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Thread: Nathaniel Branden (ESI, Objectivism) Warning: this article is only an unfinished stub, 'to be continued'

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    Default Nathaniel Branden (ESI, Objectivism). Warning: this article is only an unfinished stub, 'to be continued.'

    Ignore all this. I've changed my mind. I think I agree with Ayn Rand as LSI, which changes the theory of how her intertype relations would have worked.

    Well, since I have to work today, I won't be spending my entire 24 hours in the forum as I have been recently. Yesterday I saw that I was the top poster, which I shall try to avoid doing again .

    I would need to find evidence and examples to support this theory of Nathaniel Branden as an ESI. That's a project for another day.

    I had originally thought Nathaniel Branden was an EII. Today I started thinking he was an ESI. The theory actually makes sense. It explains both his strengths and his weaknesses. It fits in with my theory that Ayn Rand is an LIE (Yeah, that one will probably get some people arguing with me).

    It explains how NB's books often talked about how important it is to be aware of your body and your breathing. A lot of his writing is about using the senses, and he often talks about people who have a lack of awareness of their bodies.

    It would also explain a weakness that I noticed, after being a devoted and loyal reader for years and years and years: He frequently started quoting himself, big chunks of his own text that he had written in the past, and in the later books, he didn't create as much new material. It was almost as though he thought every reader was a new reader who had never seen anything he had written before - he didn't imagine a reader like me, who bought every one of his books and every piece of paper he threw in the trash can.

    I wish I had it in me to go analyze the writings today and get some evidence for this, but that will have to be some other day.
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