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Thread: INFp-Esenin description by Aushra

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    Default INFp-Esenin description by Aushra

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    I need a real translation. But thanks

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    I've started the translation with a few formatting things, won't move to CMS for a bit.

    Esenin (Ausra)

    Brief description of the intuitive ethical introtim
    Model A
    1 2 EGO
    3 4 Superego
    5 6 SUPERID
    7 8 ID

    I. Superego

    Social conformity, the information block. Means of reproduction of an objective picture of the outside world.
    Unit of social expectations, the implementation of which a person is trying to do is anticipated by others.
    Unit for orientation in objective reality. "Conscience" of man.
    The object orientation. The subject of orientation to the outside world for a man is space, or the feelings that this space is: well-being.
    Any individual attention given to everything that happens in space, without selection for less or more significant for having and not having the prospect for the future. Individuals interested in all sounds, all colors and combinations thereof, and in general all that is known by the senses, causing aesthetic sense or feeling of physical pleasure and displeasure, that is, it collects information on all aspects of the pragmatic and aesthetic space. Anything you can see, hear, feel, taste, touch, smell.
    The properties of the space for such an individual - is the relationship between what is happening in this space in the same time, a conditioning process, or other action. Intuitive-ethical introtim sees the relationship between processes and on the basis of this vision combines real potential actions.For him, every fact the realization of the potential energy in the dynamics of labor activity, or ( - ekstratimnaya logic) - always the result of the relationship between the dynamics of other facts.
    Awareness of these aspects of the space for such an individual is really a complete and objective. At the same time he is interested in only the outer side of what is happening, it is only logical and dynamic, rather than ethical-emotional and moody processes. These logic-dynamic processes of the individual in some way encourage them to be included, that is, to turn from contemplating the subject - implementation of the acceptance of the first element unit - in the actor - the implementation of the second element of a productive unit.
    Acceptance element of the superego Intuitive-ethical introtim "sticks" to the space, to the consciousness of the individual is fully conscious, and reproduced at least this one aspect of the objective world, that is has received a complete picture of the at least one parameter of objectivity.Figuratively it can be represented as a block, like a whale, a body of water filter to absorb all the plankton. Model of MI through itself as through a sieve, misses a lot of signals, stimuli, and settle in it indiscriminately, only those that match the acceptance parameter element superego.
    These people differ in subtle aesthetic senses vulnerability, but a deep understanding of what is happening in a space no. They know too much and worry that besides all this is to study in depth. The subtlety of aesthetic feeling is caused by the inherent sensitivity of this unit to the new and inevitable with doubts at the beginning of this evaluation. The greater sensitivity, the better the perceived new.
    I am pleased to tell their sensory impressions. It may seem that relish experienced or known, when in fact only share information about the clusters of the superego.
    From the expressions of opinion on the part of improving the quality of the space tend to be abandoned. They are accountable for what they saw, heard, but they must decide how to improve the quality of space, list everything you know but do not decide how it should be. Fear at the same time be subjective, since the superego is unacceptable.
    Superego does not argue, it only says. Argues, it is nothing or almost nothing adding from itself.Describes retells - who, where, what, when and how to feel. When they look back on in the company of people, not so much to see who is dressed as a holding or how, and to see who feels like. This is exactly what should recite both. What narrated dualu, helps to understand perceived their physical ring.And gives the expected response to its ID, which is used as a lever to choose the direction to move from discussion to action. This is a paraphrase and find more information of the same type. Any other information is usually just boring.
    Each new experience or knowledge of it goes to the chambers of long-term memory. All his spare time, actual cases are automatically set aside for reflection and weighing of auditory, visual images, and so forth.
    What information does this unit receives about other people? For information about what they feel they receive what they feel, how do they work on the health of others.
    Such a person does not have boundaries beginning and end of one's feelings, he feels that he feels all that lives. For example, abortion - it is uncomfortable for the woman and the fetus.
    The enemies of society. Anyone who threatens a living in the environment, everything and anything that spoils the quality of space, pollutes this space.
    These people, for example, experienced a deep imbalance in nature, the death of individual animals.Chemistry not only pollutes the environment, but it can spoil and something alive, though perhaps still even know that it is alive.
    On the superego of the introvert - constant self-improvement in the ability to give other people a pleasant feeling and the constant frustration of these with your skills.
    For such an individual self-improvement - is the ability to more favorably influence the health of others, while fully meeting their new requirements. Changing expectations of the environment, changing the activity of the individual. Expectations - it's as if the State plan, which can not perform, but which can not and exceeds.
    Production unit. The individual knows when and what can be done, and perfectly valid, unless someone takes it from responsibility for the act, that is, once it is satisfied the expectations of others.When he knows what his actions to others will not be a surprise.
    He always knows what to do and do it, but it often does not know what to do to make it coincide with the expectations of the charges against him. He just can not stand. For him, his actions - a derivative of the quality of the space, they cause the expectations of others. The extent to which the individual is possible, is determined by the quantity and quality of collected data block. The level of expectations placed on an individual depends not only on the qualities of space and the properties of the surrounding people, their culture, habits and dynamic stereotypes, but also how the environment of the individual evaluates what he should consider it possible to expect.
    The individual wants to do what is expected of others, but what he knows about their expectations on this occasion, not 100% true (since no one can know all the space, all of his needs and expectations, that is, can not know what actions are determined by a person in the eyes of other people). Absolutely it is known, only a portion of the space. But what is more, the fact is, more logical and become more confident about the actions of the individual.
    If he thinks that is expected of serious work, and it will work, but if expect to be making eyes, he will, and it will. This woman, for example, can not consider itself responsible for its flirtation - she does just what was expected of her, as she seems to expect. Therefore, in a company where one of her call coquetry, and others - serious behavior, she gets into trouble, an ambiguous position.
    How does the individual's ability to Opportunistic mobility or immobility of his life?
    Superego takes into account all known, so the actions are determined by the boundaries of the known.One can rightfully argue that the confidence and consistency of the individual actions are defined by the well-known, the known space and the space in which an individual acts. That is, the wider the space, which knows introtim Intuitive-ethical and what is that in which it operates, the more confident, and his actions are logical. That is, the greater the education, outlook and the more specialized, the better the quality of his work.
    The more data are clustered, the lower the risk to get to the MHC are not suitable for the actions of others. The actions should be as expected, that is so ripe for the environment, so they will not surprise anyone that they are taken for granted as a result of what introtim only performs its duties. This occurs provided that the actions are adequate to the expectations.
    Compliments of the foreign good implementation of this block and the alarming warning that the behavior of individuals there was something not expected by others. This is the case when the compliment "ruin" of a person, making it a more tapes than he was.
    Qualitative characters actions - their "invisibility", but not complete absence. Because of inaction is not realized accumulates kinetic energy. This leads to internal unrest and the search for such forms of activity that are moderately irritating would be shocked environment. It can get to disorderly conduct, and it is - just search for clues as to realize itself. Let's discuss the two books read, and the purpose of this loud, shocking in their opinion, "the caller" talk - cause a reaction to the environment, which would move, do something productive and socially acceptable.
    In conflicting situations unpleasant people get when it comes to pass congestion information to the superego, and when one needs it (ie, they expect that information, and the individual simply can not pass it), and others, on the contrary, expect that this information will not be disclosed . Here then comes the famous "you just do not tell anyone." This ambiguity is reduced when the number of dual, the orientation of what should be told, and that - to keep to yourself.
    The absence of attacks on MNF - proof that the individual meets the expectations of others.
    For such an individual in the same situation can not be two right actions. Superego demands on the environment specific categorical answer that is good and what is bad. That is correct, pleasant aesthetic. Superego makes concessions to themselves or others, it must know exactly what the act is correct and logical. Act - a relationship to reality. These are the reasons because of which the other typologies of this kind is called the conformal type of infarction. Man fights for uniqueness, and it is called a conformist.
    Can this type of change their behavior on their own will? Only by changing the expectations of the environment that is changing the quality of the space or the space itself. If he contributes actively and deliberately change the quality of the space needs of others and change their expectations. From someone who clearly manifested as a person, such manifestations are constantly expected in the future. It is dangerous to the new conditions. Especially when an individual moves from an environment with a high dynamic stereotypes in a new environment it unless he could show his old face, then measure the yardstick of its first impression, and so constantly makes excessive demands that it unaffordable due to the current-glushayusche environment. This error is particularly dangerous ekstratimnym individuals. introtim greater than before, the pace develops only in a competitive environment when it's needed, when so acting it. When you can not settle down in another way. If it works as intended, but there is no strict requirements, it may be a passive life. Will walk through life a lazy cat. Without the pressure of the environment of this torpor, he can not get out. "Socialist competition" does not help. Equally ekstratim without adjusting the surrounding can not slow down.
    The second way - to change the space by moving to another. This is, for example, when he moved away. The emperors of this type (Tiberius), does not meet the expectations surrounding the palace in the capital, moved to the summer residence. Changing the environment changed the expectations of others. It should be noted - it does not give up power, but only changes the residence. Unsubscribe from this introtim can not, even though the head of the place he would not like, is an unpleasant, burdening. How introtim for the object - the state - it does not take responsibility, because it is the state after he leaves for summer residence, its a little concerned. He is leaving because he did not feel responsible for the state, but he can not refuse duty. He was appointed, then - ordered, and it is sacred. In addition, the refusal of the authorities to destroy something in his own conception of himself.
    We can illustrate this and everyday examples. Husband - Sensory-logical EKSTRATIM - leaving in his car on the case on Sunday in another city. Genet - Intuitive-ethical introtimU - there is nothing to do, but if it stays at home with his mother, ethical-intuitive introtim, which expects that it will devote the entire day household chores, which is never the end, - the wife chooses to empty her trip.
    Helplessness of the superego. Difficulties superego - to adapt to the expectations of the environment.The same fact may seem desirable, it is undesirable. And besides, there are also extension of the individual himself - formed personality, which can bring the same, with the expectation that, too, need to be considered.
    One of the outputs - classified information on the sources of its reception: how information from the competent and incompetent information from individuals. Competent are similar, then there are people who know the situation in which it operates, and often the same category of people is superior.As well as some notoriety because of the dear people in connection with the prospect of what they do.The perspective is only that which harmonizes the vital functions of society.
    The origins of creative research. Problems that consistently engaged in ego, superego, born on the block. EGO of this type are always directed to an improvement in the future.
    To what creativity in social terms and in what way it comes to the individual?
    Intuitive-ethical introtim can not live with in two ways acts in the same situation. Therefore, social and creative he is in a situation where the expectations of others come into conflict. That is exactly what they need standards, they need to know the only correct way to act in certain situations, but this is no answer, making them converters and philosophers. The best example is the F-F. Rousseau, who in life had to revolve in different walks of life who presented with conflicting demands, and he could not decide what is truly the right thing. Every social stratum in which he lived J.-J. Rousseau put forward their demands to the behavior of people, their actions, including actions of the JJ Rousseau. Act - is an expression of his relationship to reality. What should be the same acts, if each group of people with whom you communicate, places different expectations? Hence its slogan: "Back to Nature" and to the natural behavior of people. That is the type of MI (or any other) is a fighter in social terms by exploring ways of behavior of conformal or conformal relationship.
    Moreover, among the many standards that the individual chooses the standards for themselves. He can not live in a society where it will always be confusing variety of unusual his actions and changing expectations. He can not live in a situation where his own actions are evaluated inconsistently.Therefore, in the absence of explicit, clear expectations, he has a special zeal, hold them open, they found themselves living in the wilds of social norms. He is fiercely fighting for the "objective" truth in that form, as he understands it. For some, it's ridiculous and pathetic, for others - great. It's really new is always born of social, yes, probably, in the future will be created only when some people get strong enough in such a painful alteration.
    II. EGO

    Socio-demonstration, autonomous or creative block.
    Means of a conscious influence on the world. Block complete identification with the chosen objects of the external world. Block accurate self-assessment.
    Block-depth study of one of the parameters of the external world.
    A block in the implementation of which a person requires an adequate recognition of his abilities.Effort to operate completely independently. Lots of personality.
    The object of study. The object of study - time. But no time at all. It is always a flow of processes. For the Intuitive-ethical-INT ROTIMA past and future - a chain of volatile moods and very fine web of spiritual experiences, he lives the emotional spirit of the times.
    Going deep into a particle D - means to observe the flow of feelings and emotional experiences of a narrow circle of people, those who chose himself, or those given destiny. People with whom identify their emotional life. If it is not very close, make sure valuable and complex people, very often -. Artists.Observe the mood and feel the necessary duty to update these sentiments, and with it, and vitality, which activates the spiritual self-realization of people. We can say that Intuitive-ethical introtimY - fighters for the emancipation of the emotional people that live and work. Without that emancipation can not be achieved and impact. Or is it the impact will be superficial, short-lived.
    The subject of the study are also some of the emotional culture of the society: music, poetry, painting.The history of such individuals - the history of art. Their conscious attachment to the past of his people - is attached to the history of his art, ranging from academic, ending with kitsch.
    Casual purpose of this block - the identification of one's emotional life with the emotional life of people close to him for the sake of acquiring the key to their moods, for the opportunity to acquire and manage these sentiments. This is the second creates the need to be an artist, poet or musician.
    The significance of the other person is determined by how it is significant in the emancipation and the harmonization of the emotional life of man. The tendency of this type of astrology and all the mystical, too, rests on its commitment to the harmonization.
    Block EGO different depth of interest. What differentiated this perception, the deeper and thinner than I am an intelligent observer. Reflected by the reflecting directly proportional. The more developed reflecting the more subtly reflected by perceived. Since man reflects man himself, then what they see in the other, driven by his own subtlety of emotional life.
    Monitoring the flow of emotions over time is possible only as long as the observer himself can not be turned into action, that is until he starts emotsionirovat. Perhaps the emotions in conjunction with sensory allow such observations, and emotions with intuition - do not give. Therefore, Intuitive-ethical introtimY show emotion only in situations where you need not watch, but consciously to act. Their emotions are constantly a little incomplete, with a fairly pronounced elements of observation, waiting.
    Production unit. This - the emotions, moods, internal agitation. Their own - as a means of influencing the other. And others - as a conscious goal of creative activity.
    Emotions Intuitive-ethical introtim occur due to the presence of sufficient signal-stimuli for the acceptance element of the block. Consciousness is the block that the products can be torn away from the feed block the acceptance of the element. Tear over time. That is, emotions are manifested not when the stimuli (the emotions of other people) "overflowing cup", but when an individual is considered necessary. This is an autonomous creative extraverted ethics. Roughly speaking, this means that when the cry, when to laugh and how to laugh, the individual decides for himself. And for these consciously regulated their purely emotional displays feels the full answer, is not shy about it.
    The task of Intuitive-ethical introtim feels the duty to take another person's emotional life as it is, in all its variability, disinhibited, harmonize and turn it into more socially driven. And all this - way to manipulate emotions. He just can not live in a world that does not always harmonize.
    For most people this is the harmonization of private and family life or community life. For some - the harmonization of society. Products that block - the change of the emotional life of man, and so - to change the person.
    As with all ethical, when exposed to others looking for is not objectively correct words that often do not reach a disinterested person, and those who have an emotional impact, emotionally attracted to and change the mood in the right direction.
    The state of emotion, which is trying to achieve - is given. The program can not be considered subjective only because it is formed on the block superego.
    Social norms about the manifestations of emotions such an individual does not infringe upon condition only that he was satisfied with these rules. Otherwise, it creates quietly and offers socium new rules, that is trying to replace the existing rules with new ones.
    As soon as he matures emotionally conscious need someone to stir up - laughing, relaxed, show him his place outside retrieved delicate mechanism of affecting the emotional world of man. Therefore, they have a subtle sense of humor. Often the impression that they were very thinly over something or over someone being bullied, but behind it lies the desire is for someone to stir. Undoubtedly, social norms do not break too much, but it is - fear to bear legal, administrative responsibility, not the fear of remorse. Where acts cold calculation - and this ego is always different - there is no place of conscience. Empathy, not conscience - the property of intelligence. Is it ethical that in this situation reaches the goal. And the goals are defined as all types of MI needs bion, superego. The purpose of this type are always one or by any means, that is, any emotions, improve the quality of space and well-being of people in this space.
    What is a creative extraverted ethics? This means that concepts such as positive or negative emotions - not regulatory, and creative concepts. For example, anger can be ethical, and self-restraint - unethical. The ethics of the individual, the subtlety of his emotions are not determined by social norms, even though he considers them as its a common culture, interests and needs.
    Right are those emotions, so their placement in time at which you can most effectively influence others for the sake of harmonization of society.
    For this block the creative process - a search for manifestations of emotion, finding methods to remove the emotional life obstacles and taboos, and after that - the use of uninhibited emotional energy in order to harmonize society. All efforts have been made to remove the shackles from the emotional life of man, in his heart to let the emotional freedom, inhibited it. Because only emotionally disinhibited person contributes to the harmonization of society and only serves as peace and progress sequentially. Only he manages his mind so much. Not reach the emotional, and therefore before any other incidents.
    Emotions - the impact of the subject on the subject, due to the spiritually minded, culture and spiritual harmony of interaction between both parties.
    Creativity for the type of myocardial infarction - is the direct work of sentiment, or works of art that are emotionally affected by other people.
    The vulnerability of the block . If a person receives a flick on the nose because he misunderstands the emotional lives of people ( ), then the acceptance of an element it only takes into account new information. Completely different - a critical attitude to the ways of its impact on people. For the second time in this situation try to avoid. Creative element needed to understand it more, otherwise it works very creator does not bring happiness.

    The physical base or psychosomatic unit.
    Means of reproduction of an objective picture of the state of the organism. Well-being.
    The fear and danger of complete physical identification of the physical identification with others. Block implementation of individual psychosomatic organism.
    We can say that this unit - is a complete dependence on the object. This and the need for aesthetic, well-designed facilities, including - in clothes. Almost no matter soft tissue - important texture, style, shape. The need for its facilities - and thus ourselves - isolate from other people and objects.Everything has to be really his. His towel, his own cup, spoon, etc.
    At Intuitive-logical introtim the block - . So this man is more interested in the subject than the object.
    It is important to him as an actor does not have something stuck on other objects. Disgust at touching objects that are before this feeling the other. The constant need to wash your hands, especially, for example, after a meeting with unpleasant people or after use of public transport. The need to stand out among other objects of his emphatic "clearance", the object completeness. Men have a tendency to extravagant style sports for women - the "English".
    The need to receive signals from outside stimuli, proving that he is seen as an object of others. The rule - and this is in the truest sense of the word - "though he called the pot," but - he called the, that is - to notice. They, like any introtim must see. If not, Intuitive-ethical introtim lax or tense because of the accumulation of energy nenalazhivaemogo not controlled environment. This is due to ignorance of how much of this energy actually is. Because of its energy to learn this only when the signal-receiving stimuli of myself as an object.
    There is a need to oppose the object to other objects. Therefore, their elegance - it's casual elegance, rather than celebratory. (They are - elegance for every day, in an intuitive and logical extratim - comfortable for every day.)
    Other punishes those that no longer ignore. Delinquent cease to exist. So, if he himself did not notice, thinking that was at fault, and is looking for ways to please, Crouch.
    Score yourself as an object, the evaluation of their strength, aesthetic data, volitional faculties is possible provided a simple identification with the dual, when all this knowledge about myself, like an empty stocking, puts on his ego and dual Merit of the same yardstick as your own. Only under this condition, T materializes in his own eyes, and cease to do some stupid things arising from the undervaluation of their energy, capacity, strength of will.
    In this type there is no ability to perceive each other as an independent person, living in their domestic laws of the unit. To do this, next to the image should be emphasized nedemonstrativnogo independent sensory-logical extratim. I wonder what they pay little attention to the elegance or inelegance of others. Another among the gray masses of objects for which highlights the strength and self-confidence, physical and strong-willed. They respect and be happy, even brute force. Sure, provided that this power is amenable to expansion of the emotional power of their own ego.
    Production unit. Independent production unit, this can not give. If they do somehow even understand the object of its basic qualities ... color and texture, at least consciously produce a certain number of the ratio between the objects above their strength. They just do not know where these objects should be. Typical statement: "If any one time someone in my apartment spread to all the places, then I would know where the place of this thing." (That is, if the object in the "room" all the other objects have been correlated to specific relationships.)
    They have no power to introduce order in the relationships between objects, because it can be said to themselves inferior to any object. The facility, which went into the house, he must find his place in it. Or, someone else should give this place. Hence the inclination to browse foreign catalogs and magazines with the interiors. They are always so, as they have seen somewhere, or someone else from the house did. The will of another, they are not opposed. The important thing: that they are not required to oppose his will to the will of these objects. Hence, obedience to the dictates of fashion jealous.
    Rules, laws and regulations, which in their practice adheres to the relationship with the objects that man, reminiscent of the shore of the river where it flows quietly.
    In his eyes, he, like other people, if they are unable to establish order between the objects, - weak people. And those who do this procedure more or less consciously violate - just villains.
    Undoubtedly, such a man afraid of familiarity with other people as other objects, because he can not handle them. So successful is friends with Intuitive-logical EKSTRATIMOM, who, though fond of familiarity, but always expect it from others. One is afraid of familiarity, the other likes familiarity, but because both this lack of initiative and the other does not impose its rules, get along great.
    IV. ID

    The block implementation of the social organism.
    The physical demonstration or hands-on unit.
    Means of psychophysical development of the external world.
    Means of demonstrating the capabilities of its body.
    A block in the implementation of which a person tries to set an example for others.
    The need to be seen and distinguished.
    However, as the Intuitive-ethical introtimU able to realize its objective in the block SUPERID, is caused by the way he feels his ability, which is responsible for the ID. His spirituality and internal culture. And how bravely he demonstrates it.
    On the one hand, in the manifestation of a lot of the usual ID, imitative. The style displays the ID is determined by the environment in which a person was raised, and the behavior of those around him, whom he imitates. If there is no one to imitate, the individual feels bad because it "does not know how." In such circumstances, the implementation of the ID is not socially controlled, turns into a wild horse.
    Watching someone else sells these items is correcting the behavior of the signals-stimuli. That is, if he gets enough signal informing that it can be seen in the spiritual abilities of others, he is able to see.In others, and especially so in a demonstrative block shows that the positive things that they see in themselves, trying to show as an example, and others.
    Dam breaks, when the self-realization of other blocks ahead of the block ID, and only because there is no one to emulate.
    If there are no conditions for the disruption, this person has a disease or something similar, which limits his contact with people "physical reasons".
    In dualizirovannogo ID breakdowns do not happen. In their place - a quiet two-person adaptation to a changing an objective reality.
    If ego shows how well people adapted to the social environment, how well it functions as a member of society, the personality, the id - how well a person functions as an organism, how good it feels to other organisms.
    Acceptance element. Intuitive-ethical introtim lived sensations, and that such objects and their internal structure, potential properties, it is very vague. For him the "spiritual power", "culture" - is likely to abstraction - the means by which people in your life are making some sort of arrangement and order.The potential power of other people perceived more instinctive than that. consciously, that is perceived directly by the body, not mind.
    Before the abilities of other spiritual force such a person feels neither strength nor weakness. "He's the way he is."
    Their relationship, he opens up again every day, every day he is inclined to wonder every day he can come doubts and question - whether they are true, there needs to others and to himself, or better to replace them with others.
    All goes well until a block receives enough excitatory signals necessary for their spiritual and stock options that are transferred to his own life at a fixed direction. When ever know what to expect from yourself and others, then it is possible to stay as the handrails.
    Show off that item starts with a conspicuous interest in the weird people, perhaps to demonstrate their ability, the ability to build relationships with everyone. For unusual people - artists, etc., as well as representatives of their ethnic exotic pulls like a magnet. To some extent, they are always fascinated marginality. The more complex and "strange" that the domestic stock of others, the more successful the show itself. Without this individual is lethargic and inactive, he had nothing to show, it is how the body feels bad to other organisms.
    Spiritual potential energy of other people, this unit takes quite primitive. It's always a feeling that everything is going wrong, that life is in full swing, or, conversely, that the range of complete hopelessness that "control is" lost, that I am asleep.
    Relationships with people - means of communication of the body with the real world, and proof of its potential value. At some point, the individual may feel that the old relationship was not satisfied that he needed to get out from under their yoke, because they do not allow for a full realization of the body.
    Relationships with people - the result of excess potential energy. So you can never call this specific reason, which can be attributed to one or another of his attitude and feeling towards the man. For him it is self-evident physical condition, the causes of which it is impossible to enumerate.
    The road along which the ID, that is, relationships, feelings of the people who are born on this block, regardless of the fact that these feelings are generated, to the individual seem to be the only ones possible. Others he does not know and does not represent. It turns out as it turns out. But if you show something more worthwhile of his feelings, which, however, does not contradict his inner voice, it will change the direction of their feelings (remember, the feelings - not emotions!).
    In extreme conditions, this block shows exceptional resourcefulness. His weapon - the ability to show their feelings, that is, for example, demonstrating his personal attitude to this phenomenon, to show his funny side. Because there are different, subtle humorists.
    V. General description of the type

    Complex relationships with physicians. The sea life they touch (the superego) can each sink, and that shy. The doctor simply nothing to say. Unless there is a possibility, try to establish a diagnosis on its own. If you need this newsletter, and the patient is sufficiently competent, to visit a doctor browsed through the relevant literature, to our knowledge about the cause painful sensations in order to issue in the system, ignoring doctor's irrelevant. That is to present only that part of the subjective sensations that are objectified literary source.
    If the disease is disfiguring elements (Super-), such as rashes, spots, swelling, that is what changes the quality of their objective - they find it is even more subjective than a feeling, and also did not say.Himself a doctor should see the right.
    All that such an individual can be said about the disease - is that he has no power to communicate with people (ID). When the disease he really feels a particular desire to hide from people, and fatigue.
    They are elegant. In a measure, so as not to cause unnecessary feelings of other people who do not pay their attention to itself. In the way they dress, given to fashion. Dress up like "everyone else", according to the logs. Avoid unpleasant combination of colors. Also not to draw attention to themselves.
    A marked attraction to beautiful. Buy works of art, beautiful dishes, knick-knacks aesthetic. Do try to be graceful, but not much.
    They are characterized by disgust. For example, a mother in front of the child tried to have enough salt in the soup. Most often, a child of this type is already inedible soup. The mother of this type will not take the spoon in his mouth, which fed the child.
    Communicate with those who wonder, no other criteria. The more a man among them a stranger, all the more interesting "capture" them. This is one reason why people like this quite a lot of actors.
    VI. External features of the

    The face of a man of the light transparent compared to the sensory-ethical introtim - "extroverted" smile. Its intensity is directly proportional to the news, unaccustomed or danger situation. A smile is warm, but more exciting than warming.
    Eyes wide open and almost never zazhmurivayutsya. Eyebrows are usually arched, no tendency to fall.Therefore, women of this type are often so good shape eyebrows to emphasize pulling, plucking, tint.
    More developed side of the face - right. The right eye is watching the dynamics, the left - turned to static objects.
    In his appearance this person often appears balanced and fit. He is amorous.
    The face is particularly animated in unusual stressful situations. But this revival comes out most likely as increased energy level. In these situations, it seems much more energetic than usual.
    The social purpose of these emotions - arousing himself, turning potential energy into kinetic energy, as well as excite or even - to charge the emotions dualizable sensory-logical mentality extratim.
    They smile raises morale and arousing partner, smile more often - a sign of anxiety. Because of its alarming smile Intuitive-ethical introtim Gagarin became the first astronaut. At present, the "typical" introtimov they turn only in a very quiet situation.

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