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Thread: Aspects of Valued Functions (Dmitry Golihov)

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    Default Aspects of Valued Functions (Dmitry Golihov)

    Edit: translation is available here:

    Depending on the particular aspect of getting a certain value function - we obtain 16 Socionics types. If the first function of the object, the second - subjective and vice versa. This ensures survival of the human species. Otherwise, he would either dissolve in the environment without having inner meaning, or, conversely, had locked himself in his own subjective reality to the detriment of foreign policy. Both cases imply unsustainability. The first two functions - the main, third and fourth - auxiliary. Each type of logic, ethics, sensing and intuition are placed exactly on the four functions of value: a half - the object, half - subjective (first to third and second - with the fourth). Thus, we can say that all people in a certain degree of logic, ethics, and sensory intuity. But most clearly expressed in its first and second functions. First - as a way of existence, and the second - as a way of implementation. That's why each type is called the first two functions (as well as type - introvetnomu or extroverted on the first function). He also had a different name - as indicative of the famous representative of this type. Four types whose value aspects of the same form of the quadrupole. There are four:
    Quadra Alpha : Intuitive Logical Extrovert (Don Quixote), The Logical Intuitive Introvert (Robespierre), Senosorno-ethical introvert (Dumas) and Ethical Sensory Extrovert (Hugo).
    Beta Quadra : Sensory Logical Extrovert (Zhukov), The Logical Sensory Introvert (Maxim Gorky), Intuitive-ethical introvert (Esenin) and Ethical Intuitive Extrovert (Hamlet).
    Quadra Gamma : Intuitive-logical introvert (Balzac), The Logical Intuitive Extrovert (Jack London), Senosorno-ethical extravert (Napoleon) and ethical-sensory introvert (Dreiser).
    Quadra Delta : Sensory Logical Introvert (Jean Gabin), The Logical Sensory Extrovert (Stirlitz), Intuitive-ethical extravert (Huxley), and Ethical-intuitive introvert (Dostoyevsky).
    Below we indicate which aspects are present in a combination of value functions and what they mean in practice, but you can already begin to recognize themselves in this or some of his friends:

    The object logic

    The object logic (Extraverted Thinking)
    As a 1st function (Stirlitz, Jack London) – He is very confident in his existing knowledge, and lives by rules, "routine", or "charter", invented by himself, to impose his vision of the correct "order of things" in external situations and conserve this vision (who does what, etc.). All things must be in place; moving them makes him want to put them in place. He possesses a strong notion of "my territory", the "boss", suiting a mess on it irritate people, "every cricket stick to your hearth"(wut). The status quo is unchanged, if we ask why they should do so, and not otherwise - that corresponds to something like "so right", without giving a reason (idk). It is as if he lives in the surrounding area with his hands; if one were to try to change this, it would be seen as an attempt to change himself. Once having learned a certain rule, it will follow him throughout his life (2 * 2 = 4). The existing old order must be permanent; if it were to be replaced with a new one, the new one is bad by default. Restoring order in its place gives him a sense of self-affirmation. He is well versed in the rules of something (how to do something, how and in what order to act, where to go, and with with what documents). He knows how to assemble and disassemble anything, and is confident in his ability to do so. He can spend hours messing around with soldering iron parts, to understand the complex mechanisms. “If there is stable and invariable rule and order in my world, then I live. If not, then there is no me.” On his own territory, he always feels “the main” (the boss), and will not tolerate opposition. If the notion of territory is more widely delineated, this control may be extended to anyone who is on it. For them, a house is an impregnable fortress. If they explain something that they understand - that sooner or later they will say "clear" and interrupt you (uhh), as to penetrate to the level of understanding they seek. They are interested in the facts of objective reality. They do not need to understand, but rather memorize, learn, compare, and implement. For example: to assemble and disassemble vacuum cleaner, there is no need to understand, you just have to remember how to do it. If the facts of his objective view of the world of change, then it is a pain, because he needs time to rebuild it. He favors activities from which objective goods can be obtained. Sometimes these types are the only ones in their area who live by their rules, but sometimes their rules tend to extend to others nearby as well, as an extension of their borders (influence?) seems a useful thing in terms of how a person lives and this means he "exists" in even greater extent. To go somewhere in someone else's place and tell people what they are supposed to do (give advice) is fairly typical of him. Communicating with them - do not leave the impression that he is always in the form of head and loves to command, even if he was not empowered by it: "Take a shovel, go dig potatoes now"(idk). He does not like those who spend their time wasted and unproductive. He likes to ask again, “what facts are the basis of your opinion or judgments of anyone?”

    Te as a 2nd function (Jean Gabin, Balzac) - He can very skillfully and/or creatively use knowledge and facts - the ideal lecturer, who can give instructions. He could, for example, teach skills related to vehicles. He’s good at creatively and originally manipulating external objects that need to go you can climb, dig, make out - to collect (idk). Many representatives of this type, as children, love designers (or maybe just “design”). Fixing complex household items is their favorite hobby as this, after all, requires active work with extraverted logic. If an object does not need the help of this function, he might deliberately break the object, then fix it. He might, at times, use an item for a purpose other than the intended purpose (ie – using a microscope as a way to drive nails). He is an ideal upgrade specialists for anything, especially in the physical sense. He has an eye for patterns of the objective world, and knows how to fix and use them well. Sometimes you may find a place far from civilization and lacking objective knowledge – there he will be especially useful, as he will have a chance to utilize his knowledge and skill. He is well versed in the currently existing laws, orders, and their advantages and disadvantages, skillfully maneuvering in them (within their limits?). When in traffic, he might plot a very original route: on roadsides, paths, and sidewalks, he feels like a duck in water. He knows how to keep in mind the many factors of the objective world and use them. A very practical person, he is able to improve and modernize anything in the surrounding area, as to make it easier, better, better, "jack of all trades." He creates some rules for himself, but they are very flexible - some of them can be avoided by any substitute – for he has a very manipulative attitude towards them. He might follow one rule in the morning, but in the evening follow a very different rule, simply because life has changed. Because of this, it is very difficult to negotiate (do business) with him, and if there is a contract, he may at some point cancel it, simply because it was unprofitable for him. That is – he views rules as something that can change at any time upon request of the parties. Because of this, it is often difficult to deal with him in a business capacity, as a contract usually do not permit one to revise it every 5 minutes. If he allows a contract, it must be one without penalties in the event of dissolution, and it must be established that its focus is something impermanent, and a just (or “just a”) solution acceptable to all for a short moment of life.

    3, the function (Napoleon, Huxley) - knowledge for the individual is paramount, the factor of superiority: "If something I do not know, I - bad." Therefore, very often they say they know something, in reality this does not know (often in the hope that it will study later, and no one would guess that they do not really know). Or another option for protection in the negative - more of them can sometimes hear: "Oh, and I do not know, I'm so ashamed." It is also important for them to have a piece of its territory, where they have the opportunity to be in charge. They love to learn, because knowledge gained increasing their self-esteem. Nothing pleases them so as not received five on some subject. Very attentive to the objective reality: the violation of the planned order of things makes him stress. He likes to reinforce their knowledge of links to an authoritative source, statistics and facts. But do not know how to analyze them in terms of understanding. His vocation - the keeper of scientific knowledge. Information can not stand the chaos, when nothing really is not clear. Therefore, usually, in such situations, it makes it easy: "Do we have the real facts? Here, let's take them and push off. " "If the world is in my order - then I am good, if not - then I'm bad." Tend to idealize their "objective" picture of the world authorities. That is, treat it as what it actually is, even if mistaken, and all of the facts of "fried." Often become followers of something, some kind of "order of things" and implement it everywhere. Becoming a supervisor, usually planted on the ground it was "their" people who take their "order of things" and acting. It is very important concept: "I - the owner, the chief in my territory." It does not matter what her size: a room or an entire state, as long as it's all been taken. Sometimes this results in a comical shape: guard a territory, which considers itself the right to decide whether or not you start somewhere just on a whim. In personal life, it sometimes means greater demands on elected representatives: it is necessary fully to take all their outward actions, but it is also possible only up to certain limits. So often they are aware that the search for the ideal in principle not possible. Violation of the order of things by any of his subordinates for them - a serious offense, too late - thus destroyed his order. If he does not head - then it is important to know exactly what these responsibilities, or may not take someone else's "order of things." Pokomandovat love, if possible: relatives, subordinates despite how far it extends the concept of "my territory."

    4 function (Dreiser, Dostoevsky) - instill facts, figures, often turn a deaf ear to all but them. He likes to be in places where the know when it might be - what to do. Instill the external order of things, which was at the time of his upbringing: the political system, social norms, etc. It is therefore extremely sensitive to changes of a social nature: if only the order of things has not changed: "God grant you do not live in an era of change." Always moves in the direction of places of highest order and carefully avoids the chaos, is inspired by this procedure and worries that he then did not change. In this regard, sometimes attracted to the military structures, which has the force of statute. He was important that the situation elsewhere was organized in accordance with customary rules and laws he does not contradict the facts of objective reality. It is also important to know who and where you want to do. What documents must be collected, for what purpose, where they need to file and how to fill out. The most comfortable feel in the situation of single-valued rules of action, without any admixture of subjectivity, "in case of something - do something." Knowledge of the facts is often replaced in a given situation a true understanding of its problems. Why it becomes superficial, simply body of statistics-observed objective laws and regulations. He does not like long and detailed explanations. Immediately interrupted and said, "Well in short, that there" really? ". There is a view that he wants to get a complete solution right away, usually, but not its rationale. For example: "2 * 2 = 4." Already a rule. He likes to terms, you can sometimes talk to them and only them they will be enough. Do not like those who are destroying the norms of behavior in certain situations, for example, breaks the chain of command.Especially is suggested by the facts that sees with his own eyes, if they can touch it. So often can fall victim to scams that they are able to provide such "fried facts," especially if it is clearly ("sleight of hand and no moshenstva").

    Subjective logic

    1 function (Maxim Gorky, Robespierre) - very affectionate to their understanding of something, his thinking, his logic, concepts, confident and conservative in that it is impossible to convince, "lives" that are not necessarily sharing it with others. If you did not converge with the facts, sometimes even "worse for the facts." Trying to criticize it makes him irritated. He knows how to talk, but does not like to defend his vision of the situation: "Who knew - he knew the rest is not given," so often surrounds himself with the notion of "my school" - those who make it logical judgments and does not climb to criticize. It is very hard and long changes its logical conclusions: needs time for reflection errors. He likes to get away with the way he understands it. If this can not be achieved - there is irritation.Therefore, one can only persuade them weighty arguments, as he perceives new information often skeptical, if he is not sure: we must all be carefully weighed before saying "yes." His thinking is fundamental, solid, something that can be "lean" in which case, so there should be no risk of them are difficult and require that someone's views instantly approved. In general, try to understand everything at first, and only then to take for themselves. If something can not understand, then mastering the material is more complicated, since it is difficult to accept for themselves. So often can a very long time to learn something before you can use, even if the question is very simple.

    2, the function
    (Don Quixote, Zhukov) - likes long, detailed and creatively explain anything other than a teacher, a teacher, "I explain, while I listen, while 100% will not be sure that everyone understood everything." Asked him - sometimes you can hear an answer for hours, sometimes just looking for someone to speak out on "their understanding of something," "get away" from this it can be difficult, if not talk about it directly. Something similar could be the object and logic functions on two sometimes, but in this case the emphasis is not on facts but on the fact that all necessarily understand everything, sometimes explained as the children for this reason. This person is constantly looking for an audience with questions, but not explained in terms of knowledge, but from the standpoint of how he understands it, that is more lucidly and meticulously. He likes to find a field of application is something that has not been studied and understood before, sometimes like to begin to explore the unknown for a sphere in which they have no qualifications, as it allows us to develop the scope of "understanding" of anything that is very tempting for creative functions.

    3, the function
    (Dumas, Esenin) - a person is very important to understand everything. So, if you ask him about some difficult things, you can hear the answer, that he understands them (only a very peculiar way.) It is important that everyone understands it as well. If understanding is not possible, self-esteem drops of man, so he does not like to admit that something is not understood. He was critical praise in logic, likes to boast that he was up to something thought of himself. Often likes to refer to some everyday stories, because nobody would think of checking their validity, in general, likes to refer to someone as a way of protecting their arguments (as if the responsibility for objectivity is passed on to them). He likes to be implemented in areas that do not require the actual confirmation. In the passive protection of self recognizes itself silly or complains that no one understands, with the active one will argue that he understands all right. His logic - the logic of common sense, simple, everyday savvy, since it is difficult to argue something. All that burst into his life, must be understood and comprehended. And he, breaking into other people's lives, hopes to be understood by them. Afraid to be mistaken in their understanding of something, do not guess, but if that can very easily change their explanation, just as the mind, but so that it is not conspicuous ("crocodiles fly, but a low-low-ceilinged"). A lot of worry and try to clarify matters of mutual understanding with others, "you did not understand me, because I wanted to do better." Want to be appreciated for sincerity.

    4 function
    (Hamlet, Hugo) - deliberately looking for a place where it all is clear and avoids those where something remains unclear, complex, primarily from the standpoint of common sense. Very needs people who know how to explain complicated things understandable, often attached to them for that reason. If you tell him that something would be difficult to understand, then he will not try to figure it out, just run away. If you say that it's easy, then get it it would be easy, because it is inspired by this. Very instill an understanding of other people and in general any logic so easily believe in the most bizarre and unrealistic, it is easy to convince. Love to go to learn, but to those courses in detail and understand all meticulously explained. The lectures, which simply give the terms and facts, scare them, as each of them must be their first meticulously explained. Can be tricked by fraudsters because of their suggestibility logic of doing so, they must always remember. Someone always has to explain to them that everything is simple and clear, and then seat them will sound good. If you leave a situation where it is unclear that it is impossible, it may be a fool to pretend to be or to pretend that he's not interested, bored. Angry at the people who know, but refuse to explain what it is not clear to him, believes that they mock him. The best habitat - primarily 100% understandable and predictable.

    Object Ethics

    1 function (Hamlet, Hugo) - a person lives outside the relationship between humans and alien emotions and feelings, can enjoy the outside, to create a positive atmosphere. Conservative estimates of those who like to whom belongs, including him, as long as this attitude has not changed - it may cause irritation in him, as well as the fact that someone does not agree with that. Categorically rejects those who treat them badly or at all act from base motives, they are for him - like a red rag to a bull.Affectionate to people, he sure cute. People can appreciate. Relations are perceived as something permanent and if a person has changed, they never did not believe it, because the relationship to them - a zone of conservatism. The "good" should be "good" and "bad" - "bad". If they start to behave contrary - it is an irritant. Therefore, do not want to believe in changing the situation with regard to "to last" until the facts are not already outrageous, and even then can easily say that, say, to blame someone else.Never deliberately exacerbating relations. Multiple stable personal relationships, communication, organizing the foundation of his personality. Can not be one, because if there is no relationship with somebody, if anyone is not needed, and I was not there. The world community should be good, kind, loving and caring. Sometimes it can look for a place among the religious sects, as there preached the principle of "everyone should love everyone." If you can not conquer the feelings of others, it provokes in him the inner anger, inferiority complex. Are zealots such thing as a behavioral norm that people in certain situations, demonstrating the appropriate sense of this situation, the deviation from which they can be annoying. Need to be public. Any situation - this is primarily a set of relations.

    2, the function (Dumas, Esenin) - this man - a very skilled manipulator and thin people's feelings, an intriguer, a psychologist, knows how to please and sees this as his destiny. Often non-communicative love people in need of contact, it is "light". Constantly in the process of creating an ethical: can promise something people just for the sake of improving the relationship with him. Rarely found alone, in fact, wherever there are people out there like it is possible, which means it - the subject of their work, he wants to or not, but you need to act, to create "good relations" with them. Knows how to make yourself advertising, to create the right mood in the community or anyone else, to boast. He likes to find a negative relationship between people and turn them into positive, bring people together. But sometimes, when there is no need to change something on the "personal front" may deliberately spoil them, so you had the chance again to get by, that is to find a job in a second function. Is able to impose their wishes to others so they took them for his own. Strangers often become the object of desire to intrigue them, because they allow better treatment for him, and that is his vocation in the society. Likes risky, spontaneous relationships, "on the brink of a foul." They know how to persuade - they are ideal "vtyuhivateli" goods and services, if become salespeople. Best "podnimateli sentiments" in the world, "splochateli teams." But the constant intrigues often enough for them to work as well as what they are able to discreetly "white" to pass off as "black" and thus get "unscathed" sooner or later becomes apparent when it happens regularly.

    3, the function (Don Quixote, Zhukov) - for a man it is important that all treated him well. He does not like ambiguity in this matter and is constantly striving to clarify the situation: "Let's find out yet, you respect me or not." Clarification of this issue may cause any change: facial expression, gaze and so on. Often with age become good psychologists because it allows you to keep a good self-esteem.Fixed on his attitude towards certain people and ignore the "public opinion". Very fond of social recognition: honor, glory, respect, diplomas, regalia, etc. For the sake of good relations to it and sometimes can work everybody for free, to help someone do something out of a sense of camaraderie. If there is surrounded by someone whose negative feelings towards him, it causes the fall of his self-esteem. When the protection it - it will try to win the good attitude of a man at any cost, passively - on the contrary, may say something like, "Now here I am so bad." If you do not have good relations, we can try to adjust them at any price, or conversely, to avoid them in case of realization of the impossibility to change something. Fond of any of flattery, is ready to support any opinion, as well as to compromise, you do not accidentally change the attitude towards him, and if you do not agree with someone, it very diplomatically. Communicating with representatives of this type - often feel internal stress associated with fear to call to his film, so they often think ten times before you say anything. Seemed to refer to this as a job. Move up the career ladder often at the expense of the ability to be considerate of others.

    4 function (Maxim Gorky, Robespierre) - Good place for a man where it all like, well it is treated. If someone says that is bad for him (for example, in the hearts of his wife says, "I hate you"), then takes it literally and tries to get out of there immediately, to find a place where everyone will treat him well (or say that it is). Therefore, it is extremely difficult to be in places where they do not know how someone treats them. The appearance of him as a man who tells them: "cool, man!" Is perceived as "the appearance of Christ to the people." Very suggestible to when they say someone like him to apply. He likes the positive emotions of other people, like charging them. Moves in the direction of prevailing "most positive" in the emotions, positive emotions and avoid locations of the negative. He does not like situations intrigue spletnichestva, since in such a situation can become a victim of their own.Therefore, always a bad thing applies to the "whispering a secret," seeing it as evil intentions.Relations people should always be open, honest, kind. Word of the relationship must always coincide with the cases differently - there is something wrong. Saying that you love a person - it should be clear and in fact, and if in fact this is not visible - so it's not true. Very suspicious in regard to himself and others, suspecting some sort of "zapodlo," even if it's some tiny little thing, is either immediately tries to break off the relationship, or to exclude a person from among their "own" people close to him, reducing contact with him to a minimum. So sometimes it can be known as a traitor, finding those who treated him better, and there can move permanent residence, finding it a powerful argument for change "area".May become a victim of "sycophants."

    Subjective ethics

    1 function (Dreiser, Dostoevsky) - a very affectionate and conservative in their feelings and attitudes toward anyone will feel once true to anyone. If someone with these estimates do not agree - it makes him a strong negative. Once deceived them - becomes for them a liar forever, even if re-educate. On the part is often perceived as a moralist, as his feelings and evaluation - the main part of his life. But the fact is that since the main function of the "product" does not like to be given out in the world, and often holds in itself - then it happens most often when something annoys him in terms of its ratings.That is, the negative is often seen more clearly than the positive. This and a false impression of these people exist. Attempt to challenge their assessment is useless, just that something "good" and something "bad." Explain why they will not be able to communicate clearly, except for common phrases. Tries to keep himself near those whom once had positive feelings. They have a very clear division of people into "good" and "bad." "Good" love and "bad" despise perfect hatred: often hidden, sometimes openly, especially if the person is very much a strong negative calls. If enough people around him whom he loves, it may provoke in him a hidden aggression, because it means that in this world it is not: after all, no one to love. They are very sensitive to such concepts as duty, honor, dignity, morality, of course - it is in his understanding. It is important own feelings, emotions and attitude to anything, not external, public, which may not be given importance. Rarely changes his attitude towards anyone. Especially - with the bad to good. It has a huge stock of different emotions and their nuances.Very sensitive to deviations from their own moral people around him, as if constantly controls them in this respect and taking care of. His positive feelings - this is something that from his point of view should always confirm the behavior that matches his expectations about the "good" - "bad." In society, it is hard for them in terms of understanding as well as their ethics - personal, subjective, and therefore may deviate significantly from the public despite the fact that people there are very deep so "sitting". You have to find just those who agree with her.

    2, the function (Napoleon, Huxley) - they always convey to others his attitude toward them, constantly being manipulated by their attitude toward others. See their destiny in hand their own assessments to all that surrounds them: what's good and bad. Sometimes it can change the sympathy / antipathy several times a day, a very amorous and inconstant in this. Looking for a place where interested in his views on any issue. It is best to find themselves as artistic director since its evaluation is uniquely made ​​and the people approve of what he calls them. As a leader he is also entitled to receive, but the approval of others, in this case is much less. He himself refers to his estimates as "working time", something everyday and constant at first praised someone, then scolded, then praise. Not being in a similar position - it looks less adequately, so often it is this is an incentive to them to be and, thus, quietly "sell" products, for which there is a very small society. Usually - none at all, because those who are critical of all, often no one likes. It is often perceived as one who comes "with its charter in another monastery." Immediately begins to look and evaluate everything, "it's good, but it's bad," "like it, but it somehow is not." He was interesting to be in a conflict situation, and if all is well, it can even provoke her, since then he has a job: to assess. These people often win the sympathy of their participation in the problems of others: they are aware of them, are interested in them, can adjust to the interlocutor, as such, to better get in touch with him. Therefore, one often make good policy. Their advantage - the ability to play on requests voters to know what they want. Their relationships are rarely reliable, since it is very volatile today like tomorrow - I do not like, then - again like it. Even hate them - something that quite easily could one day become love. For them, the feeling - it's just an interesting game. They all know the price, so it is more interesting to be evaluators, tasters. Seldom has a member of the opposite sex, they leave without their assessment. Their assessments often serve as a moralizing, but very strange, because today is good, and tomorrow - is bad and vice versa. Sometimes the situation forces to hide their estimates for the "opinions of others." For example, can use this, "say ...."If you specify who is saying what, it turns out that he had so cunningly hides his opinion.

    3, the function (Jean Gabin, Balzac) - these people are extremely important to feel good about people around them somewhere, someone to love. If someone does not like them - it means a fall of self-esteem. "I'm bad if I do not love anybody." They have two ways out of the situation, either way a Buddhist - to admit that the world is not perfect and love him for who he is with people who think of themselves or the perfect lover and love her, and in the world beyond just the relationship without strong feelings. All other options imply a strong self-esteem problems, as in the case of idealization of people close to him, sooner or later have to deal with their shortcomings. A deidealizatsiya means every time the strongest negative and decrease self-esteem. They need to be able to talk anywhere about his attitude toward something, talk about love, what they do. Idealization of the world - their main problem. Important for them to have permission for it to express their attitude to anything frankly.Therefore, they often choose them well-understood environment of existence, having contact only with her, because there certainly can say what you think. He likes to tell the truth and hopes that it will be perceived adequately, even if it is someone that hurt you. They say, but honestly. Tries to protect itself from interfering in its internal zone experiences. So often you can hear from him, "do not go into the soul." Generally like to stay away from the objects of adoration somewhat detached, as if they are much easier to not be disappointed. Ideally, it periodically to somewhere for a long time absented himself. Can find as a matter of love of animals or even some kind of mystical entity, is not it even easier to maintain self-esteem. If a long time in a relationship with someone, you often will sooner or later becomes a moralist, since it is a good way to force someone to conform to their ideals about it.When self-protection in the negative will say that everything - the bastards.

    4 function (Stirlitz, Jack London) - people tend to find these types over the environment, a place where everyone will like them. If someone does not like it - a reason to change the situation. Very instill, if he speak, as to who should be treated. When you do not know how to treat someone, you feel uncomfortable in need of people who have them explain it all along the way. Looking for a place where he would be allowed to communicate to all of its assessment, the attitude. If this is allowed - the place is good. In this regard, it is very suspicious, so they often try to find and rely on some objective data.Very close to him instill estimates of people who can use it. So, if, having appeared in some new place, there is such a man - he will try to catch it for its evaluation and then make them your own. For him, the best place where there is a close and trusted circle of friends. He likes the situation, in which he accurately and clearly convinced as to what should be treated "black - white." If such clarity is - that he himself may feel uncomfortable. He was always very painful to part with the team, where he worked, and memories of him will bear it in nostalgia. It hurts to lose a friend, a comrade, a colleague, with whom for a long time in seclusion. The same applies to personal life. Sometimes you might deliberately provoke a scandal somewhere as a legitimate way to express their attitude to something, as in other assessment would require the approval of the collective, and this assessment can be aired and so. And then move on to his present estimates, which already can safely speak. If he feels for someone's feelings - it can all turn a blind eye to everything, as he was lovingly instilled in his case it is blind. It's a feeling that it warms the contrary at least to some common sense. In general, under such circumstances, the function develops a very dangerous situation, because a person can very easily be programmed to any feelings for anyone, and therefore action. Then just push to do what he wants. And no hypnosis is not necessary - it will do the best intentions.

    The object sensing

    1 function (Zhukov, Napoleon) - a very self-confident in their abilities, believes that can do everything.Often gives the impression of voluntarist what I think is right, then it should be good for everyone. The impression of a strong man, he seemed to never have enough space around "like a bull in a china shop." If he is physically strong, detests "wimps" if the opposite is weak, all strong men - "Goons."Often, good to handle money, but the issue is either too conservative or too cocky. Life is perceived through the prism of power "who is who." To be heard by them, you make yourself respected in any way. Any weakness of man is seen as a lack, so they often can I use it, not seeing anything wrong with.Constantly doing something, by developing skills. Usually, their strength is visible to the naked eye, but it lacks flexibility, rather it is something monumental and conservative. Always try to be just the first in any case, if this does not work, then get angry much. If their strength and ability to question, it should also be an outbreak of aggression. Potentially - great athletes, but the constant re-evaluation of own forces is fraught with injuries. Preaches the cult of power and abilities, confident in your external data.Asserts its uniqueness, originality. Sees no need to get someone's approval for a particular act, and the solution takes a very self-confident. Do not hesitate to use force anywhere. Angry, irritated, if someone has him "contradict the" and it shows outwardly. Sometimes, at first irritated, and only then can already understand something of what has been said to him, as a function irratsiaonalna, that is not connected with thinking. Listen to the opinion on the other hand tend to only when something could not do it yourself or have time to enjoy a clear authority in his eyes, respectfully, that he'll listen. Loves extreme situations as a way to prove to himself that he lives there. In addition, because it is easier to get on the right of society to the approval of their actions. First, do something, and only then can understand what they had done. The man of action, action. Tends to force philosophy of chanting, self-coping, victory at all costs "could fill up a bear - a man." Of the opposite sex prefer to win, to take a fortress strongest storm. And, always sure that everything here depends only on himself, his power capabilities. Hence - extremely irritating when realizing that goal was not achieved. Poor man's place - the inability to understand that in life, not everything depends on him alone. Therefore, if a person does not achieve success in life, it becomes very annoying, because at heart considers himself a failure. I'm sure that looks and dress well. It would be hard to be in a situation where nothing can be done to change, to be in "limbo", just wait for the right moment for action, not "blurt out" all at once. They are always accompanied by restless activity, workaholism. Not a minute without action, which means that sometimes the inability to stop and think. If the air hangs a pause, then it necessarily need to fill out some action. If they say something, it immediately sounds problematic, action.

    2, the function (Maxim Gorky, Dreiser) - these people have artistic and creative handling of power, money, and different skills. The ideal coach who can make others more fairly original techniques or impart any skills. His strength - a flexible, sophisticated, trying to be relevant. Can effectively and quickly to work, sometimes making several things at once, great financiers, the truth may be too risky for something, so they can get rich and go broke several times during life. They love to compete, in contrast to the first function will be important to them in the first place the process, but not necessarily as a result - once the first place. The second suit them too (as is, for which further work). Often like to "extreme." If you can not be realized on this function, you can sometimes deliberately fall into a very deep financial or physical "well", then to carefully selected from it. Often become good athletes, they are able to go to win it creatively and professionally. Actually a lot of things can, can turn poverty into wealth anywhere, well manipulated by people external data. It is often useful to invite him to some business, because he just knows how to do something so that it will produce real income. Has the art of possession by force, when necessary - just "tighten the screws" for business use when necessary - contrary to weaken. Able to work with groups with exactly these positions to create the necessary balance of freedom and control to a specific situation. So there are good teachers in terms that children grow at the same time not spoiled, and not intimidated: somewhere you can encourage, but somewhere maybe "poprizhat" little, if "action". If he takes to train someone for something, you very often get from this great result. So often as - the parents of outstanding athletes who started to cook at an early age. If a long stored in the negative value of the function, the output is obtained with the second function, so it is very dangerous especially to anger, to provoke. It can be long enough to stash in his offense, not to give it a value, since the function tries to be adequate to the outside world, "good product", but at some point, "cup" is full and it can not monitor anything: there is a way out of aggression , so that people can not understand himself what he had done and then - the consequences. Therefore, it is extremely important somewhere physically run down: sports, hobbies, boxing pear at the worst. Well, it is better to give the opportunity to go to a negative, rather than to accumulate until it becomes a lot there, so it will be better for everyone. They know how to create yourself and others some image work with the clothes, very innovative in this, and create a canon of his original, and not chasing fashion and is often successful. If necessary, you know how to save money to live on small amounts of money. Sometimes it is so clever in financial activities that can make money out of thin air. They love to handle and manipulate forms: collecting stamps, badges, cars, build interiors, paint. As a child, can be very loving to play at soldiers. Usually they do not like when things touch him, as skillful manipulation - their "product" and then you get to them as if a competitor. They know how to handle things so that they serve them in many years, is an art of manipulation. Old - do not rush to throw out, so how can they still somehow try to use it, and then find a job in a second function.

    3, the function (Hamlet, Jack London) - these people the most important thing in life to be rich, powerful, beautiful, successful, skilful. Perceives this as a challenge and depends on his self-esteem, so it is very much to worry about this. If something does not add up - then it becomes a catastrophe.Often likes to dress up brightly, brightly, defiantly, as a way to challenge others to prove their beauty and success. Ruin, old age, social lack of success, ugliness in terms of social standards for such a person can even become an excuse for suicide. When self-protection in the negative - on the contrary may cease to monitor the appearance, go unkempt. In general, they tend to believe that the profession must leave on time so as not to disgrace themselves. Afraid to look weak and like to show off bold, strong, why it often can, for example, engage in martial arts, "the show" to learn some tricks and dangerous wherever possible, to show them, as well as sports. A man needs a constant taking new heights and this, strangely enough, their weak point. Sometimes, if everything went smoothly in their lives, at some point can drop everything and go to another town to "start over", thus increasing self-esteem. Very strongly socially conditioned, if someone needs something - then it becomes necessary to automatically somehow, and him and he starts trying to force it to get any. The fact that the best way is for him, and lies close enough only to reach out, it is usually not simply wondering if it is not necessary to win. Hence it may be similar problems in personal relationships, constantly turning the race for the unattainable. And as soon as it becomes reachable, and all interest is lost, the paradox.To be able to overcome everything and win - the main motive of their activity. The worst thing for them - to lose, it means disgrace. Because of this, do not like to get involved in those businesses that are too difficult to win. After the third function can not be any risk: typically raises difficult, even very complex tasks, but it is solvable and achievable. They are most often associated with existing skills, rather than the development of new ones. They need a social success, the universal recognition of their victory.Sometimes it can come up with clever ways to improve self-esteem: suddenly fall ill, then heavily treated, recover and take it as their own achievement and victory.

    4 function (Esenin, Balzac) - the data people are always moving in the direction of greatest strength, wealth, success, reliability, instilled the external form, appearance. Tend to live a beautiful life, come what may. One gets the feeling that they always manage to be on the winning side, the strongest party.If you change the balance of forces - and change direction. They are always attracted to strong people, they can easily lead to an optimum state of mind, if a little "shake" - they immediately charged received pulse. Constantly need to be in a situation in which there is a feeling of omnipotence it: money, power, honor, glory, medals, etc. If the bottom of the social hierarchy, it will climb up by hook or by crook. If they do something to impose, it is often not able to resist, oppose, as instilled by force. So often, just in case, can act cold and aloof, so you do not get into the story. A good place for it yet, where there is some kind of active work, work, turbulent life, he often unconsciously, in a turn and then surprised to discover yourself, where did not expect to be. For this reason, they need to be careful not to get involved by chance in any business, to which he has no desire to have a relationship. They are very easy it is to push, to knock them out of the right solution, because people always instilled in someone's force, and suddenly finds himself beside her. Often they do not take offense at the sarcastic jokes in his address, as they also contain an element of force, may even perceive it as a hidden compliment, respond to it sarcastically as the situation in principle implies that you need something to answer for it. However, instilling strength and constantly going to her one way, sooner or later may actually find it, and not just try to find and get in the books of Carlos Castaneda. Sometimes it may provoke someone to tour de force. For example, offer to arrange a tournament in arm wrestling.

    Subjective sensory

    1 function (Jean Gabin, Dumas) - these people live sensory pleasures of life and are looking for them everywhere for yourself: great food, a comfortable chair, a variety of pleasant physiological sensations.Often consider themselves experts in their tastes, if I love the heat, all who love the cold - a walrus. If I love the cold, all who love the heat - Merzlyakov. Very self-confident in matters of health, can put their views about health "above" the opinions of the doctors or even to treat them lightly. Almost always have good health, but excessive enthusiasm for sensory pleasures of life can be very podkashivat them.Smoking, alcohol, overeating and other gluttony - it is very difficult to just give it up. At the same time touch on these issues is very conservative tastes. If involved in a kitchen, it is usually obtained from him very well, if this "is the soul." But others "strepnyu" can be very critical, especially high-risk specialties. Often all that is necessary for comfort issues carry with them. Feel free to talk about intimate matters, not considering it necessary that something of this to hide, like to talk about their diseases. His sensory experience are conservative, so in these matters, he is very affectionate. I am confident in his invulnerability, reliability, "neproshibaemosti." If it is something "feels," "feels," that no one will listen, will do everything "in his own way." He likes strong stuff that can be "horseshoe bend", and such an idea may come to mind easily. He is fluent in its body, its plasticity. They have always something to feel physically, to confirm its presence in the world, and they surround themselves with such "thing": a soft kitty, warm carpet, woolen socks, iron balls spinning fingers. A lot of "fussing" for convenient - it is not convenient to him, but do not worry, namely the "fussing" as a way to maintain a conversation.

    2, the function (Hugo, Stirlitz) - a person is an expert in physical comfort, sensory pleasures, he likes to deliver his people. Enjoys cooking, comes to this issue very creatively, though sometimes - too creative, as often dishes out too specific. Great experimenter in a variety of sensory issues pleasures, like their maximum diversity. Proposal to try a rare exotic dish will be seen, most often, "with a bang."Often - a good massage therapists. Always take care of loved ones in the physical sense. They know how to create coziness and comfort in some, not intended for this place. Creative and skillful in matters of medicine: if it turns out you need to do the operation in the field, they will do it gladly, without any experience. Generally likes to treat other people, to make their bodies healthier and conduct experiments to improve the health of the body, the doing it beautiful: hardening, changing the appearance, weight loss. Also love to taste anything: unexpected tastes, smells, physical sensations, and give it the same people all around. Worn all day with offers close, "but ate a berry," "smell, smells like a flower," "Do you want massazhik do?", "Maybe you want some candy with jam?". If someone asks them about a sensory pleasure - it is very difficult to refuse, in this connection can log on sometimes rather strange territory pleasures just because somebody about something ask.

    3, the function (Dostoevsky, Robespierre) - most of the concerns of people call these types of health issues, the usefulness / harmfulness, reliability, and this is evident. They are often - walking guides to the medical, you know that when taken in the event of sickness. These questions are the area of self-esteem, so in these matters they are not afraid to go too far: winter swimming, training, jogging in the morning, drink specialized products for health promotion. Often attracted to alternative medicine and their interest is all that can in any way promote the health, they are constantly talking about it. The slightest danger to him they take very boyaznenno: when it's cold - they are the first to notice that an urgent need to dress warmer. May be asked to reduce speed when someone is going fast in a car.Any threat to health or accepted, even taken off the doors of a screw is seen as a potential threat to their lives and refuse to move in a way, always check machinery, equipment for the most trifling occasion, never confide in "pack your parachute," to someone else. If they have any health problems, it is for them a serious blow to self-esteem. When the protection function will still seek to prove his physical soundness, tear be in the vanguard "in the embrasure" (say, the first run to pull of gravity on the clean-), the passive will say: "Yes, I am old and sick." All that can confirm them by their physical soundness, will be made ​​to them in the first place. So they like to exercise as a way to prove that they are still "hoo." The most terrible punishment for them - lay helplessly ill in bed, in the presence of other people. They like to feel secure in the medical plan of the organization in which they operate. They - some of the hostages of the word "useful," especially if it relates to health. Usually very care about social security, debt to the people of the state, so they fear to get into a situation where "no one will file a glass of water." To convince ourselves that health is OK, for them it is desirable to periodically somehow feel his body strength: hiking, rock climbing, marathons, triathlon, etc. If the test is passed, then health can not be "something wrong".

    4 function (Don Quixote, Huxley) - these sotsiotipy move always in the direction of places where there is physical comfort, exquisite sensory pleasures and can not deny yourself this. Where they are physically comfortable, and there is good, even if it is very expensive. Love fine food, massage, rubbing. Having found one place where they feel comfortable, such as a restaurant - could go there for dinner across town. Avoid places where there is all he needed physical facilities. Food lovers of all slaves to their preferences and habits. If a sweet tooth, it will eat its weight. Often determines the state of his health from the words of others, as very instill in her. Sometimes it may be trying to recreate at home the elements of the place where they feel most comfortable physically. Quickly become accustomed to the "good" and this is their weakness in the future, without it they can not. Suggestible authorities about health issues if to tell him that he had something to be treated, it is easy to believe it can. In this context, can become easy prey to "pay physicians." May forget to eat on time, take drugs, sleep, so it is in need of caring parents or spouses.

    Building intuition

    1 function (Don Quixote, Huxley) - one lives in harmony and flow capacity of the external world, the integrity of the external situation, "everything is fine in this best of all worlds." Violation of this harmony is always treats aggressively, for example, repairs to the apartment for him - a reason for the occurrence of aggression. Since it can be difficult to negotiate because it seemed "Veer", going through life "can be that way, but can be so." Therefore, trying to clarify with him the time and venue can be an exercise in futility: "I'll be there first, and then there, and most of all, if everything will work out in time, in the area so much I'll be there somewhere." There is no perception of time and place as something permanent, which can not be moved, things seem very approximately, vaguely, for the sake of accuracy of the meeting makes no sense to change plans, thereby destroying the harmony of the external situation. If he's late for work and ask him to make a bucket at the same time, since it is still late, then it means destroying the integrity of the external situation, as it all was "already taken into account," that the work can sometimes be too late, was part of the concept of the integrity of the situation, and "bucket" there did not appear. These types of people "live" with original ideas on the device and the external world are conservative in that knowledge, by the impression of "great originals" - no one knows what he vzbredet in the head in the next second of time. And this love of impermanence, they erected a standard, conservative behavior for them - the perennial irritant. Those who criticize their ideas, their annoying, they can not defend them, often surround themselves with those who agree with them. They get irritated by people who scandals arrange external conflicts, even if it is "on the case." After all, external conflict - also the destruction of the outer harmony. Often like to finish something for others, but do not like to start, since it also means the destruction of some external harmony, which for them - a zone of conservatism.

    2, the function (Robespierre, Dostoyevsky) - the purpose of life of a man - to improve, harmonize the world, to build the integrity of the external situation. So sometimes they are quite unforgiving to those who are destroying it. Skillful maneuvering in a stream of opportunities - they skate and they are suitable to this question is very creative. Know what and how you can improve anywhere. They are able to make out the situation on the parts and assemble a more harmonious, upgraded sound, often are the generators of bold ideas "oschastlivlivaniyu humanity." Looking for a place where chaos reigns, there to organize everything. They know how to help people understand a complex issue outside the original way, "razrulivat" external conflicts between people and finish something for others to have the talent innovator. But sometimes, however, some case they may unconsciously do not fully convey, because then they become useless. Therefore, for them a perfect world - it is a dead world, something to improve it must at all times. Can often be used to look for in art as a way of creating an external harmony, are able to create a harmonious atmosphere anywhere. "The Storyteller", aiming to create a situation of an ideal world, ideal people. Only now actually living in it do not always fit, can often see a solution to this "nesostykovochki" in need "drastic measures" to them. They love to bring people in, say, someone tossed by bottle bins can provoke them to it, even if it is not safe in some situations, as it is - their "product".

    3, the function (Hugo, Stirlitz) - people are afraid of these types of something missing in my life, do not keep up with the capabilities of the external world. They run hard just to stay in place. Their self-esteem depends on the integrity of the external situation, they are very experienced, that somewhere in this very integrity will be destroyed: for example, someone in the family had a row - is necessary to flee "extinguish" the conflict, to reconcile all, even if he has matured and everyone will be it is better as a one time "razrulit" that this will not come back. Until recently, clinging to the relationship, even if they long ago exhausted themselves, not to destroy the integrity of the external situation. At the same time can completely undermine themselves, but would not destroy the Status Quo. If your neighbor has a garden, then they need to start it immediately, if there was a new movie, make sure you watch it, to keep abreast of the world can chase mode. It's just not the desire for external harmony, and the marathon. He likes to be outdoors, because it is constant and harmonious at the same time. He does not like the external inconsistency, misunderstanding the situation, constantly trying to clarify it. Seeks to preserve the constancy of life situations, even where this is clearly not possible. In the case of active protection function - it just upgraded, constantly adapts to changing the world, so that all may continue to remain unchanged for some time and question the integrity of the external situation is successfully resolved. In the passive protection of man resigns himself to the fact that it is not possible and lets things take their course, falls short of life and recognizes the impossibility of preserving their ideas about the ideal world in the environment. Often, like holidays, traditions, as they also do exactly harmonizing function in society: people have to be reconciled, be harmonious in terms of the external situation. Want to see them all was "like men." His ideals are trying to objectify the world around: create a perfect, fairy-tale world where everything will be fine, perfect. Recognize the impossibility of it - means to kill self, so they often believe in fairy tales, like movies with happy endami to experience this state when the external harmony of success. In general often pay attention to signs, horoscopes, tarot cards, often religious, all that can give at least some measure of assistance in building an ideal world, embarks on a course. Magical worlds can be built only magical ways.

    4 function
    (Jean Gabin, Dumas) - people looking for a place to stay, where there is no external conflicts, where there is an external harmony, positive atmosphere and avoid the places where it does not. According to this principle and can pick up his personal life and work. Can get involved in unexpected ideas about the structure of the world, is inspired bold innovative ideas. Love nature because it is constant, not changing, always calm and harmony. Instilled any external harmony and do not like it when it breaks. If this happens, it just goes back to where it is, without trying to change something. Often harmony for him yet where he feels himself the center of a situation around him, "everything revolves." They like to visit on holidays, carnivals, festivals, since they are external harmony, holiday atmosphere. Usually these types of people absorb the atmosphere, harmony, and the situation which prevailed at the time when they were kids and then reproduce it in my life it is generally very fond of remembering his childhood as something to what they really want to come back. Very fond of talented people at the outer harmony: the creators of art, musicians, artists, poets, and sometimes even ready to support them financially for the opportunity to be in their society, often dragging them to their home to the place lit up like an external harmony. Looking for people who believe that everything will be in the future just fine, believe in a positive future. He does not like the unpredictability, the chaos of the future situation, someone has to help him find the right options, to catch the right opportunity, so it is very trusting and instill in decision-making. He likes predictability, move "from the target to aim." If this sequence is disrupted and an unexpected event, it may fall into the "stupor", so they are trying to "podstelit straw," to provide in advance all the options. A good place for it yet, where is the exterior integrity, a landmark of the general movement, the proposed schedule. For example, go to college to finish it in 5 years. If his harness in a graph, table, then the most out of this will be difficult due to the suggestibility of the function. That is instead necessary to give another, more advanced schedule, with a guaranteed "bright future".

    Subjective intuition

    1 function (Esenin, Balzac) - a man considers himself a very ideological, consistent, principled, very conservative in that it irritates those who criticize his ideas. He lives in the integrity of the internal situation. Often able to see "through" the inner essence of something or someone. Preliminary romantic and an idealist. Lives of its internal harmony, tranquility, serenity, is able to draw inspiration in itself, it can also irritate those who like it is trying to break it. Generally does not love those who love him "get into the soul," it is very frustrating and angry. Tends to be inwardly calm in all situations, internally consistent. "Fluid like a river": involuntarily adjust to the interlocutor in communication by taking a form of consciousness that most good for this situation. And thus he does not play a role, but simply by diversity, as well has its internal integrity. That is, it just makes a version of himself.Communicating with you, he always felt your mood, as if they live together with you adjust to it. Loves to dive into himself, meditating. In case of failure can make a qualitative introspection. While in some place - like off of it, and tries to become invisible to him as a chameleon, especially if he perceives it as a threat to their domestic tranquility: for example, in the workplace so that no one bothered him. Maybe even a special hide it in some clever way: arrange a barricade of folders so that for them it was not visible. He does not like restless, internally discordant individuals, as this condition can be transmitted to him, sometimes from them to flee. Especially funny is that sometimes in a situation where a representative of this type of male sex fled from ladies, and they pursued him as prey, so they feel that he has what it lacks so much: inner peace. But he did it - not the product, and the subject of domestic consumption, so share with someone else, he can only with a very narrow number of people, but sometimes someone might snatch a piece, that it is usually very angry. Often, especially in the family, becoming a critic, since the deviation behavior of someone from his principles makes him aggressive.If in another situation, he still somehow restrains himself, the house may explode tantrums about it.

    2, the function (Hamlet, Jack London) - they like to find internally contradictory people "dig" in them, they create an internal harmony, and mood. They make great artists, because they know and love the "get used" to the image of a man from within and "play" on his face. They are able to understand the essence of complex internal situation - potentially good analysts. Often it is difficult to find employment, as their "product" - is the internal conflicts of man, and to penetrate so far, "the soul" of man, you just need to have permission. So often vulnerable and fragile, just to harmonize ourselves again, "it should be no more", and sometimes they start to like to torment and istezat himself to dig into their diseases.The reason for this - the difficulty to find adequate application in the world for its creative function, since it is not in high demand, not every let anyone dig in its internal problems. Their product - bold ideas, principles, systems of belief and knowledge that they bring into the world, promoted. But they do it beautifully, creatively, "thin", not imposing them, and promoting interest. Are searching internally contradictory situations, like they understand. Not finding a use, often realized in the art as it is also a good way to use the function. Is able to enter into various internal psychological state. A good speaker, as able to influence positively on the internal state of others in terms of harmony. Their product - it's the integrity of the internal situation, and therefore can be implemented successfully in psychology, because it means that they - healers of souls. In life they loved to dramatize everything, the slightest change in his mood or internal state necessarily comes to all around. Usually they are very fond of "blow out of molehills", for them it is - a way to find work on a second function, the more they "dumped" - the greater the realization of personality in the world.

    3, the function (Maxim Gorky, Dreiser) - Zone of people self-esteem of these types is the integrity of the internal situation, internal harmony, consistency, integrity, ideological, domestic tranquility. In order to protect self-esteem they usually just need a little break away from the people on this issue, so they do not sow it in some inner conflict, so this task is almost always cope successfully and actively defend it. From the side, they always seem to be very consistent and principled people. They always think, do and say the same thing, that is, never themselves do not contradict the same waiting for the others, someone for this reason, begins to consider them "too right". Any information received them only when it bears no risk of destroying your inner balance, and therefore can be very stubborn. Will never deal with their principles. Usually very polite, restrained, closed and hidden to give the impression of a principled, consistent person. Presence of a positive self-esteem is ensured by the ideals that may correlate poorly with the surrounding reality, which may cause neglect of the real reality. Effective in achieving specific goals, but this may be "ahead", ignoring the outside world and its opinions. Feel good when this is reinforced by the situation: occupation, which implies the legitimacy of such actions and means - protection from the viewpoint of society. For example: "I - a soldier and just doing my duty service to the Motherland" is to be understood: "I have to bribe smooth." Often preach idealistic principles, implying priority ideas, the principle of reality. Knows how to lead people, because he wants to believe he's not lying, but the truth believes in its ideals. They are important to preserve domestic tranquility, so you need to feel valued correctness of their actions in terms of consistency, devotion to principle. Where the situation is too ambiguous to be difficult, but it will try to resolve them through simplification. In principle, consistently - "good", not fundamentally, inconsistently - "bad." Do not like those who are able to sow internal contradiction and doubt in the soul. Even if he does something wrong, it's much more comfortable about it just never know, thus self-esteem will be protected, so most of these people will simply ignore it. For example, may think they want him to hurt so their opinion does not matter. In general, anything that might disturb his inner peace - is not taken into account. "May I lose, but I will correct myself." Very often it is more important to them.

    4 function (Zhukov, Napoleon) - these types of people choose their place of residence where there is no experience of inner discomfort, contradiction with itself, where he shared the ideas and principles, with no explanation. If this can not be achieved, then just change it. They like people who know how to raise them up, to create harmony in the soul, "sing a gypsy-ka, so that at heart I felt good, good."Instilled a stranger a good mood, do not like to be with those who have it bad. Alcohol is often used as a means to "pour soul," is potentially fraught with alcoholism, and the man himself can be sure that so do all. Their main requirement for the location, not to cause conflict with their ideals and principles. If this is not the situation, then it goes away, saying "it - not my world, I do not interesting." There can be anywhere, when the external situation "hurts the soul," calls it a "itch". If the place comfortable, then it automatically "all their" as the default share his beliefs, and more already have the prerequisites to do what it sees fit. Therefore, like their unique take "all cockroaches", creating a microcosm of "friends" who take each other's weaknesses and live with it. Hence the attitude to this world and people who live in, as his clan, but can position itself as the "godfather." Existing in a world that he is opposed to the "alien" who do not share his principles. Person is aware of the need to maintain harmony within the host, but it is the task rarely consult, as it always puts somewhere. To keep her he wants someone who will be his intervention on time to extinguish these "flash", destroying it, something like: "why are you so wound up that? It's okay, good. " Poorly predictable in its behavior for this reason, you never know what mood today will be a man and what he will do for this reason.
    The author - Dmitry Golihov
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    These descriptions are very insightful.

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    got most of this article translated: Aspects in Valued Functions will do intuition ones ... some time later ... someone suggest a picture for this article please cuz my brain is fried

    also never knew that Si-creatives will readily do surgery "in the field"

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    These are amazingly good, thank you H.

    ^What an Fi thing of me to say that what you posted is "good." Oh well....

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