Yes, I watch this shit.

: LSE night mareeee. Total workaholic, negative & prude. I feel like we would end up killing each other lol

Blehhh ^

Tamra: SEE? SLE? Bitchy power woman & dramaholic, but also has a spunky fun party girl side. Seems like a Se ego, and gets along very well with Vicky. Had rocky and negative relationship with Gretchen throughout most of the seasons.

Gretchen: SEI seems right. Seems really sweet and fun, also kind of naive to life. Has a horrible relationship with Vicky. I could see a supervision thing going on there.

Alexis: ESI? ESE? Total perfectionist & really finicky. Also, kind of dumb. Probably enneagram 1.

Heather: The new girl. Seems like a Beta extrovert. Don't really care about her.