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Thread: Whelp, yet another type thread I guess

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    Default Whelp, yet another type thread I guess

    Hey there. I've been wondering about my type recently, made a couple of guesses at it but decided it'd be kinda interesting to see what others thought. Still new at this, and I suck at introductions, so I'm just gonna jump right into it.

    First thing that comes to mind is that I do not do well in the social department. I don't hate people, and I can talk to random strangers with ease. There are times where I'll just ask some dude walking by for some help, or even some random nonsensical question to solve a problem (like if I need directions or want an outside opinion during a playful argument with a friend). At parties, if I feel like it (emphasis on if here), I can be pretty social and charming. In general I'm a calm, easy going guy. With things like that, I am fine.

    What causes problems is when people feel like including me in on their fun when I feel like chilling out. Or if I'm not having as much fun as they'd like (even though I'm fine). Its feels like my not-happy-enough appearance is a back-handed insult to their efforts to make me smile, so they try harder, which then pisses me off and makes me feel guilty. On the opposite end, when everyone looks really sad, I have a blank face. I'll genuinely feel upset, and will verbalize this (given the right company), but expecting me to share just because is uncomfortable. This causes some problems and unnecessary fights.

    I like learning new things, but hate just learning facts. I prefer to have an in-depth knowledge of something and being able to use what I know to fabricate new ideas or physical objects. I've gone into electrical engineering for this reason, in most classes you're taught a few rules and can go on to create/analyze pretty much whatever you feel like. I have a physicist friend who I'll talk to about seriously nerdy things for fun (also he can explain some of the mechanics behind some theories I've stumbled across).

    I've started to pay more attention to fashion, my preferred style being more casual and minimalistic. Basically putting on things that are comfortable, look good, and aren't gaudy/showy. As far as health goes, I've always been in decent enough shape, and I try to stay stressed free to stay in a good mood. As a result I tend to really, really enjoy my free time, so I don't pile up a lot of work or activities for the day.

    The ideal weekend would be to wake up without an alarm on Saturday morning. There is no pressing work to be done, so the only thing on my mind when I wake up is how beautiful it is outside. I'm gonna go run and frolic all up in that glorious sunshine. First, though, either me or my GF gets up and cooks breakfast for the other. After a (hopefully delicious) breakfast, we just walk out to a hammock and chill for a bit. The day is then spent doing leisurely outdoorsy things (fishing, biking, rock climbing, go for a picnic, tubing down a river). After going home to freshen up (and probably taking a mid-day nap) we go out to eat at a bomb ass restaurant, get some desert, go home. I give her a massage, which then leads to the obvious.

    Pillow fighting.

    Nah, just kidding. I mean sex.

    Thats about all I can muster up.

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    my guess would be introvert, Te/Fi-type, gamma or delta

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    Sounds like Te-Si, LSE probably

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    Thanks guys, the input is appreciated.

    Anyone else wanna take a shot?

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