never feel sure of, though.

    As for the descriptions, I hold the position that those are things that are okay but are too general to be too useful.

    I'm guessing you are Alpha NT, btw, at least going by your diction. It sort of hurts my head, in any case, but that may just be me. Anyways, I think I would be in on it.
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