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Thread: A Description of the LII's Leading Function

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    Default A Description of the LII's Leading Function

    Ti: Analysis - structures, schemes, classification systems - LIIs are masters of sequential
    and analytical reasoning, breaking theories down to their essence and then putting the
    parts back together to understand how they work. Chemistry, applied math, physics,
    economics - structured systems: LIIs thrive on understanding the structure of a theory,
    and can make lifelong careers out of any theoretical field. Hard work: LIIs are not typical
    hardworking manual labourers, but when it comes to mental labour, they can outlast
    even some of the hardest working types. Methodical, painstaking, thorough: specifically,
    when LIIs are working on a theory or developing a project, they can be painstaking to
    the point of hairsplitting.

    (More on the way...)
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    My intj dad was really good at trivia games. He knew a lot about stuff. Me and my mom are much more emotional and I don't really care so much about the facts, I like the feelings.

    He was still emotionally sensitive though. I think it's important not to take stereotypes too far. He was much better at logic than me and my mom, but we were better at comforting other people probably- but my dad was still 'emo' and sensitive in many ways, and he was an artist.

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