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Thread: Conditional Love and Forgiveness

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    Lightbulb Conditional Love and Forgiveness

    I stumbled across this very interesting topic (i.e. moral dilemma) being discussed on youtube. It's something I've been thinking about lately, trying to rationalize where I stand and how I feel about it. Dealing with people has always been a huge moral challenge, and has oftentimes put me in very difficult situations, causing me to think and rethink about myself and my actions. This topic touches on that closely.

    Share your thoughts.
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    You've done yourself a huge favor developmentally by mustering the balls to do something really fucking scary... in about the most vulnerable situation possible.

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    I do not share your problem, but I do find that the idea of pure unconditional love to be difficult to accept.

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    I didn't watch the videos, but I don't think such thing as "unconditional love" exists.

    Every time you do something good for others you get something good for yourself, too. Maybe it makes you feel morally good, or seeing others happy makes you happier too, you do it in the hope they'll do/give you something in return, you want mental power over them (as they owe you), or because there is social pressure to do so.. There are many (often subliminal) reasons, but all of them are more or less "selfish" - if being good to others gave you abscessed wounds and anxious feelings people wouldn't do it. How I see it is that, as products of evolution, we are all trying to ensure that our needs are met and we can survive. As social animals those needs include the need for communication, appreciation, love, belonging, sexual needs, respect etc, so being an asshole to others isn't good policy. The "right kind" of selfishness is healthy and vitally important, and I don't have an issue with that at all - it doesn't equal stepping on others' toes. The fact that you too benefit from doing good things to others doesn't make the actions any less good imo.
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    Maybe in love you just get back what you put in, sometimes a little more because you're Tom Brady or Matt Damon.

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