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Thread: Older SLEs/ESTps

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    Default Older SLEs/ESTps

    It has been a while since I posted but something happened which I thought I would share.

    I remember reading a few posts from IEI's hoping to bag an older SLE in the hope that they will have settled down. I'm here to tell you this is a myth!

    An SLE more than double my age (he's 74 and married) is currently pursuing me with a vengance

    I'm amazed at how forward and confident he is - Direct quote "I want to have sex with you" ......aghhhh.

    Also the fact he is old enough to be my grandfather and I have told him directly I'm not interested in him romatically doesn't put him off at all (I actually think he sees it as a challenge).

    Anyway thought I would share

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