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Thread: Could this be seen as Fi valuing?

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    Default Could this be seen as Fi valuing?

    Please don't quote this. I don't intend to leave it up for long. I believe the person who wrote this is ILI.

    Sometimes I wish, during lonely nights like these
    I had someone here, who wouldn't mind if I started bawling my eyes out in front of him/her
    Someone whose shoulder I can lean on when I feel defeated
    And someone who could handle my neuroses,
    Even if it's only a handful of them that he/she can put up with.
    We could get awesomely cheap Chinese food after classes on Friday
    And I wouldn't even mind
    Because your company would easily mask the taste of the MSG.
    Or we could go shopping at the mall
    Well, I guess would only be window shopping,
    But you could push me beyond my comfort zone
    By repeatedly complaining about how my wardrobe needs more color.
    (But only after we stop by Gamestop so I can ogle at games I wish I could play.)
    Maybe we wouldn't be taking the same classes,
    But I can certainly appreciate how you plow through organic chemistry
    Or write paper after paper about old, yellowing English novels
    It really doesn't matter as long as we can moan and complain together at the end of the day.
    Maybe you wouldn't quite understand
    Why I get so excited over the news of a new generation of Pokemon
    (They're on the fifth generation with a total of 649, by the way)
    Or why I insist on sleeping with at least ten stuffed animals on my bed,
    But that's ok
    As long as you don't make fun of my Nemo plushie for having a special fin
    We should get along just fine.
    Chances are, I'll probably never compliment your new haircut
    Or tell you that you're "so totally not fat"
    But would you honestly prefer vapid verbal compliments like these
    Over my famed chocolate Kahlua cupcakes as a gift of appreciation?
    Whoever and wherever you are, I hope you're in that giant sea of orange and maroon
    And if not, I hope I'll come across you one day
    Even if it's by tripping over your foot and making you drop everything in the process.
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    betas should be kept in zoos for children to stare and throw pop corn at.

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    aww. idk, but it can be.

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    hahaha, it is sweet. I believe It's an example of Fi valuing because it seems that all the person wants is a caring shoulder to lean on & somebody to genuinely love & understand her. She prefers to express her feelings through actions, rather than verbal cues, like compliments, ect. In fact, I don't believe I've ever heard her give out a compliment. I could also see some Se valuing because she states how she wants the person to push her beyond her comfort zone (I can relate to that part).

    This person in particular dislikes displays of open passionate expressive emotions.
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    betas should be kept in zoos for children to stare and throw pop corn at.

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    This is cute, lol. I knew an INTp who slept with stuffed animals too, although I don't think he liked to admit it (not that this part is at all type-related). I could imagine this being somewhat tinged with Fi.
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    It's pretty cool

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