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    Let's say there is a workplace where 3 people are working. First, there was EIE boss and ILE worker and some other person. They have been working together for a year. Then the 3rd person quit and was replaced by EII. How do you predict such situation to develop according to socionics?

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    Initially everybody will be polite, of course. But after that initial politeness phase is over, the inter-type relations will start to kick in.

    I'd say the ILE and EIE will be closer to each other than either is to the EII. The EII will feel somewhat isolated, but may not say anything. The EII will start to be somewhat annoyed by the carelessness and lack of concern for what he[1] sees as important, but won't say anything for some time, just minding his own business. But after a while as he grows more comfortable, he'll start criticizing the ILE on little things, and the ILE and EIE will start to view the EII as a bit of a killjoy. There will be tension. The ILE won't confront the EII, but the EIE might. Depending on how bad it gets, the EII might eventually seek employment elsewhere. It's unlikely it will ever get to the "open conflict" stage, though -- just social tension.

    Anyway, that's my guess. Let us know what happens, I'm curious now!

    [1]Not knowing the genders involved, I revert to male pronouns, because "he or she" is cumbersome and annoying.
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