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Thread: Dual-types theory - ESE EM: The Marshal

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    Default Dual-types theory - ESE EM: The Marshal

    The Marshal delivers justice in the name of their inspiration, the ESE. Marshals are ever trying to live up to the promise ESE holds out to them for a more pleasant and peaceful existence. They will often stake a turf in an inhospitable place, working tirelessly to clean it up and make it wholesome.

    ESE EM can specialize in either social or technical aesthetics. Marshals agree that both are essential ingredients to their primary goal, peace.

    Fe 1st entails a deep sense of determination not to let the powerful have their way. And yet, it reminds that the perfect should not be the enemy of the good.
    Si 2nd is felt as a responsibility to help others and to right wrongs, to work for an authentically pleasant and peaceful environment. They do not litter, and will scarcely suffer those who value neither peace nor hospitality.
    Te 3rd is felt as determination not to involve others in your problems. However if your help is wanted, it should be granted. Success in life is a matter of luck, because you must do what others ask of you. To the Marshal, it's not what you did, but what you didn't do that counts most.
    Ni 4th is the tendency to self-recrimination. The complex past that seems unpredictable, at once the price justice exacts and the consequence of complacency in the face of indifference. Contingency planning is important, and although you don't have much time for it you often wish you did.
    Ti 5th reflects a characteristic inattention to detail. The Marshal spends more time than they would like combing through the data to find the right culprit. Justice demands no less. But they would just as well put the burden on the accused, rather than prove another innocent.
    Ne 6th reflects an enormous openness to possibilities. Nothing seems too out of the ordinary for this fellow. Accept where the evidence leads... don't question it and do your job.
    Fi 7th is trust in the heart. Trust in yourself, trust in your motives. Live justly and true. But dare to pry, because ignorance is costly.
    Se 8th is the hidden strength and wisdom, the impulse the approach life expansively and and fiercely. There are no limits to what you can do, so why chance the vacillation of others? Accept the fights that come your way and be ready, because the staunchest ally today may turn tomorrow, particularly if your zeal leads to their turf.
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