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    I was musing alpha or gamma because of the philosophy degree he was pursuing, but I guess NFs might also be likely to go that route...I loved the visuals in his films and the interpersonal sensitivity WITH an additional long-term/objective focus in his film "Tree of Life." I think ISFj is possible. Some Ne based type...dunno. I'm basically thinking he's not Delta ST, but I could be wrong there. I'm interested. I like his work. Any thoughts? I want to keep chipping away at this. May be an introvert, according to behavior cited on
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    Terrence Malick (possible) EII 9w1

    Si with Fi?
    Emmanuel Lubezki explained Terrence Malick's approach to film by saying "Photography is not used to illustrate dialogue or a performance" but instead is used "to capture emotion so that the movie is very experiential". So the film, with Lubezki's own words, is "meant to trigger tons of memories, like a scent or a perfume".

    Nostalgia is a powerful feeling; it can drown out anything.

    Some American theaters set up signs - warning moviegoers about the enigmatic and non-linear narrative of the movie - following some confused walkouts and refund demands in the opening weeks.

    When people express what is most important to them, it often comes out in cliches. That doesn't make them laughable; it's something tender about them. As though in struggling to reach what's most personal about them they could only come up with what's most public.

    The Tree of Life

    Father (played by Brad Pitt) LSE
    Mother (played by Jessica Chastain)** EII

    The nuns taught us there are two ways through life, the way of Nature and the way of Grace. You have to choose which one you'll follow. Grace doesn't try to please itself. Accepts being slighted, forgotten, disliked. Accepts insults and injuries. Nature only wants to please itself. Get others to please it too. Likes to lord it over them. To have its own way. It finds reasons to be unhappy when all the world is shining around it. And love is smiling through all things. They taught us that no one who loves the way of grace... ever comes to a bad end. I will be true to You. Whatever comes.

    The only way to be happy is to love. Unless you love, your life will flash by.

    Help each other. Love everyone. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Forgive.

    ** she channeled this motherly, all compassing love so beautifully, it just made me want to hug her, bury my face and absorb all of it.

    To the Wonder

    ou shall love whether you like it or not. Emotions, they come and go like clouds. Love is not only a feeling; you shall love. To love is to run the risk of failure, the risk of betrayal. You fear your love has died; perhaps it is waiting to be transformed into something higher. Awaken the divine presence which sleeps in each man, each woman. Know each other in that love that never changes.
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