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Thread: Meet my husband's supervisee

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    Default Meet my husband's supervisee

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    Your Top Ranked Enneacard

    Enneagram Type 5
    Enneagram Type 5
    Observer, Investigator, Thinker, Sage or Voyeur

    You want to be informed, knowledgeable, concise and perceptive. Most importantly, you want to be self-sufficient and not have the entanglements of obligation. You may have problems with avarice. Under stress you may be arrogant, unfeeling and distant. At your best, you are objective, insightful and clear minded.

    Your 2nd Ranked Enneacard

    Enneagram Type 1
    Enneagram Type 1
    Perfectionist, Reformer, Judge, Crusader or Critic

    You want to be accurate, honest, fair and objective. Most importantly, you want to be respectable, to do what is right and what you feel is appropriate. You may have problems with resentment. Under stress you may be angry, nit picking and overly critical. At your best, you are wise, act with integrity and offer sage guidance to the world.

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    I'd say ESXj. Got a bit of Sarah Palin, though I can see some similarity to ESTj's. I'd qualify that but my high brain functions aren't exactly functioning right now. Perhaps later.

    Arctures: delta just produces boring people
    Arctures: but that's how we like it

    vero: who needs a real person
    vero: That's why I date an SLI

    dolphin: someone tell gulanzon adjusting shower water to the right temperature is not si

    Kraezz: you just have to do the ****** thing sometimes

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