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Thread: Matt Frewer

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    Default Matt Frewer

    Matt Frewer: LSE (Te-ESTj) [Normalizing subtype] (ESTj-ISTj?)

    Matt Frewer portrayed the character of Matt Praeger on the TV Show PSI FACTOR: Chronicles of the Paranormal. Here are some quotes from the episode entitled The Grey Men (written by James Nadler, directed by Giles Walker).

    Grey/Alien: What are you doing?

    Matt: Details. Thinking about details. Just calmly objectively thinking about details of the inquest.

    Grey/Alien: We are not interested.

    Matt: I know!

    Grey/Alien: Please cease or...

    Matt: Or what?! You've taken me away from everything I care about: my work, my family...!

    Grey/Alien: We must learn from you.

    Matt: Not anymore, not from me.

    Grey/Alien: Please. We were a successful people. But in time we found that we were fading away. Had no colors at all. Only grey. Please, show us joy.

    Matt: My daughter.

    Grey/Alien: Oh, but that is not the color you showed for her. Your work--that is where your colors are brightest.

    Matt: No, that's not true. I'm working on that.

    [PSI FACTOR: CHRONICLES OF THE PARANORMAL, Episode 208 (The Grey Men), Written by James Nadler, Directed by Giles Walker, Starring Matt Frewer and Michael Moriarty, etc.]

    Matt: You’re missing a lot of details here. God is in the details.

    Grey/Alien: The details are in your memory. We don’t need them.

    Matt: Oh, come on. Where’s the wreckage? Where’s the bodies? The tail section should be scattered over that rise. The cockpit should be right here. Come on, come on, come on, get it right!

    Grey/Alien: We certainly don’t mean to disappoint you. That subject failed.

    Matt: What are you doing?

    Grey/Alien: Research . . . So much information was lost, we’ve been trying to recapture it for some time, taking, how do you say, infants for study and leaving behind other modest efforts.

    Matt: Decoys. Changelings.

    Grey/Alien: Very recently we’ve been able to duplicate adults. Once the decoys are in place, however, we work uninterrupted. Unfortunately, if the decoy is damaged, the original also fails.

    Matt: You put children through this? And their parents? You know what it is to have a child? To feel that moment of happiness?

    Grey/Alien: We are striving to.

    Matt: You took that away from people.

    Grey/Alien: And you gave it away.

    Matt (depressed clone version): The thing about having kids, is they’re born and placed into your hands—they’re so small . . . and the responsibility washes over you like a wave of fear.

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    - from the PSI FACTOR: Chronicles of the Paranormal episode “Happy Birthday Matt Praeger” (Written by Larry Raskin, Directed by Luc Chalfour):

    - Mia: Does it hold any special meaning for you?

    Matt: All right, you wanna know how I feel about birthdays? They are, for the most part, depressing. You’re forced into being grateful to people who put more importance on the day than you do, and quite frankly it makes me feel uncomfortable, it makes me feel beholden, it makes me feel dependent. And I don’t like that.

    - Matt: . . . What does it mean?!

    Lindsay: It’s the hanged one!

    Matt: Yeah, I can see that.

    Lindsay: Okay, well in the Tarot it inverts The Fool . . . deals with earthly issues—limbo?

    Matt: And that relates to me somehow?

    Lindsay: Don’t you think so?

    Matt: I can (kind of) see I’m kind of in limbo—living out of a suitcase, failed relationships, changes happening all around me but not to me . . . But is that any reason to hang me up by my ankles?

    Lindsay: Yes.

    - Matt: Oh, come on, Lindsay, I’m dangling from a rope that’s not attached to anything over a pit of lava!

    Lindsay: Yeah. Can you feel the heat from the pit?

    Matt: Of course not.

    Lindsay: Can you feel the heat now?

    Matt: Okay! I feel it now! I feel it now!

    Lindsay: This is as real as the reality you live every day, Matt.

    Matt: How disappointing.

    Lindsay: No, the possibilities are endless. You just have to be open to them.

    Game Show Host: Do you have an answer, Matt?

    Matt: I’m thinking!

    Lindsay: What…is…love?

    Matt: Love…is truth.

    Lindsay (sighs): That’s so deep. But how would you know either?

    Matt: I don’t.

    - [now out of the 'cold spot' or alternate dimension/plane (back to 'reality')]:

    Mia: So what happened?

    Matt: It was a wake-up call. I think the game show is a…was a metaphor for my life.

    Mia: How so?

    Matt: I realized that…a few things I take seriously I, um, I screw up by over-compensating.

    Mia: This really affected you, didn’t it?

    Matt: I think there just comes a time when you’ve got to take a good look at yourself.

    Mia: What’d you see?

    Matt: Fear. And I finally faced it. I don’t feel it anymore.

    Mia: Happy Birthday.

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    He also played Sherlock Holmes in The Sign Of Four. He was pretty good.
    “Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, like diamonds we are cut with our own dust.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Gilly
    You've done yourself a huge favor developmentally by mustering the balls to do something really fucking scary... in about the most vulnerable situation possible.

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