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Thread: A question concerning subtype

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    Default A question concerning subtype

    How would a type being a subtype of a subdued function (such as LII-Ni) change the personality? What would be the difference between him and someone with a subtype of a valued function? I know, he would use that element more, but aren't there any greater implications, considering he uses much more of an element his psyche naturally doesn't enjoy?

    I want to understand this mainly in terms of the demonstrative function. Or, in DCNH, the subtype would be the HA/Demonstrative. LII-H, ILI-N, etc.

    What does it look like?

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    Default hmm

    I know a IEI girl who sub-typed herself as Ne-Se(Creative i believe). She doesnt really have a problem invoking her willpower unlike most infp's, and she likes to communicate silly possibilities more than serendipitous probabilities, even though she gets both. But that would be Ignoring and not Demonstrative huh.

    Come to think about it... every example i can think of with the Subtype in a subdued function falls in at the Ignoring Function.

    I think they're going to have an observable distinction between their identicals, but the distinction is going to be relative to the type in question.

    LII-harmonizer i think could be easily confused with an IP since harmonizing(SiNi) specifically deals with Introverted Perception.

    IEI- Normalizing would seem kinda IJ

    SLE- Dominant would appear kinda EJ

    ESE- creative kinda EP


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