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Thread: North, South, East & West - Functional Directions in Socionics

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    Default North, South, East & West - Functional Directions in Socionics

    Each function in the individual psyche relates to a North, South, East or West direction. This states how the function physically operates and how it naturally moves. There are two main primary processes: North and South functions, and they are also both introverted functions. The North function, as explained below- is the function that guides the individual in that quadra to grow externally, and connects them to the outside world. It is their strongest function politically. The South function is directed in the opposite way, toward the internal world of feelings and thoughts, and is their strongest function personally. It just seems so ingrained to their natures.

    East and West functions are extroverted/external functions, and as far as subjective human beings goes, arenít as intrinsically important. They are thought of as more as a support system to the primary North/South dichotomy. The east function supporting the north and the west function supporting the south.

    North function: This function represents the main objective presence of what the quadra is about, so it is the strongest function in the quadra objectively speaking. Each type in this quadra exudes at the least an *appearance* of strong confidence in this function. It is the function that when followed, moves the entire quadra along in external society.

    For Alpha itís Si, for Beta itís Ti, for Gamma itís Ni and for Delta itís Fi.

    South function: This function, opposite of the north function, is the most subjective and subdued function in the psyche. Instead of something that exudes and Ďleakes outí from the individual (Pointed northwards/upwards) it appears subdued and introverted. It is deeply imbedded into individuals in such a natural, organic way. For example, Galenís Si/Ashtonís Fi/My Ni/Tcaudís Ti.

    For Alpha itís Ti, for Beta itís Ni, for Gamma itís Fi and for Delta itís Si.

    West function: West functions appear more Ďintrovertedí (something that appears naturally embedded in you) than East and North functions but not as introverted as the South function.

    For Alpha itís Fe, for Beta itís Se, for Gamma itís Te and for Delta itís Ne.

    East Function: East functions appear more Ďextrovertedí (something that appears to naturally Ďleak outí from you) than South and West functions but not as extroverted as the North function.

    For Alpha itís Ne, for Beta itís Fe, for Gamma itís Se and for Delta itís Te.

    (Btw when I use the word Ďappearsí, I mean a physical presence type of appearance, something organic that can be objectively studied, not some mental masturbation thing thatís hard to figure out. Itís something physically within the individuals that you can sense.)

    What Insights Can We Garner From This?

    Lots. For example, Gammas appear more Ďbad-assí and harder than Betas actually, because our Se is West and their Se is East. ESTps are NOT really rambunctious at all, contrary to popular belief. Also our Fe is stronger appearing that Alphaís Fe. (objectively, as the quadra whole)

    This Fe/Fe directional difference in Beta vs. Alpha is *quite* evident when Nick, Gilly, Sean, discojoe, crazedrat or myself lose our temper than when letís say Vero, Steve, Riddy and Mune do.

    Also remember, to think of things in quadras and not individual types when thinking of how the north function is your strongest function objectively. Sure, ESFjs tend to exude lots of Fe, but compared to the other three types, itís a West function. ISFps donít really show a lot of Fe in real life, neither do INTjs or ENTps. They are just all more subdued/grounded than that.

    Also compare Alpha Ne (East) to Delta Ne (West). Alpha Ne naturally fires off ideas quicker and more childlike than Delta, who is more reserved in how much Ne they give out, but of course they still value it greatly.

    Gamma Ni (North) is much more piercing and giving to others, whereas Beta Ni (South) is extremely withdrawn. (Remember this is about real life interactions not the type of strong-as-hell Ni I can give you online. And besides, thatís more Fe anyway)

    Beta Ti flows north, something that helps Betas objectively and helps them grasp the real world, whereas Alpha Ti flows south, something that is so neurotically ingrained in their psyches, like when Tcaud posts. (If your primary function is a South function you are going to seem a lot more victim-y than others over all, as you are Ďsucking iní energy more than pushing it out of yourself. But the East-pointed Se in ISFj will offset this a lot)

    But all this is also dependent on whether youíre dealing with an aristocratic quadra or a democratic quadra. North functions in aristocratic quadras (Beta/Delta) are more into projecting their energy and creating power hierarchies than North functions in democratic quadras (Gamma/Alpha). And anyway, itís very hard for Alphaís Si to annoy so much as a gnat. Even though itís flowing North. Si is Si. Itís annoying to Si polrs in a way, but the very nature of it being well Si, means that it wonít be annoying much at all.

    So yeah, there are no pretty bows with this. But generally speaking, everything Iíve said is true, and Iím a genius Ė and you owe me a blowjob and 500 dollars.

    Last Note: This also means that objectively as a whole, the most Ďannoyingí functions to everybody in the world are Betaís Ti and Deltaís Fi. Especially when paired up with Ti+Fe in Beta and Fi+Te in Delta. These four functions in my narcissistic opinion, always cause the most drama on internet message boards and also, in real life as well.

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