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Thread: Type my dance teachers (pics and description)

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    Default Type my dance teachers (pics and description)

    Sorry for posting so many of these... I have ideas as to their types but wanted your opinions, here we go!

    Person A

    She's a very technical teacher. Goes for perfect form and elegance rather than the "wow" factor. Decided to get married 2 weeks before the actual wedding, and didn't have rings at the wedding because she didn't feel like it was necessary (didn't want to "prove" anything?). Has no kids (because she thinks she's too much of a kid herself to have any, and she thinks she'd be a terrible mother), but a "family" of dogs and cats that she posts about on Facebook all the time. Likes geeky stuff (Doctor Who, Star Wars etc) to the point where she collects lightsabers, but doesn't seem overly intellectual otherwise. She isn't going in another competition because she doesn't want to have to diet and go through strict training regimes.

    On the left:

    With her husband:

    Person B

    Recently decided to quit both her jobs without a backup plan because she felt like she was stuck in a rut and couldn't invite change into her life without changing up her schedule. Thinks "the right thing will come" to her if she believes it will, has a lot of mystical beliefs like that. Is very self-expressive - painting, dance, designing her own tattoos. Her friends are into practical jokes (covering every surface of her friend's house with Post-Its while she was on holiday) and really dirty antics (lots of photos of them holding phallic objects between their legs etc.).

    (the blonde one)

    Person C

    She's quite quiet. She sometimes says things as a joke that get misinterpreted (e.g. once when a bouncer asked her why she was leaving a club, she said, "This place is crap! I'm never coming back!" - meant as a joke, but the bouncer was quite worried that she'd somehow been offended) - she doesn't really understand how she comes across. Is quite into her "rock chick" image. I don't really have a good grasp of her personality so I think this will have to mainly be VI....

    On the right - the woman on the left is another teacher, an SEE she gets along well with

    Person D

    She's another technical teacher, very good at isolating what the key to doing each move is. Very gentle, won't push you too hard. Seems to get along with everyone, favours one-on-one lunches to catch up with friends. Will go out of her way to help out, tends to be the "helpful" one. Interested in animal rights and volunteering at animal shelters.

    on the right:

    on the left:

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