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    Default Great Teacher Onizuka

    Would anyone like to type the characters in this manga? Currently i haven't finished reading it yet so i can't make my judgement yet, there's a lot of side stories (which is really interesting) and reveals a lot about their personalities.

    But right now this is what i think about some of the characters, i'll keep it posted if i change my mind. Later i'll make a list without all my comments/explanations.


    Eikichi Onizuka- SEE, this guy helps/trusts anyone. He always has the concrete steps (despite crazy) to solve problems.
    Azusa Fuyutsuki- maybe ESI I dunno. I read some other forums and they said ESI as well. Good guess for me yay

    Ryoko Sakurai- no clue, but she does believe in Onizuka despite his crazy methods. Must be some intuitive feeler?

    Hiroshi Uchiyamadai- Something to do with Si-PolR LIE? He doesn't relax like said in chapter 107 pg-10. And he's like a bookworm back when he was younger. Other forum says he's ESTJ but it doesn't seem like it to me...

    Suguru Teshigawara- Smart ass mathematics teacher who graduated from Tokyo U, I'm probably guessing LII for this one (it would be good since LII and SEE conflict which goes hand in hand with their kind of relationship together?). But i don't know seriously...he plans out basically everything on his computer. The action he'll take to eliminate Onizuka..LIE is also an option..

    Hajime Fukuroda- Moleface, ugly dep shit, i don't know..

    Tadashi Sakurai- Pervert wahahaha

    Naoko Moritaka- Hot school nurse, probably like uh..ESE? Ionno help me out on this one

    Hiroshi Kochatani- N/A weird science teacher
    Other teacher ionno


    Noboru Yoshikawa- I would go very strongly with IEI, haha getting bullied by girls and plays videogames all day. Lacks Se. But still cool character nonetheless. Other forums said INFJ but it's not like he ignores Se, he has some occasionally-like the time when Anko and him were trapped in an underwater cave. The manga made it so he looked "manly" when he was like "Anko just trust me" + (serious face). and then dives under the underwater tunnel. Wooo fits in pretty nicely. I'd say weak Se compared to ignoring Se. Usually he'd be dumbing things down for eg. When Anko and him were out in the forest with all those scary costumes of people, he tells Anko to chill the shit out since it's not that* scary. Y'know like "everythings gonna be fine y'know, it's probably just the stupid Oni-face". Unlike an EII who'd (sorry if this is a poor reference) would probably shit her pants if put in this situation and overcomplicated things.

    Anko Uehara- Mann i would love to say SLE since she developed feelings for Noboru and keeps on denying them. Have to look back on this one. (I'm probably thinking ESE for her too) but nah the Fi-PoLR stands out a lot. Denying her love for him, so cute WAkakaa. So SLE, i wish they'd just get on with it too. Have some hot seks wee.
    Mann this was one of the moments i enjoyed in GTO, BETAS YAa

    Kunio Murai- Cool character, has like a fricking Oedipus complex with his 27-year old mom. And he's 14 years old. Hmm... Other forum says ESE, i'll have to consider it...
    Kouji Fujiyoshi- Dunno Feeler definitely

    Tadaaki Kusano- Not enough info

    Tomoko Nomura-Says in wiki that they developed a close bond with Urumi due to opposite personalities. Although i doubt they have opposite personalities, probably just the IQ difference. She seems to be IEI or perhaps even SEI?
    Fi-SEE could be an option too!

    Urumi Kanzaki- ILI, other forum said so too. It does* seem to match the intertype relations since it's Onizuka that brings her out of her misery. And they were almost going to "elope" together somewhere else. Geez i really want Onizuka and Urumi to just GET ON with each other. They'd be a sweet couple <3
    Miyabi Aizawa- EIE? Whatta bitch lol, very manipulative and people tell her to stop acting like the victim. A lot of Fe right there..
    Yoshiko Kikuchi- Ionno LII?

    Bah anyways i'll keep this updated until i read further.
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    I originally thought Tomoko was creative Fe as well (xEI) but based on her relations with Miyabi, I'd say her constant need of affirmation from Miyabi (EIE) could be representative of a Benefit relation... So SEE would work for Tomoko. She's so helpless and adorable.

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