Been having insights about the linking pairs between Model A's blocks, the four "unknown" or "overlapping" blocks of the psyche.

Functions 1 and 4 together process social malady.
Functions 2 and 3 together process the negative effect of social malady -- these are rock functions 1 and 2 rely on to justify working together.
Functions 8 and 5 together process personal grievance. It seems like something about these functions is very sensitive, like it can't let damage to them go. This becomes a fire for the super-id's aggression.
Functions 6 and 7 together are the substance of the personal grievance, the cost of 8 and 5's unsatisfactory state.

Socionics has been way too influenced by positive psychology. Much, much too influenced. I almost wonder if it's doing more harm than good, considering that democracy is weak in every nation where socionics is popular. And it has, regrettably, been linked to politics and even invoked as a means of affirming despotic rule.