I've been watching a lot of movies lately.

Super 8: I don't think this one is in theaters anymore, and I can't remember whether or not the dollar theater has played it yet. We have this one theater in town that plays movies that are 'old,' movies that have finished going through the big expensive theaters. If it plays at the dollar theater I will watch it again.

This is a Steven Spielberg movie, and supposedly Spielberg is IEE (I forget where I saw that). I loved this movie. Joe Lamb seems to be an EII character. I am not sure whether the actor, Joel Courtney, is actually an EII in real life or not. He physically looks like other delta NF males that I have seen in movies, especially his eyes. Alice (Elle Fanning) seems to be an LSE character. I don't know much about Elle, but I know that I have always liked Dakota Fanning, her sister.

There is a recurring theme that I've seen in Spielberg movies, and I remember noticing this long ago when I was a child, and I agreed with it. It's the idea of having compassion and empathy towards the 'scary monster,' instead of just screaming 'OMG! KILL IT!' There is a line in the movie where they say 'It's hungry, and scared, and it wants to go home!' This is a Si-valuing type of compassion: the scary monster is actually uncomfortable and vulnerable, and it's trying to protect itself.

They say the same thing about this one character who seems to be drunk and shouting a lot. He conveys this unbearable pain and grief, humiliation, and self-loathing, hidden behind his yelling and his anger. Again they show an attitude of having compassion for him because he has reasons why he is feeling that way and acting that way.

Parts of the movie were hilariously funny to me - I was laughing during the credits at the end when they showed the homemade zombie movie - the funniest part was when the CEO of the chemical company is being interviewed by the detective, and he looks off to the side with his eyes and says something to the effect of 'what toxic spill do you mean?' (blatantly lying) - I forget what exactly he said.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4:

I get mostly Alpha themes from this one. I enjoyed the movie a lot and I have seen it several times. My favorite character is of course the religious guy who helps the mermaid (seemingly delta NF/ST). He has an uncertain ending, which seems to suggest that he is going to appear in a sequel. I was watching the credits, hoping that maybe they would show some kind of resolution to his subplot, but they didn't - however, after the credits were over, they did show what happens to the ESE? lady on the island, where she has the voodoo doll of Jack Sparrow. I forget her name... (googling it) Angelica.

One of the most beautiful moments in the movie, a moment which still fascinates me, is when Scrum is on the longboat, they've been singing all night, and the mermaids have finally appeared. The mermaid says to him, 'Are you my jolly sailor bold?' in a calm, deadpan voice, with this hint of playfulness behind it, and I imagine she is an ILE/LII, seducing Scrum who is an SEI/ESE. When he says 'yes,' you can see the excitement on his face, like a happy dog wagging its tail, except I'm not making fun of him, it's actually a beautiful moment. He is so thrilled to be speaking to this woman.

He doesn't express any doubts. He doesn't say, 'Well, that song wasn't written about me,' or 'I never knew you before,' or anything. He just totally embraces the moment - yes, he is her long-lost sailor that she has been waiting for all this time. She begins singing, and it is more beautiful than anything we have heard anywhere in the movie so far. She sings a capella, in the silence. If only she did not try to kill him afterwards. But it didn't matter, he was still in love with her when they dragged him out of the water in a net. It was so exciting to watch them falling in love.

Some Si-valuing themes: the 'good guys' are the people who make sure that the mermaid is able to breathe. She has a name, she is not just an object.

I have a hard time following all the subtle nuances of the Fe banter between Jack and Angelica, and there is lots and lots of it, so some of it goes over my head. I have noticed more details every time I've watched the movie. I recognize that they did a really good job at it though.

The king's men, the military guard guys, are portrayed as sort of honorable and ethical, but also easily fooled by Jack's cleverness - probably a Ne-valuing theme. Brute force loses against the people who do unexpected things, like Jack climbing to the top of a tree and swinging around on ropes to fight against the Spaniards. 'The prisoner's escaping....' one guy says, and they just stare at him in shock, like 'What the hell?' (and yeah, that's probably how I would have responded too - either that, or by laughing). So it seems to have a Ne valuing theme in many places. The fighting style is 'do something unexpected and clever.'

I'm just writing a lot because I'm stuck here sitting at a computer all day today.