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Thread: How to use this forum (and about "Visual Identification")

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    Default How to use this forum (and about "Visual Identification")

    If you want us to help figure out your socionic type, post a thread here! It's best to post a video of yourself, either a pre-existing one or one where you answer a questionnaire.

    Video is best because there are often visual clues as to a person's type: mannerisms, physical and emotional energy, as well as a greater level of spontaneity in behavior than text.

    Sometimes people advocate visual identification (VI) using pictures -- but this is far, far more unreliable. You will see people throwing out many different versions, without any way to communicate or demonstrate why their position is correct.

    Plus, it's so easy to make a video now that posting pictures is unnecessary.

    If you want to type your friend, again try to provide video material or get them to fill out a questionnaire. Other than that you are probably out of luck.

    Socionic tests also exist, but they are often inaccurate and cannot replace a detailed analysis by an expert socionist.

    Please see this thread for a questionnaire to fill out.
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