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Thread: Sober LII gone voodoo

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    Default Sober LII gone voodoo

    He's a friend of mine. I know him as a serious guy, whose work is above anything. He is a good technician, designs (at least used to, watch this) different electronic devices requested by really big companies. He was doing this at home by himself, but often was collaborating and always looking for temporary ateliers to get the job done. He uses to have simple but objective and useful goals - most are related to business.

    Being so practical, he was rarely accepting speculations, too new ideas, slow to adopt new mainstream models and innovations (eg didn't buy a laptop because he had "no use for it" until late), though in his field was finding all sort of solutions based on what he was reading in those technical books and publications. Anyway, the rare occasion we were meeting - he was often "busy" and dismissive - we were discussing for long hours in night, about virtually anything, from politics to technology, from software to metaphysics. To metaphysics, indeed, I was the one who brought up such discussions, I was telling him a lot of strange things that happened or just occurred to me because he was the one to listen and I was also enjoying his interest combined with skeptical reactions into things that had no explanation.

    So far so good. It was me talking to a skeptical and practical, but nevertheless, open-minded LII. He remembers few things that I was telling him along the time. One that he does not, is the notion of synchronicity - in fact I'm not sure if I actually told him that exact term, but we certainly talked about such things, previously. Now, what happened?... As usual, when something comes to my mind that I consider to concern someone, I contact this person and tell it, so last week I gave him a call with the intention of showing him the video of that ESE singer, to give him another example of ESEs that I promised quite some time ago. Unusually (maybe in 1% of my initiatives ) he was open to talk, I was not "intruding", but he even asked me if I'm back in the city, making me assume that I would have even gained an "audience" in minutes if I was there .

    Anyway so far was some sort of presentation of his personality, so that you know what kind of guy I was dealing with. I begin presenting Mr LII my material, then I developed on if for quite some time, explaining him about functions, types, and so on. At one point I was exemplifying him the difference between ILE and LII, so he understands the difference between using Ti and Ne as Base and Creative.
    I was telling him "... LIIs, but especially LSIs, always find an explanation where there is none ... for example I was debating with a guy about magic" [it was someone of this forum, btw, but I forgot who he was]. He said "I don't recognize myself in that". I said "then why are you never preoccupied by paranormal or uncommon things?". His answer: "me?!? great this is my new pursuit! I actually want to accumulate some money to stop doing tables" [tables - some electronic stuff he was designing and manufacturing].

    WTF? What an unexpected turn of events. I'm not in the city to ask him for more, but he told me that he will not talk over the IM but that he made some findings (and then also read some books) concerning some sort of energy stuff. He was always interested in new methods for producing energy, btw, usually involving magnets. Not sure what this has to do with synchronicity, because he didn't explain to me everything, but he told me that experienced something like that. I also clarified with him that he's not talking about a physical, but rather some paranormal, spiritual or magical maybe, informational thingie - or whatever this stuff is, neither I have a proper name for it, although I know what I mean (most terms have an excessive or insufficient meaning). How about that, a down-to-earth person unexpectedly becomes a wizard? As long as he made up his mind, he is likely to dedicate himself to this, because I know him, he never takes things lightly.
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