Any thoughts? I have some vague impressions but no solid typings so far.


Sanzo Ikkou
  • Genjyo Sanzo is a Logical.
  • Hakkai is Ethical and seems like a possible Si-ego. He's the "team mother". He cooked and cleaned for Gojyo when they lived together, and he is the one who smooths things over when the others get rowdy. However, when he gets angry, he scares the crap out of them.
  • Goku seems Se-base, possibly SEE over SLE.
  • I have no idea about Goyjo.

  • Jyanyi seems Se/Ne base. His motivation appears to be neither power nor fame. Being highly intelligent, things tend to be too easy for him and therefore too boring; therefore, he'd like something challenging to do. Very devious, good at acting open and friendly.

  • Merciful Goddess as maybe Alpha, mostly because I don't see Delta, Gamma, or Beta. She's a bit vulgar and arrogant, and she doesn't seem to care about social propriety. In terms of alignment, she seems more Neutral than Good. She is not without compassion, and she has helped the protagonists before, but she also appears to be a bit... mean, for lack of a better term. I can't find the quote, but there is a wonderful exchange between her and her servant on why she sent the protagonists on a journey. It amounts to, "No, I didn't send them that way so they could forge a relationship. I sent them that way because it was more interesting like this."