Something that's recently been rolling around in my head...

3 is the center of the feeling triad, with 2 and 4 being fringe aspects

The feeling triad is concerned with issues of shame, mainly feeling worthy, or ashamed of oneself.

The 2 assesses their worth based on other peoples assessments, and therefore is a major helper

The 4 assesses their worth based on an internal assessment, and therefore is self-absorbed

The 3 being the center point of the triad attempts to reconcile both extremes, attempting to balance their internal assessment with the assessment of society, and therefore suffers with issues of narcissism.

So now getting to the important part....

I was thinking the other day that a dichotomy could be drawn between two types of 3's. 3's that favor 2 and 3's that favor 4. 3's that favor 2, tend to favor societies notion of correct behavior and use this to build their own identities. 3's that favor 4, tend to favor their own notion of worth and integrate this into society.

2 leaning 3's integrate their social persona into themselves
4 leaning 3's integrate themselves into their social persona

So in essence the entire feeling triad is a smooth gradient that runs from
Social Worth-----------------------------------------------------------Internal Worth

And 3's in affect lie somewhere right or left of the balance point and tend to associate themselves more towards one end or another.