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  • Uma Thurman - Actress, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction

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  • Christina Ricci - Adams Family

    0 0%
  • Ayn Rand - Philosopher, Writer

    1 100.00%
  • McCauley Culkin - Actor, Home Alone Films

    0 0%
  • Jeff Goldblum - Actor, Jurassic Park, Independence Day

    0 0%
  • Carl Sagan - Science Guru

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  • Bertrand Russell - Philosopher

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  • Mo Rocca - TV Personality

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  • Alfred Hitchcock - Film Director

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Thread: Benchmark List - INTp/ILI

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    Default Benchmark List - INTp/ILI

    The last benchmark list fizzled out and another one will provide ample discussion.

    It is of my opinion that all the people I list in the poll match the corresponding type. It'd be nice to get a clear majority for male and female. It is a simple vote if you think the corresponding name matches that type, just vote for it!

    Please don't just vote for who you think is the best type representative! If you do not know who a person is, it wouldn't kill you to do some research either. Unless you've been living under a rock, you shouldn't have a problem identifying a majority of them.

    I will start out with 2 types a day, or as my work schedule allows None of that starting out with the same quadra crap either! We're gonna start out with some heavy hitters.

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    Ayn Rand has to be Alpha NT. Her Objectivism defies what constitutes and praises what is associated with .

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