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Thread: Win Butler/Arcade Fire

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    Default Win Butler/Arcade Fire

    Win Butler

    I'm fairly certain that he's IEI and that Régine Chassagne, his wife and bandmate, is SLE. Regarding subtypes, I'm not really as certain. Perhaps Ni-INFp (H-IEI) [INFp-ISFp] for Win Butler, and Se-ESTp (C-SLE) [INFp-ENTp] for Régine Chassagne.

    Here's my current typing of Win Butler:

    INFp --- --- Romantic
    using 2 subtypes: Intuitive Romantic (Ni-INFp)
    using 4 subtypes: Harmonizing Romantic (H-INFp)
    using 8 subtypes: Experiential (or Self-Perceptive) Romantic (Si-INFp)
    using 16 subtypes: Joie de Vivre (or Peaceful) Romantic (INFp-ISFp)

    Here are the pictures:

    Here's the wikipedia link:

    'He also worked with the administration to establish "Winter Thaw," in which students got a long weekend's worth of rest in the middle of typically cold, grueling New England winters.'

    Here's some of what Robert Christgau had to say:

    'Funeral [Merge, 2004]
    First you notice that the opener really is kinda gorgeous, with its twin-xylophone-echoed piano flourish and all. Then you isolate Win Butler's sob and fantasize about throttling the twit, an immature impulse unmitigated by the lyrics, which are histrionic even for a guy who's just lost a grandparent (or whoever). But if you keep at it till the next song, which tells the story of his runaway older brother getting bitten by a vampire, you begin to admire his resilience--he's retained a sense of the ridiculous, which is more than you can say of most young twits who sing about losing a grandparent (or whoever). And that's how the album goes--too fond of drama, but aware of its small place in the big world, and usually beautiful. N.B.: if you're considering Montreal, which is certainly my favorite Canadian place, the ex-Texans and -Haitian here want to make clear that it's horribly cold. A-

    Neon Bible [Merge, 2007]
    To remind us that anxiety is in his bones, Win Butler refurbishes the 2003 plaint "No Cars Go" as a football cheer about the safe place just before sleep. But everywhere else he emerges from his precious privacy and names the things he has to be afraid of, things he shares with all of us -- religions run amok, rising tides, the surveillance state, a cowboy-in-chief with so little to lose he could start World War III on a dare. He doesn't tame his fears by naming them, or hint that they can be overcome, although in "The Well and the Lighthouse," he advises the lighthouse: "If you leave, them ships are gonna wreck." But he and his large band of unarty art-rockers rock so hard and so beautiful they can propel anyone who listens past the end of the record. They thud rather than thunder. But what a loud and joyous thud it is. A+'

    Here are the songs:

    “Must get that Capel street library book renewed or they’ll write to
    Kearney, my garantor. Reincarnation: that’s the word.

    — Some people believe, he said, that we go on living in another body
    after death, that we lived before. They call it reincarnation. That we all lived
    before on the earth thousands of years ago or some other planet. They say we
    have forgotten it. Some say they remember their past lives.

    The sluggish cream wound curdling spirals through her tea. Better remind
    her of the word: metempsychosis. An example would be better.”

    —from Ulysses by James Joyce

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    I was just looking at him yesterday actually. INFp seems to fit. This pic in particular seems super Ni:

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    Which NF is he.

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