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Thread: Look-a-like partners

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    Default Look-a-like partners

    Last Friday I watching Rocky 3, and Rocky is SLI and Adrienne is ILI, I beleive. Please no arguements about these people's types as it would be missing the point of this discussion. Ive read that "look a like partners empathize with each other, since they have had shared problems" that "they try to help each other out whenever and wherever they can" but that " since they have shared problems, the help can only do so much". Now the first two statements I agree with. The third one I disagree with because in my relation with ENTjs, we can do a great deal to help each other. And also, back to Rocky. ILIs and SLIs both have trouble where Fi is concerned, that is internal motivation for their own projects. But in both Rocky 2 and Rocky 3, its Adrienne's help that gets Rocky out of the pits whenever he is de-motivated. Then with her help, her support, he always gets that motivation to fight, the "eye of the tiger", lol. That seems like serious help between look a likes to me.

    Any thoughts?

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    My parents are this pair. They both need their own duals. They are too introverted together but they do enjoy Fi, giving parties to family and friends. They both split Te tasks, one writes the bills the other balances the checkbook. They argue a lot over differing values. My mom is a lot more spiritual/religious in the sense of Se-Fi way and my dad is agnostic, so he drives her up the wall with "It's all fake" where my mom tries to look at it from Fi, "people need it and everything exists for a reason [be empathetic]." They don't hit each other's PoLR so there aren't any emotional and physical arguments. They both split cooking, usually, my dad doesn't clean or repair things, neither does my mom. Renting makes it easier for that purpose.

    IDK, my mom needs Se type of love, care and emotional support. She can get to talking about some of her issues, with what people do and did that seemed wrong and he doesn't want to hear her in discussion of these things that frustrates me and makes me upset.

    He needs someone with some to encourage him to try new ventures new things...he doesn't get that from my mom.

    They have a positive sex life - I'm not going into this.

    All in all, it's OK. It's not LOVE. It's just a relationship where they are good together and take care of each other and the kids and stay together.

    It's so blah that I can't even compare it to food.

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