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    Default Jenny Lewis

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    Could be ISFj > INFj. That's a pretty song.
    "And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -Roald Dahl
    It's pretty cool

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    i like fi-ixfj.
    (edit: i had written i was kinda leaning infj but idkkk)

    had some difficulty finding good quotes so i included some song lyrics she's written.

    "I'm a control freak with regards to
    certain aspects. I think you just
    have to be when you're making stuff in the world. You have to have a clear idea
    what you want. But I'm also fortunate to have friends that are great and I
    trust them musically. So I think with this record that it was matter of having
    guest musicians, but not having them overpower the songs. I think if you listen
    to the record, sometimes it's difficult to pick people out, but they're
    definitely there and I think that their presence is definitely more supportive
    than anything else."

    "No, I think I'm a person who is
    always looking for answers. I'm always questioning things and searching for
    clues. I tend to also to get bored with one subject, so I think I exhausted
    some of those ideas on Rabbit Fur Coat and I think I exhausted them in a way that's very,
    you know, in your twenties singing about these things. I'm sure as I grow and
    age I'll probably revisit some of these things later. But these are the
    questions that we all ask ourselves. We ask if there's a God or there isn't a God,
    if we're going to fall in love or get sick or follow our dreams or fail or
    succeed. All of these things tend to crop up."

    "I tend to write about what I know. Even if I'm writing about a character I'm still writing about things that I observe and how they relate back to me. Rilo Kiley is putting together this B-sides collection. We've been listening and sorting through all these songs from 1998 and just the tone of what I was writing back then was so sad, so dark. And I don't necessarily feel like that all the time anymore. I'm trying to write about all of the emotions. I've gotten my heart broken, and fallen in love, and moved out my shitty rent-controlled apartment, and lost my father, and tried to rebuild my relationship with my mother. All of these things have definitely popped up in my songs and I want to write something that's real that people can feel."

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________

    What are you changing?
    Who do you think you're changing?
    You can't change things, we're all stuck in our ways
    It's like trying to clean the ocean
    What do you think you can drain it?
    Well it was poison and dry long before you came
    But you can wake up younger under the knife
    And you can wake up sounder if you get analyzed
    And I better wake up

    Cause institution's like a big bright lie
    And it blinds you into fear and consuming and fighting
    And you've been in the desert underneath the charging sky
    It's just you and God
    But what if God's not there?
    But his name is on your dollar bill
    Which just became cab fare

    Get a real job, keep the wind at your back and the sun on your face.
    All the immediate unknowns are better than knowing this tired and lonely fate.
    Does he love you, does he love you? Will he hold your tiny face in his hands?
    I guess it's spring; i didn't know; it's always seventy-five with no melting snow.
    A married man, he visits me. I recieve his letters in the mail twice a week.
    I think he loves me and when he leaves her,he's coming out to california!

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    and part of an interview w/ her & her romantic partner (type unknown)

    What are some of the lyrical themes?
    JR: Snakes.
    JL: Lots of Ouroboros, it's that image of the snake eating it's own tail. You've seen it a million times.
    JR: We really like that image. There's so many definitions of what it represents. To us, it represents unity and satisfaction because the snake is eating it's own tail it can never be hungry and never want for anything. But I'm curious: does the snake ever run out itself to eat? Maybe not.
    JL: Well, the people that lived in this house before us were in their 90s and I've found that I have more in common with them than I do my peers. They left behind a lot of stuff, like a creepy old key with a skeleton key. I wonder what that goes to? But on the bookshelf was a book about Ouroboros and it sparked a bunch of strange dreams, which lead to a bunch of songs.
    JR: We both found ourselves dreaming about snakes, and then we'd be hiking in the mountains in L.A. and we would see a bunch of snakes on the trail.

    Your website promises darker themes on the album.
    JR: Well, there's no death metal or anything.
    JL: But lyrically there are some darker themes on the record. But as hard as I try to sound tough and dark, I still sound cute.
    JR: Think of this record as like cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. You either want the white meat or dark meat. Actually, maybe I shouldn't called this album a turkey.
    JL: How about a Tofurky?
    JR: It's definitely not a Tofurky.

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    I kinda see EII-Ne

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