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Thread: Counter-sloth of Enneagram type 9

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    Default Counter-sloth of Enneagram type 9

    i came across a post on the enneagram institute that resonated with me a lot and i'm wondering about what you guys might think of this.

    i didn't identify with the entire thing, but certain aspects of it had me kind of reeling with how much i could relate.

    I've come to the realization that I'm a particular kind of 9 that is not described at all in the literature, which I have given the term "counter-slothic nine." It is exactly as you described. Counter-slothic 9s focus so much on being aware, and fear not being aware of themselves, that they over-indulge in introspection to the point that they actually become asleep to themselves and living their lives. Introspection becomes a substitute for actually living their lives and showing up and drawing attention to themselves.
    ^this especially. i haven't seen anything like this in mainstream descriptions but i feel that there is something to it.


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    Ezra had a thread about counterpassions a while ago. Basically, this is the Nine's version of that. A Nine running through their counter-passion will, as described, spend a great deal of time obsessing over "knowing themselves" without making any effort towards self-improvement.

    Indolence as the Niney issue is in the sense of not addressing your personal failings, because it's seen as an overwhelming ordeal. You can be aware of them and say "Ack! Too much!" or you can tune them out, or even focus self-improvement in secondary aspects (like being a hard worker (speculation), or focusing on competency/artisanship (what I do) or what have you).

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    I'm a type 5 with a strong supporting type 9 score. I can certainly relate to the counter-slothness characteristic.
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