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Thread: Please analyze this video clip

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    Default Please analyze this video clip

    This is a clip taken from the 2001 HBO series "Six feet Under," one of my favorite TV series as a kid. The father of the Fischer family has just died, and this is the funeral. This scene depicts two brothers with clashing values.

    Little background information:

    Up until this funeral, David had taken upon the role of the responsible brother, working along side by side with his father (the former funeral business owner). David has been in the business for years and he obviously takes it very seriously.

    On the other hand, David's brother, Nate, has abandoned their family's responsibilities up till this point and has recently struggled in finding his direction in life. He finally comes back to visit for Christmas eve but unfortunately, the father dies.

    Now watch the clip:

    Summary of what happened:

    -Family is performing the appropriate ritual on the coffin.
    -Nate thinks the gesture is fake, phony, and business-like. Nate rebels and does what he feels is genuine.
    -Ruth, the mother, is about to explode in sadness. David tries to prevent this public display but Nate allows her to grieve.
    -Later on, after the funeral is over, David is outraged at Nate. He feels like Nate's antics were totally inappropriate.

    The key quotes:


    "What is this stupid salt shaker? Huh? What is this hermetically sealed box, this phony astroturf around the grave? Jesus, David, its like surgery- clean, anti-septic. Business. He was our father!! You can pump him full of chemicals, you can put make up on him, you can prop him up in for a nap in the slumber room, but the fact remains David that the only father we're ever gonna have is gone. Forever. And that sucks. But that's a God damn part of life and you can't really accept it without getting your hands dirty. Well I do accept it, and I intend to honor the old bastard, by letting the whole world see how fucked up and shitty I feel that he's dead.. "


    "It may seem weird to you but there is a reason, behind everything that we do here. We provide people with a very important and sacred service at the darkest time of their lives because maybe they don't want to make a spectacle of themselves, because, maybe they prefer to grieve in private...You know nothing! Nothing!! You had a responsibility to this family and you ran away from it and you left it all for me...Just do me a favor. You got out. Stay out."


    What, if any, IM elements do you guys see at play here?

    For Nate, I thought I was seeing Fi vs Fe conflict:
    ("...I intend to honor the old bastard, by letting the whole world see how fucked up and shitty I feel that he's dead." )

    I also thought I saw Ni valuing/Ne ignoring in Nate, him looking through the distortions:
    ("Jesus, David, its like surgery- clean, anti-septic. Business. He was our father!")

    For David, I thought I saw maybe Fi role and Fe valuing
    (David putting up a polite and appropriate facade. You see David's emotions come out at the appropriate time, once the funeral was over.)

    I also thought I might have also seen some Ti Valuing in David:
    ("This is how its done." "There is a reason behind everything we do")

    But, then I considered the fact that maybe David was a bit frustrated that Nate's had it easy all his life and wouldn't let his little brother take away his pride in the business when Nate was performing his little antic.

    Do you guys relate to one guy more than the other?

    Personally, considering all the facts, I could relate to both guys.

    What do you guys think?
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    Just from reading the words and all, I'm completely and totally on board with Nate

    That service was horrible, awful, and cheesy, and David is a ridiculous little twerp - would be nice to knock his lights out right then and there

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