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Thread: Dual-type theory: INTj EM - "Interpreter"

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    Default Dual-type theory: INTj EM - "Interpreter"

    INTJ EMs spend their time attempting to understand what the implications are for something being true. They are especially attentive to confirmational studies. Even the smallest details seem to them to hold great significance, because they may point to drastic implications.

    INTJ EM differs from INTJ IM in that INTJ IM concentrates on hypotheticals (cases that COULD be true) while INTJ EM looks for instances of the propositions themselves. As such, INTJ EM is always looking to INTJ IM for new propositional material to test and verify.

    D - "Framer": Seeks to create belief in an argument's validity.
    C - "Formulator": Develops the methods by which beliefs are tested.
    N - "Arguer": Argues the truth of the Framer's argument.
    H - "Diagnostician": Determines the truth value of proposed arguments by evaluating alternatives. 
    Accepting and producing LII EMs diverge markedly over what they see the purpose of data as being. LII accepting subs see the world as a matrix of beliefs supported by data -- to control data is to shape belief. LII producing subs care less about shaping perceptions and more about determining what the truth actually is.

    Accepting LII EMs are like to take on roles as prosecutors, criminal defense lawyers, and propagandists. They have a characteristic restraint which serves them well in trying to explain a proposition, particularly when emotions are running high. Producing LII EMs may take on work in a lab, doing confirmational studies and research, or as investigators (such as for the FBI). They may often come off as strange or weird even to those who know them, expressing interest in "far out" ideas and notions, and an occasional fixation on medicine, particularly the grotesque. The most technical of the types, they tend to use a lot of jargon.

    H subtype LIIs may take on roles as clinicians.


    LII EMs style themselves for effectiveness. Accepting LII EMs tend to have a conservative style (to avoid personal criticisms that may lead to the devaluation of their argument). Producing LII EM style tends to the placid and sterile, the icon of which is the infamous "white lab coat".
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