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Thread: Advising others in your Role function

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    Default Advising others in your Role function

    Is this something that you tend to do a lot? Maybe not so much with people who are obviously strong in your Role function (like, your Te-Role versus someone else's Te-Creative or whatever), but those who are weaker at it than you (those who have your Role function as a Vulnerable or Suggestive function)?

    I've been noticing lately, between my ILI and I, that we seem to want to advise each other on the use of the Suggestive. That is, I try to advise him in Se, and he tries to advise me in Si.

    Neither of us really wants to take the other's advice, though. It's like, when my husband advises me on something having to do with my health, I think, "I know that already! I wish he would just let me take care of myself!" Even though he is slightly stronger in Si than I am, subconsciously I think that I should be the stronger one in it, because it's my valued function, not his.

    Whereas if I had an Si-Ego advising me on my health, I'd probably look up to them more as a real authority, knowing how much they so naturally value and take care of their own health.
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